Avengers: Infinity War World Trailer - I'M DYING!!! :D

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you don't know how long i've waited for this~




Share your happiness below!!!



Do you want art like this of your viking?




Or maybe dragons like these?

You can throw a request my way on my request thread!



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Agreed!   It looks

Agreed!   It looks Awesome!!!

Think i squeeled when i saw Thor & Star-Lord.....




My Dragons

Chase - Titan Sand Wraith, Tiani - Sand Wraith, Crash - Sand Wraith, Flash - Sand Wraith, Aloha - Sand Wraith,
Heatwave - Sand Wraith, Captain Cold - Sand Wraith,  White Canary - Sand Wraith, Arrow - Sand Wraith,
Obi Wan Kenobi - Sand Wraith, Darth Vader - Titan Sand Wraith, Anakin - Sand Wraith, Dotty - Sand Wraith,
Skywalker - Woolly Howl, Arrowette - Woolly Howl, Yoda - Woolly Howl, Chewbacca - Woolly Howl,
Draigoch - Titan Skrill, Elektra - Skrill, Zoom - Skrill, DeathStrike - Skrill,

Pheonix - Titan Stormcutter, Enchantress - Stormcutter, Hawkeye - Stormcutter,

Falkor - Titan Deadly Nadder, Firestorm - Titan Nightmare, Dragion - Whispering Death, Pumba - Gronkle,
Bones - BoneKnapper, Huntress - Boneknapper, Auroxas - Thunderdrum, Shockwave - Shockjaw,
Blizzard - Groncicle, Peekaboo - Hobblegrunt, Rogue - Grapple Grounder, Spyke - Speed Stinger,
Whirlwind - Snow Wraith, Eclipso - Sliquifier, Knockout - Hotburple, Speedy - Smothering Smokebreath, 
Karma - Snafflefang, Hercules - Rumblehorn, 
Jabba - Sweet Death, Firelord - Fireworm,

Whiplash - Titan Razorwhip, Mercury - Razorwhip, Obsession - Deathsong, Trickster - Changewing,
Canary - Scuttleclaw, Sparky & Hydra - Titan Hideous Zippleback, Tornado - Scaudlron, Krypto - Armor Wing,
DeadShot - Screaming Death, Vision - Screaming Death, Impulse - Mudraker, Kree - Prickleboggle,
Virtigo - SlitherSong, Beast - Catastrophic Quaken, Sinestro - Raincutter, Groot - Shovelhelm,
Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Mo -  Snaptrapper, Apocalypse - Shivertooth, Captain - Timberjack,
Sulu - Flightmare,  Aurora - Flightmare, Sensei - Flightmare, Boomerang - Typhoomerang,
Nightwing - Night Terror, Scooby - Night Terror, Misfit - Night Terror  , Rocky - Thunderpede,
Roku - Singetail, Flowers - Eruptodon, Dundee - Windwalker,  Amaroo - Windwalker,
Gabriel - Terrible Terror.

- Needs Updating -

All in game & non game Sand Wraiths mentioned in link below  :)

Click Here - To Meet my Sand Wraith's :)

All Dragons above are from my Flamin Husky Viking.
Meet my vikings : Here

About me:
Firstly, Call me Husky :)
In game you can find me mostly at Berk, dive bombing & getting ready for battle.
I'm always with a Sand Wraith, mostly Chase :)
I'm part of a new clan created by my friend, called The Firey Ferals, and i have over 1000 Trophies.
My current UDT level is Ultimate Dragon Trainer  :)
I First started playing SOD in Feburary 2014, got my main viking in May 2014, and Chase was hatched on Feburary 12th 2015.
My Favorite tv shows are..... Daredevil, Defenders, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, 12 Monkey's, Agents of SHIELD, Lucifer, & Supernatural  :D
And for the discontinued shows.... Chuck, Nikita, Grimm, Burn Notice, Star Wars : Clone Wars / Rebels & The Last Airbender
I'm also a Deadpool & Star Wars comics Fan :)
Anything S.O.D - 
 My Blog
Sand Wraith Outfit / Armor & my Suggestions  Here

Big Thank You to ScarfyWings, for this drawing of Chase  :) 

Big Thankyou to TosiLohi for the artwork done of my viking   :)


Now for my favorite Book Dragons.......

