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What are badges?? Because on my forum account, it says I havnt been assigned any but I have no idea of what they actually are


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Hey, I'm interested to know this too.  Also, what are forum points?  I have 0 of them and I wonder how to get some...


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I dont think these 2 things

I dont think these 2 things have been implemented into the game yet. I have no clue what the badges would be but imo the Forum Points would be something in the lines of Reputation Points that other forum members are able to give you. for example you write an excellent guide explaining all aspects of school of dragons after the players have read it they could either go to your profile and give you 1 forum point or give it to you from your post. This system helps to identify which members are helpful.



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yea... :/

Same. I've been thinking about it since I joined the forum, but I couldn't really be bothered to ask about it so now that i have the time, I'll say it. I have absolutely NO IDEA as to what they are for... :/ hehe...


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