Battle Event - Ship Taking No Damage

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Just recently, around 10pm Mountain Time, August 11, me and a few people participating in a battle event weren't able to do damage to the ship at all. Judging by the other players confused reactions, they seemed to be seeing the same issue. I've never seen what a failed battle event looks like but the ship came to a stop at the end of its loop and sat there until I left the training grounds. Going back to the training grounds, the event had ended.

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This is a glitch that happens to everyone. Also the other glitch with no reward in battle events. We have to wait and see if they will fix it soon.



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Siggy faced the glitch and needs reconstructing (probably won't happen soon)

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♪♫♪ Tale as old as time ♪♫♪

♪♫♪ Song as old as rhyme ♪♫♪

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Yeaaaaah these glitches have been here forever, so are the threads about them. It happens mostly 50% chance. Sometimes you're lucky that you got the non-glitch ship, while the other server doesn't. There's also you getting the glitch streak of more than twice in a row. Oof.


There's also some variants too:

  • The ship
  • The timeless ship
  • Everyone gets the victory screen except you ship



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I've got another one

For me, most of the glitches are just the game suddenly crashing right before the event.  I have gotten the other ones, though.  One day, every single battle event (about 7) except for one were glitched.


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Same old as always...

Well for me every single ship are like that: the healt bar never reduces. Every last ship is seemingly always at max health.

Sometimes, however rarely, we still win the battle although the healt bar stays at max. Sometimes the ship doesn't appear at the start of the battle event. Sometimes the ship reaches the end of the loop and stays put there without the game ever announcing that the battle was lost or won, and the ship stays there like that until you leave the Training Grounds. Oh, and the battles that are starting at CEST 12:00 are ALWAYS bugged. Always.

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