1. Grimler ,  2. Silver Phantom, 3. Polar Serpents, 4. Wind Walker, 5. Toxic Nightshade , 
6. Saber-Toothed Driver Dragon, 7.Golphin, 8.Wolf Fangs, 9. Devilish Dervish, 10. Marsh Tiger.


Huge thanks to my good friend Kianai (OnWingsOfDragons) for this beautiful portrait of Chase :)     

Rebels   :)

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     I still need to catch up on all the others!!!!! Oh noooooo! It looks to awesoe for words! Though I can't tell if Loki is good or not in this one.....WHY LOKI WHY???!!!




This Siggy will be stripped of its words and put back up with a COMPLETELY new look!



(if you want to know more about the real me and some funny things...scroll down)

Check out my instaram!! 

yoojung_studio (professional Instagram)

Art Gallery

(By amazing people)


(BY THE AWESOME dogloven)


Hina by BrynneBjornsson ~TYSM~






  Eurus by the amazingly talented, RedHoodJason (THANK YOU SO MUCH!)


Eurus by the Amazing *trumpet sounds* TosiLohi!!!


​Before we go any further....



My name is Valasari, Viking from the Isle of Vanaheim. Home to the sick and elderly dragons who make their final pilgrimage to this sacred land. Not many Vikings have made it past the unblinking Sentinel gaurdians, who have stone-like statue appearances and have the element of surprise upon unsuspecting Vikings. They are actually blind, therefore rely on their hearing & smell. They have better hearing than most dragons because of their blindness.


Before you ask...YES I know that this is a Signature....buuut you know......





Saharii--Adult Rumblehorn

Zeena--Teen Monstrous Nightmare



Role Plays I am In:

I know...I need to get a life.


Messengers of Light


Between Two Worlds


Unsuspected Changes

The SweetWraith


The Elven''s Hope


Kalelians in Milldrany


A Fusion's Will To Live


Dragon Evolution: Rise of the Hybrids


Dragon Evolution: The Treaty


The Enhanced


The Fall of the Elementals


Dark Future 


Modern Riding








I come from the Isle of Vanaheim. So far, the Sentinels have trusted me enough to live among the poor old dragons on this sacred Island. Of course, my Dragons are with me. They had to prove that they were trustworthy, as well as loyal. I have sadly moved away from Vanheim to live in the School. My goal is to become an Ultimate Dragon Trainer and then go back to Vanaheim!! I wish to see the Sentinels again....someday, after I have achieve my goal.




I saved Saharii from a devastating situation. Dragon Hunters had caged him, but Hiccup and I rescued him just in time.

Now, Zeena, on the other talon, has a wonderful life, I am making sure of it. I wish to befriend more dragons. I hatched her from an egg and raised her. With some help from Saharii.


Join me in my quest to save dragons from scum. And as far as dragons are concerned...I wouldn't trade them for anything.....Would You?


Random Note: I'm Dati, btw. I'm in my teens and I'm a weirdo. XD




1. K-POP! (I'm training to become an idol)

2.Dragons!--WHO ON LOKI ISLAND doesn't LOVE dragons.

3.Horses--Beautiful animals

4.Razorwhips--my favourite dragons

5.My animals...'cause...well...just 'cause.

6.Reptiles--Who dosn't like scaly creatures?

7.Lord of the Rings--Obviously 'cause Gandolf is AWESOME and Legalos too

8.School of Dragons--Uh...I don't know what to say but I wish I could play it MORE!



​Favorite Books

Wings of Fire  Tui.T. Sutherland

Pegasus Kate O'hearn

Narnia C.S.Lewis

Shadow Horse Alison Heart

​A Horse of Her Own Annie Wedekind

Menagerie Tui T. Sutherland

Buddy H. M. Herlong

(That's not all....but all my wittle brain could think of)




Funny things


I'm NOT clumsy. It's just that the floor hates me. The tables and chairs are bullies and the Wall Gets In The WAY!!



