THE BIG SoD RP SAVE (hopefully)

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Hello! Skips here ouo

Just a warning: This thread is basically just for people who have already contributed in/are currently following the SoD roleplay, which you can find mostly on the old forum. There is, however, one new chapter starting here, which anyone can join. (Sorry I haven't posted yet, Rock, if you're reading this, I have loads of IT homework and I think this is a little more important right now ^^;)


Okay, so now that we've narrowed down the readers to the few that this applies to... hi, fellow old-forum people! I don't even have to tell you the reason that we should probably save all of the last RP. (But just in case, if we don't, it's all gonna get lost forever when the old forum gets taken down!)


Basically, that fact just now hit me and it's actually kinda scary. Everything that we've written in that roleplay is going to be lost if we don't save it. All that work and thought and everything, just 'poof'!

The problem is, and this is obvious, there's LOADS of stuff. That's why I think we should work as a team on this.

If we want to keep our entire rp, which I personally very much do, we're gonna have to save a lot of text. I was thinking, and feel free to correct me or put in any other ideas here etc., that we could each have a chapter or a set section of posts to save and then we could just send everything to each other. That would work, right? I mean, it would take a while but honestly, this probably sounds so stupid right now but I am so upset at the fact that we might loose everything we've written that it's unreal. I want to at least keep everything we've done so far to read through.

Let me know if you've already managed to find an efficient method to save everything that doesn't cost money and/or have done already, or maybe even managed to keep a few posts? I dunno.

I honestly feel so dumb writing this, guys ^^; I don't even know how to save the posts other than copying and pasting them onto a word document -.- I'm just so desperate not to let this story go to waste!


I don't think I can tag people. So I'll message this to the current members of the RP on the old site, I think.

Please help me out on this, guys!


- Skips

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I've been thinking about this

I've been thinking about this too. I wanted to wait until the new site came up so we could be sure the old RP was done being added to (Brynjolf said the old forum will stay viewable for awhile to help the transition), but I can't really find a good way to archive the posts either besides copy/pasting into a Word document. Google has turned up a few scraper programs that will export all the posts in the forum into a database that can then be exported into a different forum, but it appears that (1.) you have to be a forum admin to be able to do that, and (2.) it's against the (reportedly draconian) Proboards TOS in the first place. So, that's not likely to happen...


That said, it shouldn't be all that bad to manually copy/paste the posts we want into Word docs to save them. The old Proboards forum is pretty small as forums go, and we don't necessarily need every last shred of content from every thread either. The question then becomes, at least for the RP threads, what exactly needs saved? You have to admit that there's a lot of extraneous discussion that happened in those threads, and that adds up to roughly 350 pages of posts. Do we keep the content in its entirety, or just the posts that add to the story?


You, sir, are playing a very dangerous game, keeping this much raw... Viking-ness... contained! There will be consequences!

Ehh, I'll take my chances...

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