Best Racing Dragon Results

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This is my first test with all current dragons that are old enough to race.  This was also done before the new aminations were added, so I will be doing his test with the same nine dragons over again shortly. I will also be doing this again with my dragons as my other ones grow up. I will list my dragon's name, the speices, and current level. I will start nine and go down to one.


9) Singfird- Stormcutter- Level 20

8) Mystic- Changewing- Level 8

7) Bali- Moldruffle- Level 10

6) Akros- Monstrous Nightmare- Level 20

5) Grumble- Prickleboggle- Level 16

4)Toothless- Night Fury- Level 2 

3) Cali- Death Song- Level 7

2) Fracade- Groncle- 11

1) Blizzard- Groncile- Level 5


The faults in my test:

1) Not all dragons are the same level

2) Some have really low levels due to accidently age-ups or being given full grown


How I did it:

I took all nine on one full run on the same racing track in single player mode. No cheats were used to make any of my dragons go faster then average.