~The banner universe~

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Hello everyone!


Welcome to the banner universe.


Here you will recieve beautiful hand-crafted banners.


(I'm bored and want to do something xD)


Please read everything before you post a request <33


Anything I have missed will be posted below.



You can literally have anything you want. You can have like

text, background, GIFS on the banner, favourite part of

song lyrics, Tv show/movie quote,Clan banner, an animated text

banner, a random image off of google (png or jpeg only) etc.


Literally ANYTHING.


If you send me a picture of a background you want, may it

please be 200 pixels high by 600 wide.

(or anything close otherwise image will be squished)


Fonts are not all the fonts existing on Canva.

I cannot download any fonts or use fonts that are unavaliable.

If you give me an idea of the font, I can do a font

similar. Please provide images of the font you wish to use if it is

not on Canva but u want something similar :)








To any photosenistive users on this forum, this thread may

not be good for your eyes so please ignore this thread

for your safety.


*2 banners per request (requests are unlimited but I'm only

allowing you to ask for two per post)


*Do not spam requests..please...D:


*I can only do so much to a banner and there are limited

things that I can do on Canva so if I have to alter your design,

do not be mad. There is a lot of premium stuff on there.


*Do not cram your banner. The size is 200x600 pixels. There

is limited space on them and a crammed banner looks very

messy. This is a thread for clean, beautiful banners, not

messy and crammed up banners xD


*You must credit me if you are going to put these in your

signatures or anywhere else.


(Or I'll send Celeste to eat you all...)


*Do not reply to the form



Form will be below :)





This is my pixel fury army.


They will attack those who steal my siggy things.


Made by chameishida



✧*:・゚~Active threads~✧*:・゚





*:・゚✧*:・゚~About me~*:・゚✧*:・゚



Hello! I'm DefenderBryhild (Bryhild for short).





I live in England


I love art


My favourite animals are cats and horses


(and dragons?? xD)


My favourite colour is blue



*:・゚✧*:・゚~In-game info~*:・゚✧*:・゚






Level 50


Player since 2017


UDT Rank: 1.5 small platinum star


Racer since 2018


Trophies: 2000+


Favourite minigame(s): DT and TRR







Chrysalis the Deathsong 


This was inspired by the Blue Morpho Butterfly 


Made by me


Daylee the emotional Hobblegrunt 


Made by DyliehIdol1214


✾Assigned to me by Wolf and Star





Emerald my green Swiftwing 


Made by chameishida



 Blizzard my Laxing Blizzardon 


Made by chameishida




 A birthday present of my Triple Stryke, Deathstryke 


Made by FireninjaHUN





 Animal Crossing Deathstryke bonking my head 


Made by ZestyDragonWing









Celeste and my friend's OC, Sorbet, flying together


Made by xIXYrsaXIx




Headshot drawing of Celeste


Made by xIXYrsaXIx







I am a member of:




Banner made by me



*:・゚✧*:・゚~Previous clans~*:・゚✧*:・゚


Ethereal Aura


Ring of dragon fire


Animated Nightlight Fury Sprite - RuffrunnerAnimated Nightlight Fury Sprite - Pouncer

Animated Nightlight Fury Sprite - Dart


Thank you for reading through my siggy! :D


The Nightlights shall lead you out <3


Nightlight bouncies made by VicZarSky













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~The form and spots~


        Do not reply directly to this post!







All of these things are optional btw

Just choose what you want.



Sorry for a long form xD



~For normal banners:~





Background + colour

(if image please supply me  with one):


Video (ones that are free on the website)- replaces background:


Free video things available:


Aerial shots (drone video footage basically)












Animated Backgrounds


Universe (space)










Title colour:




Subtitle colour:




Text curve (yes or no)- How curvy does your text

want to be?:


Text style:



Shapes (+ lines/arrow lines/......... lines):


Photos (viking or any photo):


Transparent pictures (like a butterfly or whatevs):


Graphics (GIFS/pngs like stars etc):


Please tell me where you want everything positioned otherwise I am stumped.




~For Clan banners:~








Clan name:




Font colour:


Clan insignia banners

(please provide me with pic):


Extra (transparent GIFS etc):



You can add other things from the normal banners

form or have animated text like the example. I'm

still using the same banner maker. Just

don't make me overload your clan banner.




 ~For animated text banners:~






(same as normal banners but text is animated)



I would reccommend either typwriter effect or a

bounce effect or something that is not harmful to

the eyes of sensitive people







Blue for saved spot


Red for not currently started


Orange for started/work in progress


Pink for banner is saved in my file


Green for finished and ready for collection























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Alrighty, here we go: FORM 3, 2, 1...SENT


Alright, finally decided 

Animated Text banner

Background + colour: Just follow the color on the imagine (link)

Title: JadeeBug13

Title Color: Gold 

Subtitle: Loyal, fierce, and kind

Subtitle color: Silver

Font: Easy Script (see link)

Text Curve: No thank you

Text Style: None

Shapes: This Diamond shape (♦) on both sides of the subtitle words

Photos: None, unless you count the example photos for background and easy script

Transparent pictures: None

Graphics: firework png graphic (see link)


Please tell me where you want everything positioned otherwise I am stumped: Basically how you have it in the example, JadeeBug13 animated in the middle, Subtitles in the middle under JadeeBug13, diamond shapes on both sides of the subtitle words and firework png graphic in the bottom left and right corners. 


