Is this because I haven't used my account for so long?

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So, about 20 minutes ago, I found one of my old School of Dragons accounts. I created it in 2014 and haven't used it since (yes I completely forgot about it.. for 6 years) so I did hardly any quests on it at all. I logged in and started to play but as soon as I go to Heather for a quest, I get hit with the "Your progress failed to sync with our server. Please try again." message. Is this because I haven't used the account for so long? Or is SoD just messing up again?


I intend to keep this restored account as a secondary/backup so hopefully this isn't permanent.


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Nah, this generally happens a lot during events, plus some old starter quests are glitched. Think they tried to update them or something and such, and it just glitched out some things. But maybe clear the cache and see if it does anything?


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Eh, it's a pretty normal glitch. DIfferent ideas:

1. Log out and log back in

2. Wait

3. Clear the cache

4. Clear the data

5. Unistall the game, wait, and reinstall it

6. Try a different device



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Wait wasn't there like a feature where admins were tryna delete old and inactive accs to make a better flow in-game?? 


Idk really, but I think i remember someone pointed that out a while ago. But maybe it ain't tru. o.o


Edit: bruh I am so sorry I got that wrong lol. I got confused with the "deleting inactive and small clans" feature. Sorry for the mistake, hope I didn't give u a heartattack



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This happens once in a while. All you can do is wait for a while and try again later.


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