Belated presentation...

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Viking Warrior
Joined: 09/12/2013

This must be the most belated introduction post in the history of forums... but I guess I never introduced myself in the old forum and besides, this is a new start xP

Kirjava, female, 20, Italian

Been playing since July (in fact, I'm among the ones who took over SoD while it was supposed to be still closed)

I'm a major nerd who spends too much time on Tumblr fawning over HTTYD and on FFnet reading... You can find links to my Tumblr and deviantArt profiles in sig.

In real life (surprisingly enough, I do have one still) I study art conservation at the university. I have a thing for languages, studied Latin and ancient Greek (and some French, but that did NOT pay off) and attempted to learn something about Japanese and Icelandic.

I'm in clan Joermungandr in SoD... Dunno if I should start a thread about it for new players, or wait for the rest of the group to do it ouo