Best Dragons Against Zipplewraith

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Which dragons have you found to be the best at defeating the new Zipplewraiths in the last 2 levels of Thawfest Dragon Tactics? I keep getting slaughtered. LOL!

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They seem to do a lot of damage in a short amount of time, which is honestly terrifying even for a well versed DT player. My tactics was to use skrills for long range first, their 2nd attack, then go close range for another big blast of damage, 3rd attack. Though after that one of them got annihilated at level 50 but prevailed for the first time. If that doesn't work for you, try using the cloak of the Sand Wraith if you have one to evade the Zipplewraith's devastating attacks while your other dragons do the rest of the damage.


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I didn't have a problem defeating them, but I did have two level 50 dragons - a Titan Monstrous Noghtmare and a Level 50 razorwhip, with a Level 49 Viking.


do you have Ruffrunner? I don't, but I've heard he is excellent against the Zipplewraiths


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- More Islands! A Defender of the Wing Island, another Dragon Hunter Island, Whispering Death Island. A Monstrous Nightmare and Typhoomerang Island would be epic too. Maybe class Islands? There you could see stoker class dragons on Stoker Island (it may have volcanoes or something?), and tidal class dragons on Tidal Island (lots of lakes and waterfalls?). Also, how have Outcast and Berserker Island never been a thing in game? They're as important as Berk and New Berk!

- More expansion packs! I would gladly pay gems if it means I could do more quests and get cool dragons.


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Thanks for the suggestions. 

Thanks for the suggestions.  Was able to just squeak by using my  high level sand wraith (50) and nadder (47).  That Gauntlet level 2 is very hard with all those zipplewraiths attacking at once right away.  Much harder than Gauntlet level 3 is.

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Umm (Cause i can't think of a better Subject)

My toothless, Titan screaming Death and Titan Skrill work best for me.


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I tried my luck with my two deathsongs. And they did great. The strong attack can hit mutiple targets at once and the ember blast paralyzed the zipplewraiths so they couldnt attack. I would go in with dragons who might be strong enough to one hit them or with dragons who could stun them. Just like deathsong or flightmare.









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I use melee, Pouncer and my Titan Skrill. I think it doesn't matter much and it's mostly RNG and extremely poor balance.

Just got my level ~50 party TPK'd in one move by one single level 25 boi for no reason at all and it takes about 3-5 hits to kill a lvl 30 enemy...


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Prickleboggle + Flightmare, Death Song or Humbanger
use Camouflage and put Prickleboggle in front of the Zipplewraiths and spam heals all allies together while trying to stun one of the Zipplewraiths and attack another with the viking
and no, there is no way to do it in less than 6 turns, but it is a less risky strategy
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The pure zipplewraith level

f you are talking about that one level with the pure zipplewraiths, I honestly don't even bother with that level LOL


They are ridiculosuly powerful, and if you don't have dragons that are resistant to them, you're going to have a hard time.


The easier levels to grind for exchangeable items are the gauntlet 1 and 3- 2 I feel is a bit more difficult.


The gauntlet 3(final level) for me takes a bit longer than gauntlet 1 so I mainly grind gauntlet 1. If, however, you don't care about the legendary bork swords, I would only grind the first level for exchangeable items because it is clearly the quickest one.


The harder levels actually have a much poor rate of exchangeable items because it is harder to get the legendary boot weapon, the legendary swords in the later levels can't be exchanged so they are useless in that regard, and there are much too many useless epic armors that drop along with the screaming death exchangeable items.


The first level doesn't have the extra fluff and has a more consistent rate of only screaming death armor pieces, the legendary boot which exchanges for quite a lot, and all the epic axes. A lot less items to have to worry about than in the later levels that you can't exchange.