When someone told me I was in a fantasy, I fell off my Unicorn.


Friend: Did you fall?

Me: No, I attacked the floor.

Friend: Backwards?

Me: I'm freakin' talented!!!!!

The morale of this story. Just believe the cold truth that you're a Klutz. 'Cause I sure am.


If a robber broke into our house to search for money....I would laugh and search with him.


I hate it when people text me and it says "call me". One day, I am going to call someone and say "text me".


I can't dance to save my life, but when I step in dog poo, I can moondance better than Michael Jackson. =)




Dad jokes:


 Dad lookes at me....."You know hon, I couldn't find a single shoe shop today". I breathe in a sigh of relief, knowing that he won't make a bad joke. Dad: "They only sold them in pairs". I bang my head on the wall.


Dad dances around in front of the ATM machine. Me: what are you doing? Dad: Just checking my balance. Me: *walks away to the car*


Dad in the morning: You know I stayed up all night wondering where the sun went....then it dawned on me.


Dad: Yesterday I ate a clock..it was very time consuming...especially when I went back for seconds!!


Dad: What's the difference between a piano, a tuna, and a pot of glue? Me: I don't know. Dad: You can tuna piano, but you can't piano a tuna. Me: What about the pot of glue? Dad: I knew that you would get stuck on that! Me: OHHHHHHHHHH


Dad: Did you hear about the guy in KC who was addicted to brake fluid? Me: No..... Dad: Good news! He can stop at any time.


Dad and I were at the store and he picks up the velcro: I wouldn't buy anything with velcro....it's a total rip-off.


Mom asks dad at Thanksgiving: How does the turkey smell? Dad: Through its nose, I guess. Me: I'm going to bed.


Dad after a nice hot shower: You know..... Me: Here it comes. Dad: Singing in the shower while washing your hair is all good 'till you get soap in your mouth.....it then it just becomes a soap opera....


That's All Folks!!

for now.....(evil laugh)




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Image result for epic that was epic gif



(runs off and accidentally runs into something)



    My Siggy...







Mild spoilers for the Hidden World follow...























Ballista edit by Silvernight, thank you!


Fireworm Queen by Wutend Bonfire. Thanks!

Stormcutter edit by KittyLlama. Thanks!

Also by KittyLlama, Ballista!




Words to live by: 


Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight.   -Proverbs 3:5-6


Do or do not. There is no try.   -Yoda


Everyone needs a little entertainment every now and then don't they?   -Tuffnut


Black Widow: These guys come from legend. They're basically gods.

Captain America: There's only one God, ma'am, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't dress like that.













                                                            Eek and his dragon, Ballista



Eek the Firetamer

Eek is an adventurous viking who has trained many dragons. He has had many adventures and encountered many dragons accross the Archipelago. He is a strategist (because he has needed to rescue friends or dragons numerous times). He has a sense of humor, and is very social. He likes spending his free time at the Training Grounds. He is a skilled fighter, and his weapon of choice is his ice axe. He can take on several Hunters at a time by himself, but on the back of his Triple Stryke, that's another story. 


Tribe: Hairy Hooligan

Clan: Hofferson

School Clan: Alpha Dragon Masters (Leader)(Please Join!)

