Best dragon armor combo??

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Hey guys I got a question what is the best racing armor combo? Like what should you wear with what? I figured since dragon armors are coming back I should figure out what sets are the best together.

Usually for racing I usually wear this:

But is there something better I could be wearing?

Lemme know what yall think! :D


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This is what I had found to be the best

The Pants, Wristbands, Boots, and Shoulder pads, I believe, are interchangeable with the Alpha Night Fury set. The Shirt is interchangeable with the Lightning Skrill and Screaming Death sets. The helmet and mask is not interchangeable. I didn't like the alpha set as much, and it was expensive, so I got the Night Fury set which basically had the same stats, excluding the helmet and mask.






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Found a video

Here's a video with the armor at the beginning. It doesn't say the pants, boots, and wristbands are interchangeable but I swear they were.

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That looks really good and it probably acts really good too. I want it on my viking. By chance could you tell me how to get it? Was it from a previous event and not available anymore like the Chimeragon? If it's in the store; I can't find it. 



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If you have a male avatar, it doesn't look as good. No it wasn't from an event, it's just one of the MANY sets the devs haven't brought back yet.


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List of best Racing Gear as of now:

The best chests are Lightning Skrill, Skrill, Thawfest Screaming Death and Screaming Death (5% speed)

The best helmets are Bright Stormcutter Helm and Alpha Toothless Helm (3% speed)

The best shoulder pads are Diamond Nadder (4% speed)

The best pants are Diamond Nadder and Nadder (3% turn, 2% pitch)

The best wristbands are Alpha Toothles, Diamond Nadder, Nadder, Night Fury, Stormcutter, Deathsong Black and Deathsong Bronze (2% turn, 2% pitch)

The best boots are Diamond Nadder (2% pitch, 2% turn) or Bright Stormcutter (1% speed), the boots depend on which dragon you're using, and their specific turn, diving, or speed needs





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Tracking 'cause I want to know to :D






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Old armor stats can be found on this chart:


And locations of video chests for mobile players can be found here:

Ads Chests in the Wilderness | School of Dragons | How to Train Your Dragon Games


An awesome analysis on a bunch of HTTYD 3 flaws.

The Issues with How To Train Your Dragon - The Hidden World - Ethan_Joseph - How to Train Your Dragon (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]


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.   (shows the stats for the armors, you can adjust your needs for each specific dragon)


Best helmet: Alpha Toothless


Shouder Pads: Night Fury or Alpha Toothless


Shirt: Screaming Death, Skrill, or Skrill Lightning


Wristbands: Night Fury or Alpha Toothless, also check in the shop, the best you can get for wristbands is 2% turn and 2% pitch


Pants: Nadder. This was recently changed. Before the nadder armor was re-released, the pants had 2% pitch, 1% turn. They now have 2% pitch, 3% turn, it's up to you if you trust the stat change or not. The difference is so small it's practically insignifigant. The second best pairs before the armors were re-released are Stormcutter and Night Fury pants.


Boots: This depends on the dragon. If you want a combo of both pitch rate and turn, then Screaming Death, Skrill, and Nadder are good options. If you want all turn or all pitch, the Night Fury and Sand Wraith (2% pitch) and Alpha Toothless (2% turn) are good.


Masks do not have any speed, acceleration, turning, or pitch rate bonuses, only happiness, and happiness doesn't affect racing anymore.


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*nyooms from hyperspace* :D

Which skrill armor is the best? Normal or Lightning?

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The only good piece of skrill armor is the cestplate, and the stats for the chestplate are the same across both variations of the Skrill armor. So basically just get the cheapest or the one you think looks the best (the screaming death chest looks the best to me, plus it's the same speed as the skrill chestpates, however it hasn't come back yet :c)

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are we talking about the

are we talking about the stats or looks because I will let you know that I absolutely don't know or care about stats. XD

If it's look though this is what I'm currently wearing

I'm not a fan of those chest plate with wings behind the back but if I obscured my face or make it very dragon like it'd be goofy in the endearing kind of way. This is not the full armor set I know but I find there're a lot more interesting combination with some of the more dragon-like but not dragon armor cloathing, like Bewilderbeast skirt for example, the silver go togther well

or red. all in all though Nadder and stormcutter goes really well together because it's already red and blue

if it's only dragon armor though then probably with this?

3 Skrills, 2 Stormcutter, 2 Nadders, a perfect hybrids.


Edit: ok you guys are talking about racing, silly me. Don't mind me I just jump in after seeing the title because bombinding mix and match of diffferent dragon sets are kind of fun


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Wiggles the Whispering D.eath ate my subject

Another fan of the snoggletog crossbow I see. I love that goofy thing.



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Not much for the look, but

Not much for the look, but getting to shoot things and healing is a nice combo. If only the bonestormer crossbow can heal ;w;

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Wiggles the Whispering D.eath ate my subject

For me it's just...everything about it. Healing is a must on my weapons for the most part but the long range is also fun and to make it better it honistly is so goofy that it fits my charicter ( goofy).

So for me it's a tripple win and I'm probubly never replacing it on at least my main viking. She was weaponless for a long time for story reasons but I like the snoggletog crossbow so much that she now offically has a weapon and I found a way to justify it.

Shame it's not the same for you.

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*Tips wine glass*

Ahhh a fellow person who appreciates the aesthetic side of things xD


Due to my viking being max level, I don't really worry too much when I get in DT with barely any armor. I try to match my outfit with the dragon I'm gonna use the majority of the time.


I'm loving the new nadder armor so much though, as they both provide some decent stats like others have spoken of here. And me and Windsinger matches together well :3c


Ooh snoggletog crossbow? The crossbows are so amazing in DT! Turns you into a mini-dragon. I use the bonestormer crossbow, but I got to watch out for those razor-type enemies x'D


         For the love of Odin, read the server rules thoroughly I'm begging you                    Or Ruffy will rough you up



Because of a bug, I'm now "VicZarskykatsu" in-game. Thanks SoD.


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Dragon ate my subject

My armor is glitched as you can see so picture is maybe a lil confusing.

Anyway my viking has alpha toothless helmet and shoulder pads, night fury mask and boots, screaming death shirt, screaming death pants and screaming death wristbands. Yes, my hands are missing R.I.P.



As you can see my name is ToothlessColdNight but please just call me Toothy for short. Me and most of my friends have food nicknames so you may see someone call me Milkshake/Milky. I've been playing the game since 2016 but sadly I lost my very first acc.

In game I usually race, play DT, talk with friends but if I'm extremely lazy I just stand in my stable waiting for dragons to finish stable quests. I've been diagnosed with StAbLe DePrEsSiOn xD

My favorite dragon is Sand Wraith. Especially the one I have named Beauty. 

She's also a great racing dragon but we haven't raced in a while. Pouncer took her job xD

So far I have 124k trophies and counting!

I also have over 300 dragons! I have all of them and all titans.


I'm a proud elder of Ethereal Aura!

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Just a pic I drew of me and sum clanmates xD


Some of my closest friends are: Yonnx, Luvirey, xAshxy, StormySavage, XxPizzaPuddingxX

Now for the end I wanna share some of my artworks :3 Hope you like them!







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Insert Subject Here

Tracking so I can come back to this thread when I start racing again.



Image result for httyd when people say memes

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*EXPLOSIONS* O______________O

Wow guys! Thanks for the Feedback! :D Will definently take your advice!


Edit: Ah yes I do love matching my dragons as well XD