Battle event experiment

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Battle event experiment


After a long break from SOD (almost 3 years) I decided to come back at least for some time. As I am on vacation, I decided to conduct an experiment. I wanted to check how often does glitch with battle event happen. As servers are soon to be closed for maintenance, I hope that this glitch will be fixed. But I already did ,,research" so I thought I will share it with you.



game: Downloaded version on Windows (always)


- for me I always saw a ship with full health, the damage was never shown, but it was possible to win, (so the ship was damaged it just was hidden from me)

-sometimes ship just stop at the end of the route and remains there and no reward (either for win or defeat) is given (this is the type of glitch that I am counting)


time of entrance: most of the time I entered the server with battle 2 to 7 minutes before battle, between each battle I turned off game and turned it on again


time zone: Europe, currently GMT+2, in this zone I battled mostly from 12:00 to 24:00(my time). So 3 am (PST) to 3 pm (PST). (I think most players are from USA (????) so maybe there are less players in this hours (???))   


time of the experiment: 30.07.2020-11.08.2020r.



In this time I participated in 127 battles from witch 39 ended witch glitch (I didn't receive any reward). Witch means that 30,7% of battles was glitched. (roughly 1 in 3) It's not great. Even bad. Very bad. A big waste of our time. Daily stats vary from 10% (1 in 10) to 50% (1 in 2). For those interested, I also included the statistics of victories and defeats.


(Yeah so I don't know how to add pics.... here you got a link)


So in conclusion....

I really hope that glitches witch battle events will be fixed.

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I appreciate the amount of time and dedication you put into this experiment, it's very impressive! However the devs have never EVER cared about battle glitches. They won't be fixed no matter how many hundreds of posts can be made begging for just that.


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Lightning thought the subject was trying to attack me... RIP

I've been having it worse than that by far, but I could just be having a bad luck streak. I did NOT know that the ship HP still goes down even though you can't see it; is that always how it is or just sometimes? Cause if it's always thats gonna save me a lot of angry moments when I realize I need to swap servers and hope being late won't glitch me.


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