Battles aren’t working properly

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On the last battle it didn't give me any reward. The rewards screen didn't even show up. And when I first started, the ship wasn't taking and damage. I also looked and it happened when on the hour battles didn't normally happen on. Odd.






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The battle worked this time,

The battle worked this time, but that's because it's an even hour. Hopefully it'll work in an hour.


Edit Because I didn't want to make another post: It worked this time. The only things I did differently was not listening to music from Spotify and I cleared all my tabs. I'm on iOS Mobile btw.

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Same isuue, but worse than urs


I ve the same issue but mine is worse (when im doing battle my battle shepis r extremly bugged and it is keeping dont show what I receive) ... Maybe if i reinstall it agan maybe work (ill try later)


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This is beyond frustrating. I've tried to participate in 4 battles today and every single one of them has glitched. The first 2 battles, the ship wouldn't take any damage, the last 2, the "You've stopped the boat" message popped up but the boat still showed that it had some health left and the "Victory" sign never popped up so I didn't get any rewards. So far collecting medals from battles today has been a bust.


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Battles are very glitchy. If

Battles are very glitchy. If I get one that doesn't take damage, I leave and come back until I find one that is working.  Of course then we never know until the end if that one is going to work properly or glitch and not give the reward for defeating it.  Battles are a real crapshoot these days which is a shame. I used to really enjoy them but now they are very frustrating. :(

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Battle events are not working!!!

I have to agree with HPowers. Either the ship take no damage in the battle OR the damage countdown freezes just as the ship is about to be sunk, ending in what I call a draw, with neither a defeat nor a victory declared. You can only win rewards when a Defeat or Victory is declared.


I've completed 12 battle events, today, and I had a single reward. It does not matter whether it was a victory or a defeat; they both give dragon and trainer a reward. 


Today was not a good day for battle events, way too many Draws.







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New day, 7 am battle event is a bust

I arrived a minute before the 7 am battle event began.  


After first bout of fire, the ship's health was fixed at12000/12000. 


I jumped to another server; battle was taking place, but the ship''s health was fixed at 15000/15000.


I actually attempted and did jump to a third server. I found an ongoing battle. I joined the battle, but I figured the battle would end in a defeat, the ship's health was still quite high and it was already past the race tower and head toward the harbor exit. 


Yes, the battle ended as a draw when a message came up saying we had stopped the ship. We had stopped it, but not sunk it.  The ship was stalled at the exit point of the harbor. However, I was surprised by the ship's health, which was listed as 8347/12000. I've never seen such a high number on a ship that was stopped but not defeated. It should have easily sailed away. How could we have stopped it?


Sorry, I have no screen shot of this last ship to verify what I saw. Gosh, I was still surprised to actually get to a third server and flummoxed by the last ship's health. I do remember the last bell sounded, and the event ended shortly after the bell sounded. That ship should have easily sail away with that much ship health. The battle could have been a defeat, but wasn't. 



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Still not working . . . frustrated..............

Still not working . . . It's so frustrating . . .


I estimate, that I'm experiencing glitched/non-working battle events for about 98% of the battles I join. Really disappointed!