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 I am sooooooooo sorry I keep making these kind of posts...but...I have a HARD time making decisions...

. In your own opinion, which is the best racer between the raincutter and the skrill?

. Does the raincutter have bad, good, or fair accleration?

. What is the raincutter's turning like?

. Is its speed like how the stats are?

. How is its pitch?

And if you reply, Thanks!!!





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Rain cutter

I thought the rain cutter was horrible until I tried it out on my little girls account now I can't wait to get one. Get a rain cutter you won't be sorry. Walkswwhiteskin 


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Skrill, no competition.

Skrill's stats: 10,7,7,6

Raincutter:  4,8,8,7

Raincutters have a good acceleration  and fair turn and pitch but ultimately loose pace after the first lap. I have yet to see a skrill (ridden well) be beaten by anything other than Toothless or another Skrill. My opinion is that Skrills are better racers.


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