Height: 5'8"

Age: 18

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Dragons: Spineshot (Nadder), Fearless (Flightmare), Puddle (Raincutter), Windstorm (Thunderdrum), Bandit (Sand Wraith), Sandshadow (Sand Wraith), Hookflame (Nightmare), Mudfang (Moldruffle), Mudpuddle (Mudraker), Windscreech (Silver Phantom), Ingneous (Gronckle), Frostbite (Groncicle), Melodeadly (Death Song), Razerwind (Razorwhip), Slashtail (Razorwhip), Bandito (Armorwing), Furieflame (Singetail), Magmadon (Eruptodon), Arrow (Flame Whipper), Stormtail (Triple Stryke), Ballista (Triple Stryke), Cloudbreaker (Stormcutter), Boulderburst (Snafflefang)

Main Dragon: Ballista


Main Weapon: Ice Axe

Archenemies: Nikora Stormheart, Harald Forkbeard




Ballista edit by DuckinaDragon

Ballista is a male Triple Stryke, and is about 3 months old. He has been with Eek ever since he was born. His mother was enslaved by a war cheiftain from accross the sea. Ballista's personality is very similar to that of Sleuther, but more rebellious. He (like his rider) has a sense of humor, and he is very intelligent. He will protect Eek at all costs, and will not hesitate to fight. He is no stranger to combat, as he was once captured and held in dragon fights. This was only briefly, as Eek was captured too, and helped to rescue him. Eek could not ask for a better dragon. If you don't see Eek around Berk or the School, he's probably above the clouds on Ballista's back.


Kind: Triple Stryke

Gender: Male

Length: 30' 2"

Color: Light Copper with cream stripes and a golden belly.

Favorite Food: Eggs

Age: 3 months

Stage: Broadwing



Other interests: Star Wars, MARVEL, Jurassic Park/World



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Ginrei froze my subject...

Yeah you do! Keep a box of tissues handy though... that ending... T-T still makes me cry like a child even though I've seen the movie like three times... I had to hand one of my friends a tissue when we saw it in theaters cuz she and I were both crying.


Dear SoD Team..., please...




.....Thank you. m(_ _)m


Viking Info:

Name: ShamiraStrider     Age: 23     B-Day: May 22     Ht: 5ft7in/171cm     Wt: 137lbs/62Kg

Hair Color: dark brown with copper highlights only visable when light hits it just right

Eye Color: vivd green with grayish-blue tint to it (basically the same hue as Hiccup's or Eren's from AoT)

Body Type: kind of curvy, somewhat slender; built like a martial artist (more lean muscle than bulk)

Personality: truthfuly is nice but is kind of a "tsundere girl" (seems "prickly" or kind of cold at first)

Weapon of choice: a pair of katana or a bow and she never goes anywhere without a knife

Favorite places: Scuttleclaw Island, Glacier Island, Armorwing Island, Mudracker Island, Icestorm Island

My Dragons:

Note: the ones with a gender symbol are my OC Dragons


Zeke - Titan Sand Wraith

Zeena - Sand Wraith (Zeke's Mate)

Toirn - Male Thunderdrum

Kettle - Female Scaldron

Ryuko - Female Sliquifier

Nessie - Female Tide Glider


Ororo - Titan Stormcutter

Katana - Titan Razorwhip

Revai - Titan Razorwhip (Katana's mate)

Frostbite - Female Shivertooth

Scarlette - Female Scuttleclaw

Tsuntsun - Female Prickleboggle

Chocobo - Male Speedstinger


Neara - Titan Monstrous Nightmare (1st Dragon)

Fierga - Male Monstrous Nightmare (Neara's Mate)

Tiger - Male Typhoomerang

Scorch - Singetail

Gwen - Female Flamewhipper

Quicksilver - Male Silver Phantom

Asherr - Male Hobblegrunt

» Strike «

Ginrei - Titan Woolly Howl

Tomochi - Woolly Howl (Ginrei's Brother)

Scorpio - Triple Stryke

Stella - Triple Stryke (Scorpio's mate)

Lightning - Titan Skrill

Siku - Female Snow Wraith


Moirana - Titan Flightmare

Venus - Female Snaptrapper

Reiner - Male Armorwing

Sirena - Deathsong

Laverne and Shirley - Female Hiddeous Zippleback

Changling - Female Changewing

Bertholt - Male Boneknapper

Luciel - Male Slithersong

Bahamutt - Male Dramillion


Greg - Male Gronckle

Koori - Male Groncicle

Denali - Eruptodon

Drago - Male Grapple Grounder

Shinigami - Male Screaming Death

Xaviar - Male Elder Sentinel

Halvarda - Female Sentinel


Aubie - Male Rumblehorn

Raiga - Male Deadly Nadder

Nettles - Female Deadly Nadder


I am more than a conqueror in Him. I am a "Guardian;" I am a "Warrior"

(That's what Shamira and Strider mean in Hebrew and Frisian respectively.)