Hello! Welcome to my signiture! 


Name: JadeeBug13 (yes its the same on the game, deal with it), but i prefer to be called Jadee.

Rank: 2 Platnium stars (On my way to 2.5 stars!)

Clan: Elder of The Nightlight Racers. Placing: Temporarily unavaliable due to broken board

Closest Friend: Rosemeralda  Norbutt Norston and SageSalin

Friend Code: PM me and I'll think about it.

I've been in the forum for a year now, and about 2 years in SOD!

Favorite Dragon: Pouncer the Night Light and Ruffrunner the Night Light (currently have both in adult form)

Dragon Count: I've got 50 dragons currently.

Trophie Count: 4150 (and still going up thanks to racing)

Favorite Event: Snoggletog!!!!


All my Sod Dragons


My Top Dragons:

D.T.: Stormfly Jr. the Titan Deadly Nadder, Pouncer the Night Light and Kalahara the Hobblegrunt

Racing: Pouncer the Night Light

Fireball Frenzy: Strike the Titan Deathgripper and Poison the Dreadstrider

Battle Events: Pickle the Pricklebogger


Sprig moment from Amphibia:

Sprig: Well obviously I cant do it because i have the attention span of a...

{Butterfly appears}

Sprig {looking at it}: Oh look at that...


Fanfic: The Four Tribes of Magic.

Chapter 1: A Secret in a Book   Chapter 2: A Secret Rune  Chapter 3: A New World

Chapter 4: A Familiar Face




View page here


Art Column


What I'm doing in the arts community:



♦Doing Edits on other things as well

♦View Page here

status: currently on hold 

Warrior Cat Character Creations

(Click on image to be sent to site)status: currently on hold 


My brand-new Signiture Protector, Salamandar the Slobber Smelter!  Art credit goes to chameishida

Salamandar may be small, but he is mighty, so dont get on his bad side!

Funny gif I made from a The Owl House scene





Amazing art of my Warrior Cat characters, Eclipse and Ash  Tigerlily  Fallenstar and Apollo and Artemis!! Credit goes to Tigerli1y!

Warrior Cat characters I've made, Gif by me!

Adopted Nightlight, SnowBlaze        Credit goes to DyliehIdol1214


My adopted SpaceWing, CometCredit goes to Eclipse Wraith

My adopted Light Fury, Moondrop  Credit goes to Kailuadragons



                                                                                    Banner for my Racing buddy, Pouncer

                                                                                      Credit goes to Toraphire


           Banner by Shadowtigerkat                                                                    

Adopted Golden Night Fury Skin that i named GoldenEclipse    Credit goes to Chameishida

Night Fury Family pixels      Credit goes to Chameishida

A Fury Hybrid I took a liking to from Chameishida's Book of Fan Hybrids and Varients called the Whitesand




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I'll fill the form later

I'll fill the form later on

tracking for now :)




lets begin

Name: Rune the Viking 

gender: male

fav dragon: stormcutter 

hobbies: listening to music, watching movies 

fav books: shadow and bone trilogy by Leigh bardugo

instagram: @runetheviking_

age: teen


my dragons:

shock and wave the adult seastormer

plasma the adult chimeragon

ruffrunner the adult nighlight

pouncer the adult nightlight

thunderwing the sand wraith

glacier the woolly howl

scorpio the deathgripper

tornado stryke the triple stryke

stormjumper the stormcutter

thunder the deathsong

spikeback the deadly nadder

stormlight the skrill

sharpshot the razorwhip

fire storm the dramillion

firewing the monstrous nightmare

blazewing the monstrous nightmare

inferno the singetail 

sound wave the thunderdrum

loid the thunderdrum

rocktail the gronckle

hobble the hobgobbler

silent blaster the whisperingdeath

still stone the elder sentinel

downpour the scuttleclaw

lava wing the eruptodon

rock wing the eruptodon

frostwing the groncicle

sheildwing the armorwing

slimeball the flamewhipper


art by others


slitherwing stormcutter hybrid by the extremely talented just_visiting


night fury with skrill skin by the amazing chameishida


my seastormer and chimeragon done by the amazing blue kitsune!


my blue diamond diamondhem also done by chameishida

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Would you like me to save a spot for you? :)

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I would love an animated one!

I would like this picture please

The words will be Firey Forever and they are right above the flames, they are what is animated . You decide what color and animating style looks best!Also if possible with the black background can the word have a shadow.

In both corners put my clan banner. But not to big!

Thanks a lot!!!


Welcome to my Signature


Still a work in progress

Lilly, my fearsome siggy gaurdian!

