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Hello everyone! Just an FYI this is my first ever thread, so I am sorry if I do something wrong!


   Anyways, If you looked at the title, you should see that this is a thread for Battle Event Tips! I know there has probably been many great threads made for this purpose, but I can't seem to find a thread that is recent! So thats why I am here today: I need some help with my battles! If you have any tips you would like to share, this is the place to do it! 


Also, does anybody know what dragons are the best for battles? I have hear that Hobblegrunts, Gronkles, Thunderdrums, and Scualdrons are all pretty good. At the moment, I am using a Razorwhip, which is getting me bronze and gold. So if anyone could help me out, it would be greatly appriciated! 




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My absolute favorite battle dragon is Titan thunderdrum. Their shots reload very fast and do about 15 damage(I don't really remember exactly how much) and 75% of the time get first with it (as long as I don't accidentally mess up lol) haven't tried many other dragons in a while but my suggestion is to stay in the reload zone thingys for dragons with less than 8 shot limit and aim from there. Otherwise follow above the ship and shoot the bottom target, reloading at campfires when needed.

hope this helps!




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I wrote something regarding player tips:


You may, if you wish, skip directly to the battle section



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 I almost always use my sculdron. (about that, does making it titan make it any better for battles? I've been wondering  this for a while) They have a 14 shot range and whenever they hit the ship a nine, I practically everytime get gold and once in a blue moon a silver. If you don't have a sculdron; I've heard sandwraiths are good. Nightmares are also decent. Don't use a rumblehorn, They give me bronze every time. Maybe I'm just using them wrong though. Well hope this helped!


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 when i started, i got a

 when i started, i got a bunch of not very good dragons, but the one that works the best for me is a wispering death. it always gives me a silver.



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whispering death

 when i started, i got a bunch of not very good dragons, but the one that works the best for me is a wispering death. it always gives me a silver.

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Thanks for the suggustions! I am using my Razorwhip at the moment, but I have a baby Thunderdrum almost ready to grow up!

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When the Death is Screaming "Changewing!"... XD

In my experience, the two best Battle Event draons are the Screaming Death and the Changewing. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.  The main advantage a Changewing offers is long range.  You can target the ship from far enough away that you very seldom get hit.  The main advantage of the Screaming Death is its higher shot count (14 as compared to the Changewing's 10), but you cannot target the ship from nearly as far away as you can with a Changewing.  Since you must be closer to the ship in order to target it with the Screaming Death, you are far more at risk of being hit by the arrows, catapaults, and... whatever the explosion thing is supposed to be.  Since getting hit too many times causes you to reset and lose points, this is a consideration.  The Changewing reloads extremely fast, compared with every other dragon I've used, although the Screaming Death's reload rate is by no means bad.  The counterbalance to this is that, since (as mentioned above) the Changewing has a lower shot limit, you will need to reload somewhat more often, although the higher recharge rate helps to offset that.


So yeah, that's my analysis.  I have been using the Changewing as my main battle dragon for a while now (mainly because my Screaming Death is already at maximum level), and most of the time I can get a gold chest with him.  I hope this was useful. :)


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I don't know if this is a well enough tip but for I also find a spot were I can land so if my fire count goes to zero I can just dismount my dragon and switch. As for dragons have at least one with a 15 dmg per blast. This method has always gotten me gold as a result and I hope this help you to. 


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I have my Razorwhip, and a baby Thunderdrum that I could use for that, when the baby grows up. I am hoping to get a Hobblegrunt as a prize from one the chest one day! The eggs keep appearing in the bronze chests though.... 

Thank you for your tips! I will try this method!

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Battle dragons

My personal favorite battle dragons are scauldrons, but I think screaming deaths, thunderdrums, prickleboggles and any other dragon with fast reload, high shot limit, or quick firing rate are good.


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Aside from the scauldron, the dreadstrider's also a good dragon if you prefer to fire stationarily from the recharge station. The fire has quite the predictable path.


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It you stay at the recharge point: Thundedrum

If you fly back and forth to reload your shots: Scauldren/Prickleboggle

Hope this helps :p



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