Thank you to rrepetti for this edit of my NF OC, Zero

And this banner for him

It's go time, Zeke!


♪Scorpio and Stella, sittin' in a tree♫

(Well, okay they're not ACTUALLY in the tree but still...)

(The teal one (left) is Stella; the red & navy blue one (right) is Scorpio.)

Plying the skies with Ginrei.

"A fox knows a snake when she sees one; those of equal cunning never trust one another." ~Me

Here is a link to my screenshots and my OC dragon profiles ^^.

Also, if we ever get to have our own Night Furies, these will be what mine look like:


I am AGAINST hacking. If you hack, I will find you, catch you, and report you; NO EXCEPTIONS.

(That is for those who hack saddles, armor and speed. I don't care about hacking out of a chat ban since the censor is so messed up...)

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Welcome to my signature that will possibly be forever...

Image result for under construction gif


I am "stranger" and I am a 16 (almost 17) year old female. I love to watch shows like Gotham, Lucifer, and Supernatural. I also love to watch shows like Criminal Minds, Law & Order, etc.


HTTYD, Harry Potter, Godzilla, and various types of animes such as Fairy Tail, Black Butler, and My Hero Academia are also a few things I watch (or read *cough* Harry Potter *cough*).


I like sweet foods, animals, writing, drawing, and music. I am kinda lazy and tend to stay indoors most of the time. I am also into mythology and the supernatural mostly because I think it's cool and fun to learn.


I favorite mytho-creatures are the dragon, basilisk, and hydra (I like reptiles, lol).


Anything else about me is that I am not into girly things, I love to bake, I am a shy introvert, I have anxiety when it comes to bad weather (like tornado bad), and I am greatly afraid of spiders and wasps.


Image result for lucifer gif

Related image

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Image result for harry potter gif

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You can call me Geek or Geekdom for short. I'm a girl, by the way.

Thank you, AllyNadderRider, for my profile picture!

My fandoms include *deep breath* Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, MLP, HTTYD, Marvel, Ranger's Apprentice, and Narnia.

Here are my OCs and adoptables:


First up is Allie, my main OC.

Her dragon is Excelsior, a stormcutter. The picture of her and Excelsior is by Scorpio Kardia, and the one of just her is by Pixel.

Allie's organized and practical, but still really absentminded at times. She's awkward around people she doesn't know very well and when it comes to muscles she's pretty wimpy, but she can whip up a pretty great strategy. If only people would listen to her when she tried to explain it. She really doesn't like hurting other people or animals, and that's not even including the fact that she feels queasy around blood.

Her weapon of choice is a hairbrush. Why? Even I don't know.


Then there's Kara.


Kara was an Outcast, but now she lives in Berk. It's a long story. I might write a fanfic about it... eventually. The razorwhip edit is by NadderMeGood. Drawing of Kara by MistyNight.

Kara is spunky and stubborn. She's tough as nails, and she's suspicious of any kindness. She grew up in a very dog-eat-dog world, after all. Her weapon is a warhammer, and she primarily rides a razorwhip named Shine, though the armorwing from the Battle for the Edge expansion and the singetail from the Return to Dragon Island expansion are also her dragons.


Next up we have Starr.

[No pictures of Starr currently]

I use her for next-gen roleplays. Starr has long, blonde hair and dark green eyes. Her bonenapper, Crypt, is still young and doesn't have a full armour. This picture of him is by TosiLohi.

Starr is shy and quiet. She really loves maps and mapping, and she's good at rock-climbing. Crypt is cocky and stubborn and refuses to listen to a word Starr says. She found him as an egg, which is why I have this awesome picture by Gorginia47:


Finally, there's Lissa.

