Best dragons for battle and racing

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Warning! Long post ahead. (and sorry for my grammar)

Hi there! I decided to analize the sod dragons to see which one should I buy, then decided to share this info with you guys, maype it'll be handy/helpful.

blue is for battle, green for racing, they have + or - (good or bad at it), ex:+good both at battle and racing

                                                                                                            +- good at battle but bad at racing 

if it has neither + or - it means it's not the best, but not that bad either


OK? then let's get started!

for me the best racing dragons are the ones with high speed and acceleration and with the turn rate in the middle

the best battle dragons do the most damage, which you get aprox. when you multiply the damage with the shot limit. of course it matters how fast the shots recharge

-again, this is only my opinion, I don't even own all of theese dragons

let me know what do you think! does it helped?


 i personally do not like very fast dragons, in sharp turns i alwazs have to slow down if i donát want to bump into     something


and when there's a battle try switching dragons, so you don't have to wait for the shots to recharge


I hope it helped. Let me know what do you think :)













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This is awesome! Thx so much! XD

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very welcome! :D

very welcome! :D

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Electro!! Did you eat my subject?! Again?!

Thank you!! I was tryna look up something like this last night! This is awesome!



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Hello ^^

Hello this is awsome :3  but i have question about few dragons : stormcutter: is it really good at race and battle ?  my friend told me that they are bad at both ... so i don't know what to do ... stormcutter is one of my favorite dragon tho and i don't know if i should get it or not ... also i own 4 amazing triple strykes and  are they good at race ? also their new saddle ... is it worth buying ? does it makes dragon more fast in races ?  and my  main racer is  sand wraith atm: they are good at both race and battle  so both + + for sand wraith ! :3  is razorwhip really good at  both battle and race ?  




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Kyan, stop freezing my subject!!!

Hi! :) 

Thank you so much your question! That's why I said that I want to hear your opinions, to see If am I right, and what do you think

     As i said I don't own all of the dragons above, neither stormcutter, triple strike or sand wraith, but I really want a sand wraith (and a stormcutter)(they say they're very good dragons). I was just analizing them based on their data and game experiences.

     Razorwhip is really an AMAZING dragon, I always use her first in battle, and it's a very good racer (only it's a little harder for me to handle in race bc it's fast, in race I prefer my death song, whispering death and moldruffle). But everyone is different. Some ppl for example like dragons with high acceleration, I don't.

     About the saddle: I have many items that "increases" different abilities, but in such tiny amount that it's barely noticeable (at least for me). I wouldn't recommend buying it just because it increases speed with 2 %, but many a little makes a mickle, so if you have like 10 items like this on you it could help. :)


just a note: Many ppl recommended the snow wraith, they say it's an awesome racer, it's very fast and powerfull and it has many shots with a huge damage!

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Hi ^^

Thanks for your reply  ! :3  snow wraiths are not my fav dragons i prefer sand wraith and i will probably always use it razorwhips look cool and i just love ther titan wing form ( i don't own one)  i am thinking getting  9 or 12 dragons in total so i don't know i love stormcutters and  razorwhips as much as triple strykes and sand wraiths so i don't know what to do :) what do you suggest ?  i notice people racing with razorwhips and stormcutters but... i won against those with my sand wraith so i am confused >..< 

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Tenebris ate my subject

As I see most ppl are using sand wraith in TRR and usually they win :D
I think having different types of dragons is way more fun, I mean if i would already have a sand wraith I wouldn't buy another. If you see two same dragons it's bc I won them.

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Oh wow rumblehorns are terrible

Oh wow rumblehorns are terrible I hope they are good for dragon tactics.


Anyway I usually use scauldron for battles because of its attack rate and fire limit and I usually use typhoomerang for racing because they are probs the fastest dragon (not counting toothless and light fury) even though they can barely turn and they take ages to gain speed but the rings help a lot and you usually dont actually have to turn very much. And speaking of dragon tactics a suggest you always use an axe or a mace and/or have a tide glider on hard levels otherwise you will have a bad time.


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