Black Dragons

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Hey everybody! As we all know, the color black is back! (Did not intentionally rhyme that XD ^^)
Share the dragons you have colored / re-colored black!
I recently made a new account, and now colored a Deadly Nadder black and blue. I'll get a screenshot of it up in a while, but I want to give you all a chance to show your black dragons off :D





Hi there, welcome to my signature! My name is Ella, (if that wasn't too obvious XD) and I'm happy you've stopped here to visit!! :D 

Inside you'll find info about me (both irl and SoD), and art, and NIGHT FURIESSSS! They're so cool like ohmigod have you seen their- *gets whacked on head by Razorwhip tail*. Yeah, yeah, sorry Seaside. Razorwhips are good too, you know that. 

Sorry. My Razorwhip gets jealous esaily. *dodges another tail whack* HAHA! Didn't get me that time >:D *gets whacked* Oop- yeah, yeah you got me that time XDD

*Stands up to properly greet you*

Soooo... if you still want to enter after all that, come on in! :D



This is Persephone, my Windwalker siggy guardian! You dare try and steal any of the amazing art these incredible artists have so kindly made for me... yOu GoT iT cOmInG ;D

Persephone was made by the ever amazing Sohki!!! 


Tabla De Contenidos (aka Table of Contents :3)

1. About me irl! If you're intrested. XD

2. Favorites! (You'll get it, if you read the thing XD)

2. SoD info! :3 


4. Art made for me! ('Cause I can't draw-) 

5. End note UwU


About Me In Real Life: 

Name: You can call me Ella! Friends are allowed to call me Ellie, Elli, or Churro Master. I like 'em all! XD

Age: Number between 13 - 20

Location: North America :3

Education: I'm homeschooled! :DD

Sexuality: Straight. (Heterosexual.)

Religion: Christian- and proud to be one! <3

Random Fact: I'm bilingual in Spanish and English! :D


Incredible Night Fury banner made by Dragonriders Fury! He's a master at making these :D


Favorites! :D

Okie! So this section should be pretty self-explanatory. I'm going to be listing my favorite things from certain things I like! :3 


Book: My Diary From The Edge Of The World. 

Series: Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Trials of Apollo, Magnus Chase, How To Train Your Dragon, Harry Potter, aaaaand that's about it! XD (I read too much o.o) 

Author(s): RICK RIORDAN! Cressida Cowell, JK Rowling. 

Animals: Horses, cats, dogs, and dragons. 

Dragon Species: Night Fury, Windwalker, Tide Glider, Dramillion, Terrible Terror, Hobgobbler, Stormcutter, and the Nightlights owo

Foods: Rice, salmon, avocados, pasta and CHUUUURRROOOSSSS :D

Season: Winter :3 So much time to just sit and read and do nothing... oh yes XD

Veggies: Corns and potats :3 

Movies: How To Train Your Dragon I & II, Peter Pan (I'll always be a youngster at heart :D), Home Alone, all the Tinkerbell movies, Homeward Bound.

(Last one, I promise XD) TV Series: DRAGONS: RACE TO THE EDGE (Viggo Grimborn RULESSSS), Free Rein, the Worst Witch, Rescue Riders (Yes... don't harass me), Spirit: Riding Free, Pokémon: Sun and Moon, My Little Pony. 


SoD Information


Wanna know where you can find me tho? Star Stable Online! PM me and maybe we can play together :D


~ - ~ - 




See the source image


I love y'all so much, and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there. You guys are the light of my day, and I will be forever grateful to have met you all. Ride on, Riders! <3


Lady Fighter: You have been there for me since nearly when I joined the forums, Lady! I love having you as a friend, discussing Httyd with you, and tons of other things! I hope you know I'll always be there for you, girl :D 


Hookless: ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY QUEEN OF POTATS!!!!! We met not too long ago, just a few months back! But boy, I feel I've become close to you in some time, and I couldn't be happier about that. You're one of the friendliest, best people I've ever met- no kidding. You're always open to listen to rants, or just spam memes with! I consider myself lucky to have a friend like you :D <3 


Ginger: A fellow Rick Riordan fan! I can't explain how much I love fangirling and talking about Magnus and Percy with you, it's really amazing to find someone with the same interests! Talking about horses and animals is also so much fun, thank you for all the wonderful fangirling and chatting time we've had so far, Ginger! I can't wait to keep chatting :D 


Sohki: You and I met really, only about a month ago Sohki! But oh my, I adore being your friend girl!! Your crazy fun personality is brilliant, and Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron IS AMAZINGGGG!!!! Having so much things we like in common is awesome, and I can't wait to see where our friendship takes us next. WINDWALKERS RULE!!! :DD


Dagur_The_Deranged: My awesome, hyper cousin on the fourms! Feel free to shoot him a pm, he's always happy to make new friends. Love ya bud! <3


This is my Viking, Ella. She was drawn by Mimu. Thanks again! Firefly! I love her and my Razorwhip, Seaside, to the death. Made by the extremely talented Andrea Easton! Thank you so much!


This AMAZING edit of my Nadder Firefly was done by DragonfIy! Thank you so much, it looks truly spectacular <3 :D


This amazing art was made by Frugal Tilko!!! It's a frikking MASTERPIECE!!! :D 

Razorwhip banner made by the epic Dragonriders Fury! :D 


Above gif was not made by me but my God it was so cute I had to add it!


Well my friend, thank you for making it to the end of my siggy! I'm happy you're here! Since you read through all that, you have the right to call me: Ellie / Elli :D 


Feel free to pm me, we can chat about total randomness or scream about RTTE, DoB, RoB, or anything really! (I mean it, don't be scared to pm me, I don't bite. XD)


Have a fantastic day, and may God Bless You! :D 


Typhoomerang banner

Epic Typhoomerang banner made by Dragonriders Fury! He is super talented! :D

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I'm glad the option is back! I'm gonna redesign two of my precious dracs right now!


Clan Application Form


~Bonds Are What Gives Us Strength.~


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DC members are welcomed to use this insignia made by Lolnly !

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Amazing Gif (Left) created by EmeraldHuntress65, big thanks! Amazing gift (Right) created by IIVelocityyII, awesome!


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Sweet banner created by: StormySavage, thanks!

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Viking Name: Sylvya

Clan/Position: Dark Challenge (Leader) and Z War Clan (Member). Dark Challenge has an Alliance with Z War Clan.

Dark Challenge/Total Points: (414100) Ranked: (9)

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(Original Art done by me.)

Amazing Screenshots with the family!








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Hello, I am Sylvya and I am a Veteran in SoD. I've been playing since April 24 of 2014! I am a proud Leader of ‘Dark Challenge,' and I truly enjoy hanging out with my clans-folk. I, too, am proud of trying to enjoy Thunder Run Racing with my allies, you got to be happy to feel true pride. I love praising others, but I can't do it if I am constantly chat-banned. How have I been? I want to say I've been reborn ingame, my revival to challenge fate!


Dragon Count: (100+)

Symbol (Deadly Nadder) -Lvl 50. (My First Lovely Adoptable)

Dark Slayer (Typhoomerang) -Lvl 50. (Clan representative)

Dracula (Grapple Grounder) -Lvl 50.

ASK (Adult SandWraith) -Lvl 50.



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~Until we meet again, Hilde.~


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Coming through, Pineapple Queen here.

yayyyyyyy finally, ive been waiting for the colour black to come back, cuz the dark blue didnt look very good lel


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