[No pictures of Lissa currently]

She's another one for next-gen things. She's short and kind of pudgy, with black hair and grey-blue eyes. Her dragon, Santa Claws, is a battered red/white/green groncicle.

Lissa is really good with animals. She's kind and compassionate. Santa escaped from Drago a while ago, but his experience there left him scarred both emotionally and physically. Lissa was able to help him work through his trauma, and the two forged a powerfully unbreakable bond.


Here are my adoptables. On the newer ones (as of 10/17/16) the dragon species name is a link to the adoptable thread. If I get around to digging up some of the older threads I'll link them too, but that may not happen.



These are Ithil, Anor, and Earendil, my Spacial Beauties. They're siblings: moon, sun, and stars.

Ithil is named for the moon in Elvish, from The Lord of the Rings; he's playful and always ready for a romp and a good time. When vikings around him are drinking mead, he likes to take a sip, and he becomes very goofy and then falls asleep, soundly and for a long time.

Anor, on the other hand, is the sun. She is quieter and more reserved. She's very observant and sees a lot of things that go on in Berk. She likes napping in the sunlight, which her scales reflect blindingly. She loves plants and everything that grows, and often tries to help them along, with varying success.

Earendil's namesake is one of the brightest stars of Middle-Earth; she's shy and reserved. She loves to explore and find places where nobody's ever been before. She likes boats, and never gets seasick. Earendil can make the parts of her that look like stars glow brightly, even blinding those who threaten her or her friends. She hates spiders.

Name: Anuniaq

Species: Keelut


Starr was exploring the north with her boneknapper, Crypt, mapping the scattered islands. After she made camp one night, however, she discovered a lot of stores were missing the next day. She found doglike tracks running through the snow, but after she followed them for twenty yards, they disappeared. When she studied the depth and angle of the last tracks compared to the previous ones, though, it looked like it had taken flight, like it was a dragon--but what dragon had prints like a dog?

She sketched the prints in her notebook and set off through the air with Crypt to track the dragon. Though Crypt was not an exceptional tracker, he was able to follow the scent of the stolen food fairly well. They landed near a hollow, where Starr saw a smallish dragon devouring the last of her stolen supplies.

Using the rest of her supplies, she lured the dragon back to Berk. She soon found it had a curious mind and was eager for adventure, much like herself. The two formed a bond as Starr took care of the creature, who seemed to have been fairly hungry up in the north. She named the dragon "Anuniaq", a name that to those of the north she came from meant "Hunts for Food". Another translation was "Hunts for Knowledge", which was also accurate. Starr took Anuniaq with her often on her exploring journeys up north. Not only did the dragon get to visit her homeland again, she was also excellent at navigating the area, and her uncanny ability to locate food meant they could travel lighter, packing fewer supplies.

Adopted from: ladybrasa

Name: Buckbeak

Species: Thorny Sea Hound


Allie enjoyed sitting down to fish, getting a chance to just relax. Today, she'd borrowed a boat and was out fishing on the open ocean. Excelsior was circling the area, flying around. Allie had caught a lot of fish and was getting ready to return home when suddenly, many dragons swooped in on her and began attacking. She pulled out her hairbrush (her weapon of choice, don't judge) and swung it, but it passed right through the creatures. She was confused, but the dragons soon disappeared again. Odd.

When she turned around, she suddenly realized her entire day's catch had been stolen! Through the water, she caught a glimpse of a long purple creature sliding away through the water. She called Excelsior to her and followed it. It looked like some kind of dragon. She called Excelsior, mounted, and followed the new dragon.

Before long they caught up to it, sitting on the shore and eating the last of Allie's fish.  It was a beautiful dragon, and Allie walked up to it cautiously, not knowing how it would behave. It fixed her with a stare of its eyes, and somehow she felt it was sizing her up, deciding if she was worthy. She trusted her instincts about this, and also about what he was looking for. She kept her eyes open, not blinking, and stared it in the eyes as she gave it a short bow. It paused for a moment, then lowered its own head, returning the bow. Allie reached up and stroked its nose. The nose felt hard, kind of like a beak. In her mind, Allie began calling the dragon Buckbeak.

