Blue telephone boxes, Daleks and screwdriver.

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Who likes Doctor Who?


The longest running Scy-fy show on television.


Seise 8 has just finished and we are all awaiting seris 9.


Here we can post things we like dont like and spoilers.


However if your going to post a spoiler put


*********************************************************************************************************************************************************************    Above it so if anyone who dosent want to know can see that it reveals a spoiler.


Made by Nessie! Thanks it's awsome!
Made by Nessie!
thanks this is awsome!!!
This is the Flying Dutchmen.
Adopted from Iron Man 2000.
Thanks she's awsome!
This was given to me by joshiee02. Thanks again but i did only go on photobucket.
Please, please join Clan of the Outcasts NOW!
Join Clan of the Outcasts NOW!
Made by me! I might take requests. Please PM me if you would like one!
Grapple Grounders
whatever people think, I think that these are dragons none the less and they are Awsome!
Never Before Seen Dragon- The MOLDRUFFLE!
The Mudraker is Making Waves!
Shockjaws are Electrifying the Skies!
Making a striking entrance, the Screaming Deaths are here to stay!
Special SoD Birthday Surprise: Stormcutters Have Landed!
Ride on to Adventure with the Raincutter!
Take the Top Ranks With the Typhoomerang!
And I especially like this  one the Hobblegrunt!
Steal the Spotlight with the Hobblegrunt!
Not many appriciate thisguy but i have one and they are awsome!
This is when I first met my dragon Screaming Death, the Screaming Death.
Made by Candyblast!
sooo much for this!
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I am Estowick the Enthusiastic
Or just Estowick
Glitter Text Generator
Mostly known as Est or Est-y
The Best Gif Ever!
Pink Panther - " I Would like to buy a Hamburger"
'I would like to buy an amswerser [hamburger]'
Jacques Clousseau
                  The Pink Panther
This is Wraith of the Snow
my wraith of the snow/ snow wraith
made by Fury of the Night! Thanks, he's awsome!!!
This is Skullion.
Made by Frytha. Thanks!!!
"The City of Afar"
estowicks city for rp.png
This is Estowick the Enthusiastic with a bone of a skrill in his hand and dragon nip in the other.
He lived on Icestorm Island in the ancient city.
Many, many thanks to Candyblast for this incredible picture.
This is also done by Candyblast. Thanks again for an awsome image!
This is my future Scauldron, Whirlpool.
Many thanks for Defy who made this bouncy/blinky
The Gifs of Icestorm
Screaming Death
The Screaming Death
As I walked through the tunnles of berk with my trusty boneknapper 'Skullion' (next dragon to have a backstory) we reached a pile of exploding whispering death eggs about to hatch, hang on let me start at the very beginning ( a very good place to start [sound of music]). We walked for hours searching for the centre of the caves. As we walked through and through only hearing small drops of water every now and then two bright eyes glared me in the face it was a 'death' spiesies i say that because there are rumers that there was such thing as a Screaming Death( got to be a hoax).  I was scared, frightend terrified (if you want any more descriptive words to say scared words please request i shall look in a thersauous)i did not know what to do...
It slithered foward with it's eyes getting closer and closer, it's head facing downwards making a foul face.
As i walked back petrified, it followed. I thought as quick as i could and moved the saddle of 
Skullion so some light from a tiny hole in the roof of the cave
would reflect off of it and onto the Whispering Death. It growled and shreiked 
a horrid sound and was not an inch in front of me...
(to be continued)

Hobbi my Hobblegrunt





This is Lightwing my Skrill.





This is Skullcrusher my Rumblehorn.





This is Smokebreath my Smothering Smokebreath.





This is Screamingdeth my Whispering Death [ I know it's spelt wrong it wouldnt let me have death becuse it's 1 letter too long]





These are my 2 favourite dragons.




Skullion my Boneknapper.



and , of course, Screaming Death 

my Screaming Death.



Please pm me because i don't pm much i should but i forget.



I love Icestorm Island


Thanks Inthetardis.

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I am a whovian for life!

I love LOVE! doctor who


So, I'm back. A lot has changed in my life. I came to the conclusion I'm Asexual Panromantic, and after that, got a girl friend who i really love. Ive moved on from httyd art to horse art. I animate a bit. I'm in my Horseback riding school's drill team again. I'm stressed as ever and I'm pretty sure I've developed a small case of depression thanks to bullies at school. I have a lot of Horse Ocs and thats all i seem to draw now a days. Oh, i also got a puppy.




