Bewilderbeast Ice Chest improperly displays the countdown

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Judging by the Gem cost, I'd say the Bewilderbeast Ice Chest countdown lasts a week, however, the clock improperly displays the time as 24 hour parts.

(What waiting 3 days looks like)

Assuming the countdown is supposed to last for a week, the hour count is supposed to be 168, not 24. My suggestion si to either add a day/week counter, or let the hour count display reach 168 hours.

And while we're on the topic of the Bewilderbeast Stable, it's non-stable counterpart, Valka's Sanctuary, has the Mysterious Stable music playing, instead of just the regular music.


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Aloha Lola

Not to mention, the countdown restarts whenever it hits zero, and you're left without a Bewilderbeast chest to open. I don't know if this is intentional, but comparing it with the other two options where once the countdown reaches zero it doesn't re-start immediately and you're able to have double XP and bonus fish, I don't think this is part of the functionality.


I've lost two days' worth of chests because the game doesn't allow me to open the chests. And just today, I spent 40 gems so I could try and see if I'd get something, but ended up with the "You got 250 gems!" message, without the gems promised. 





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You don't lose days because

You don't lose days because of this bug. The real countdown is 1 week, not 24 hours. Just wait 1 week, and you'll get your prize... Here's a countdown depending on how many gems it'll cost to advance.

576+ Gems = 6 days + hours left
480-575 Gems = 5 days = hours left
384-479 Gems = 4 days + hours left
288-383 Gems = 3 days + hours left
192-287 Gems = 2 days + hours left
96-286 Gems = 1 day + hours left
95 Gems and below = hours left

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I had that problem and I sent a ticket to the support and they gave the gems.

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I have sent a ticket about this problem. They told me its visual bug.
its 7 days not 24 hours.





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Stable Ability Countdown

Hi everyone!


I just wanted to confirm here that this is a visual bug, and that the ability cooldown for King of Dragons is meant to be 1 week, not 1 day. We are actively working on getting in a fix for this.


Additionally, if you have opened the chest and gotten gems, but the gems were not applied to your account, please submit a ticket to our Customer Service team as they can help and make sure you receive your gems. Our team is also looking into this issue and hopes to have it fixed soon.






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