It lowered its neck, allowing her to mount, then took her for a ride across the top of the ocean. It was amazingly fast, and the water splashing her was cool and refreshing. Before long, it returned her to the rocky area, where Excelsior was waiting.

She took off, and Buckbeak didn't follow, but she often returned (especially on hot days) to visit him and go for a ride.

(Okay, maybe this dragon reminded me a bit of a hippogriff.)

Adopted from: WitcherForever

Name: Forest Light (Light for short)

Species: Cave Raider (Hatchling)


Lissa and Santa Claws, her groncicle, were out scouting the forest. They were so absorbed in watching the wildlife on the forest floor that they didn't notice the clouds beginning to gather until, with a rumble of thunder, the clouds opened up and poured down on them. Soaked through, Lissa turned back, but soon spotted a cave. She'd much rather stop there until the storm abated than head all the way back to Berk, and Santa seemed eager to reach shelter as well. Raindrops were freezing on his cold skin, weighing him down.

They landed in the cave, and Santa began ridding himself of the raindrops with his claws and teeth. Lissa started heading towards the back of the cave to explore. She thought she saw a faint glow ahead. Interested, she moved closer, then realized it was a dragon, and not just any dragon, a mother with a nest! She knew better than to mess with one of those, but it wasn't a dragon she'd ever seen before, and she was absolutely fascinated. So instead of backing away, she walked forward slowly. The dragon turned and growled at her, and Lissa noticed the glowing spines--fascinating! Hiccup would never forgive her if she let an opportunity like that go to waste. She lifted a hand. "It's okay," she whispered. If you used a high-pitched, fast voice, animals would get riled up, but a low and slow one would calm them, a fact Lissa knew well and would use to her advantage. "It's okay," she said again, forcing herself to be calm, practically exuding calm. Carefully, she reached up and stroked the dragon's nose soothingly.

Lissa wasn't a very talented girl, but this was where the talents she did have lay, in calming and understanding dragons, or any animal, really. She rarely used dragon nip, which felt like cheating to her. But this dragon was fairly calm already.

She grinned and started to walk towards the eggs, but a growl from the mother alerted her that she wasn't trusted that much yet. She backed away from the eggs, which seemed to earn her some more trust from the mother.

She continued to stroke that dragon, running her fingers down the neck, along the back, across the wings, down the tail. The dragon seemed to like that a lot, so Lissa continued for a while. In fact, what she was doing was memorizing the dragon's curves so she could describe it to Hiccup.

She heard the rain outside start to lessen and turned to head back outside, but the mother dragon made a little rumble that clearly meant, wait just one second. Then she turned to the eggs and nosed one towards Lissa, a foresty green one with bluer and yellower patches. The yellow patches glowed. Lissa gasped as she realized what the mother was telling her. Tenderly, she picked it up. "I'll take good care of it," she promised solemnly.

The glowing egg lit Lissa's way back through the tunnel, and she found Santa all ready to go. The rain had stopped now, so she mounted up, still holding the egg carefully, and headed back to Berk to tell Hiccup. He was excited she'd discovered a new species, and when the egg hatched, he sketched it from every angle while Lissa tried desperately to convince the dragon (who she'd named Forest Light) to sit still. He was a curious, adventurous fellow, and he loved riding on Santa when Lissa went anywhere. He was incredibly loyal and never left her side, and though he was extremely reluctant when he first learned to fly, he got the hang of it more quickly than any other dragon Lissa had seen. She took him often to visit his mother, but the visits didn't usually last very long, as the mother dragon had plenty of other babies on her hands.

Light wasn't really Lissa's dragon, not fully. Hiccup had a large hand in his training, too, and he soon showed an affinity for herding both sheep and small dragons, making him invaluable around the village. Lissa liked to joke that once he grew up, he'd keep the entire village full of dragons under control.