Edited by Me


About Me

 You will probably be seeing me round here and there. In game my name is Sasumian and I am the lader of the clan Firey Forever (which you might notice at the bottom rank of clans). My name Kailuadragons was just there from my email so does anyone know if you can change it. You might have noticed Kailua, which is because I live in Hawai'i but am in no way Hawai'ian. I can draw furys and rainwings (such a variety right, I'm working on it) and do smaller scale photo edits. With my great range of skill I will do some art for people which is really why I wanted to join. I also forgot to say I am a huge fan of Dart and I love cats. I have two cats Magnum and Matlock (both from old detective shows). I do not like the name Matlock as I did not chose it so I call him by his previous name Goldie. I am also a faithful Christian and my dad is a pastor. I am the oldest of my siblings. I think that is it, fell free to ask me anything. It is great to finally be here. ( I started trying to join in mid January and after two months of technical dificulties I was finally able to register... then I had to wait another month for aproval . Talk about patience.)


My Dragons

Virona-Adult Female Sand Wraith-Level 30

Stormrutter-Adult Female Deadly Nadder-Level 21

Rocklen-Adult Male? Gronkle-Level 14

Phantom-Adult Monstrous Nightmare-Level 13

Icecube-Adult Male Groncicle-Level 14

Jolia-Adult Female Armorwing-Level 13

Spade-Adult Female Shovelhelm-Level 12

Levi-Adult Male Shovelhelm-Level 12

Feo-Adult Male Smitten Hobgobbler-Level 12

Windshower-Titan Female Razorwhip-Level 21

Inonia-Adult Female Deathsong-Level 14

Ash-Adult Female? Singetail-Level 13

Anola(supposed to be Enola)-Adult Female Deathly Galeslash-Level 13

Hellbender-Adult Male Eruptodon-Level 12

Eos-Adult Female Dramillion-Level 11

Gecko-Adult Female Flame Whipper-Level 16

Magnum-Adult Male Triple Stryke-Level 13

Caesar-Adult Elder Sentinel-Level 11

Deseret-Adult Female Deathgripper-Level 10

Hide & Seek-Adult Male Hideous Zippleback-Level 10

Socks-Titan Female Skrill-Level 38

Feather-Adult Female Sormcutter-Level 10

Abyss-Adult Female? Thunderdrum-Level 12

Obsidian-Teen Male Hotburple-Level 10

Methane-Teen Male Flightmare-Level 6

Dart-Teen Female Nightlight-Level 5


All My Pixel Dragons Made By Chameishida

My OCs

currently all made by me


    Bases made by Speedyleaf 

Bases made by Peregrinecella

Base made by YoFreashBean


Made by the the talented VicZarSky!

My protective Celestiat, Forest, made by Penguin of Flame 


Woderfully made by Toraphire

My beautiful clan banner made by DefendersBryhild

My real life cats Gol hideand Magnum made generously by JadeeBug13

( I don't know why it says Gol hideand, it doesn't look like that to me on my edit section)

Magnum and Gol hidemade by the very talented Tigerli1y

Lilly's twin brother and his mate mate made by olXFuryXlo

My Dark Melody (Nightfury+Deathsong) made by a friend of JadeeBug13



Some Edits I've Made











After all that art and picture it looks like you've come to the end of my siggy!




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Here you go! 



ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

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Love it! Thanks a lot!

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I would like one of Dart Zooming through the air with My avatar on her back kinda like dis 


Hi I'm Strong I'm in Z War Clan





                         Main Dragon: Froakie my Titan Deadly Nadder                       Battle Dragon: Thunder My Thunderdrum

                         Racing Dragon: Toothless 

                         Top 5 Favorite Dragons 5: Screaming Death 4: Deathly Galeslash 3: Deadly Nadder 2: Toothless 1: Dart               

Dart The Night Light Pixel credit goes to chameishida: 




My Vikings Backstory: My Viking Was Born a few months  before  Hiccup Met toothless My Mom and dad went to Dragon Island to help fight the Red Death both of them saved a Deadly Nadder Egg but they got killed when The Red Death was chasing Toothless and hiccup they got crushed I grew up at the school I was best friends with the baby deadly nadder that my mom and dad saved. When I was 13 Froakie (named after my Viking's Grandpa) turned into a teen and We were best friends when Harold went to the Edge I was helping out around the Edge when Eret and I went to the Hunter base I found a old armorwing I freed him when Harold left I tamed the Armorwing and named it Armor (I forgot to mention this but my Vikings name was peter but I hated that name) I gained the nickname Strong after I helped Lumie get back to his home and I tamed a Flamewhipper and named it Ned me and Froakie went to Berk to help fight off a fleet of hunters and I freed a Rumblehorn and named it green cause it was green.

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Your image does not work. I would recommend using postimages.org to upload pictures.


Also could you please fill out the form so I know what exactly to do for you. If you just give me a picture, it's not really streamlining what you actually want on the banner :/