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you made it to the end 


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I LOVE Doctor Who!! I'm on

I LOVE Doctor Who!! I'm on series 5 now... Am I the only one who thinks the Weeping Angels are just PLAIN COOL?! They are SOO scary and so cool!! :D I've rewatched 'Blink' twice! Its so awesome! :D Aside from Sherlock, its my favorite tv show! :D  

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Oh, yay! Other Whovians! I

Oh, yay! Other Whovians! I love Doctor Who! It's brilliant! My favorite Doctor is the Tenth. Favorite companion is Rose Tyler! :D


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The eleventh was good, but I

The eleventh was good, but I miss the tenth... (I only have netflix not bbc so I won't even see the twelth for like another year)

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I liked Eleven as well, but

I liked Eleven as well, but yes, I miss the Tenth. :) Actually, I miss Eleven now that he's gone! Almost all of the TV I watch is BBC, but I use Netflix and Amazon for it. I just went ahead and bought all the episodes of the Twelfth on Amazon Instant Video, so that's why I saw them. xD I own all the rest of the Doctor Who episodes from the Ninth to Eleventh on Blu-Ray, so I can just pop them in anytime.

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I just asdfghjkl love Doctor Who!

Im all caught up on the series so i have no problems with that!


I have a sonic screwdriver colelctor item, and 4/5 Dalek Plushies that talk!


I didnt think id like the new doctor too much but i like him now.


Love BB-8

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Doctor Who!!!!! :D

I love Doctor Who too! My favorite doctors are the 9th and 11th doctors and my favorite companions are Clara Oswald and Rose Tyler. :D


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Reuskuzek or Reus for short is my male Hufflebuck (he's the one on the right and is also a fan dragon made by Chameishida) Bio: He is a big dragon and does have anger issues when he gets upset or is being bothered by other dragons. Although, ever since I befriended him, he's been getting better at not getting angry at every little thing like he used to do. He and I love to go on long flights and since he's bigger than other dragons I have, he covers longer distances quicker so our flights are extra far than normal. Reuskuzek is protective (maybe to overly protective) of me and when there is trouble with other dragons he'll sometimes go out there by himself and won't let me help, which gets frustrating since him trying to help can cause the problem to get worse, but I know he means well and is just trying to do what's right.

My Rocket Racoon Fury by DuskyDaybreak

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Mudslide (Adopted from Natalia Romanova) Bio: Mudslide is a persistent, messy, loyal, and playfull Terrible Terror that loves rolling around in the mud and making mud pies. When I first met him he kept trying to attack and take down my Deadly Nadder and followed me home trying to attack my dragon and prove he can take down a big dragon. Because of that he wouldn't go back to the forest so I decided to train him. Ever since he joined my dragon family he has been having a fun time playing with my other dragons and most of the time they treat him like he is a big dragon too so he wouldn't feel picked on or left out. Whenever we go places Mudslide likes to sit on my head or shoulder and also likes to sit on the heads of my other dragons if they're with me.

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I don't like Dr.Who. Could

I don't like Dr.Who.

Could never get into it.

Seemed kind of cheesy and I hate long-running series.

Just my personal take on it anyway.




The gif is done by Scalecakes!



            Malachite (Deadly Nadder)     Gender: Male      Colors: Green, cream and orange




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You're free to have your own

You're free to have your own opinion but... why post this on a doctor who fan thread?

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i love doctor who so much. It's one of my favourite TV shows (after Sherlock). I just feel the new season wasn't written as well as the previous seasons. Don't get me wrong I LOVE peter capaldi and his acting; I just feel this series plot wasn't as strong as the others...and missy!!!OMG!!!

....and Danny why :( 


yea so I love doctor who so much my Vikings name is bad wolf :)









^^^main child ;)




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Who loves Clara?! She is

Who loves Clara?! She is awesome. I think the best Docors are Matt Smith, David Tennent, and this new Peter guy. IIn that order.




                                                                          My Dragons

                                                           Sneak - F Deadly Nadder

                                                  Shadeslayer - M Monstrous Nightmare

                                                             Zeus - M Skrill

                                                     Everblaze - M Typhoomerang

                                                       Banshee - M Thunderdrum
                                                         Wraith - F Whispering Death
                                                  Earthmover - M Whispering Death        
                                            Aurora Borealis - F Flightmare
                                                   Spit & Fire - M Hideous Zippleback
                                                          Ghoul - M Boneknapper
                                                     Lightwing -  F Deadly Nadder


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doctor who

I am completely obsessed with Doctor Who!!!!!! For some reason my favorite character is The Master mainly in the Saxon regeneration (wierd favorite)!!