Adopted from: Valoris620

Species: Wardenrain

Backstory: Starr was, as usual, exploring. Crypt, her boneknapper, was exhausted, so she was forced to land on the first island that came into view. He collapsed into sleep as soon as they touched the ground, and she knew she wouldn't be able to wake him up, under any circumstances, for several hours.

Unfortunately, he'd landed right next to a lake, and the lake was full of scauldrons. They weren't hungry enough to leave the water, but they were still eyeing Crypt. Starr noticed rainclouds approaching, and realized that if it rained, the water would rise up to Crypt, and the scauldrons would eat him. As the first drops began to fall, she prepared herself to fight the scauldrons, but not with much hope of success.

Suddenly, she heard wingflaps above her. A strange dragon she'd never seen before was flying overhead, basking in the rain, and somehow drawing it to herself so that little of it fell. To show her appriciation, Starr caught the dragon a large pile of fish, which it ate eagerly.  She wasn't able to convince it to return to Berk with her, but whenever she returns to that area, she can always find it, and it's usually eager to play.

Adopted from: chameishida

Name: Celestia
Species: Psyche Keeper
Adopted from: Krazykira24
Celestia watches over the element of light. As such, she is extremely attracted to shiny things.

Name: Revenge

Species: Ballistic Silentwing

Personality: Revenge is, as her name suggests, very vengeful. But that's not the only side to her nature. She's also very nurturing to younger dragons and more forgiving of them than of others. She enjoys flying and doing tricks, but she's very competitive. I don't let her compete, because she'll make it less fun for others.

Adopted from: chameishida

Name: Baby

Species: Starstruck

Backstory: I was walking by myself in the woods when I heard a keening yelp. I ran towards the noise, which sounded like an injured dragon. I burst into a clearing to see a baby starstruck being attacked by a boar. Knowing how rare they were, I wanted to save it, so I attacked the boar with nothing but a small dagger. Both I and the starstruck got pretty injured, but I managed to drive off the boar. The dragon and I had to work together to get back to Berk all right. By the time we were done, we'd formed a bond. I called her Baby while we were in the woods, just as a nickname, but she refused to answer to anything else later.

Adopted from: chameishida

Name: Countershade

Species: Boomballoon

Adopted from: chmeishida

(Picture approximately life-size)

Name: Juniper

Species: Woodland Sprite

Adopted from: Duskdaybreak

Name: Ceridwynn

Species: Deathwing

Personality: Ceridwynn is a Welsh name meaning "poetry" and it certainly fits this graceful beauty! She loves the sea, especially the waves, and she likes me to read her poetry. Her call is a series of rythmic clicks.

Adopted from: kimbenoso


Name: Mako

Species: Waverazer

Personality: Fierce, but with an insatiable appetite for fish. Kind of a loner, he usually hangs out by himself- or with sharks.

Adopted from: RaxForax

Name: Sanskrit

Species: Paranoid Sandskitter

Adopted from: NightmareRebuff (as a reward for participating in a challenge)

Name: Analog

Species: Banded Featherlure

Personality: Analog is artistic, drawing much better doodles than Toothless with her muscular tail. They're not as good as a human's, but the objects are recognizable. I've never understood why she was such a loner, since her species usually comes in packs.

Adopted from: Amberleaf

Name: Seafoam

Species: Smoothskin

Backstory: Seafoam was one of my very first dragons. I passed her beached on the shore, floundering around and trying to return to the water. It took me a long time to convince her to trust me and let me help her get back into the water, but after that she was always swimming around when I came into the water and bringing me fish to thank me. I'm not sure if this is quite a dragon bond or one of those life-debt things, but I love her all the same whichever it might be.

Adopted from: Maijic

Name: Opalescence

Species: Egg Biter

Personality: (In four words) Quiet, playful, cheerful, motherly

Adopted from: snowflake12298

Name: Rush

Species: Firefang

Backstory (short): Unlike some stories, in which people go out looking for dragons to train, Rush went looking for a human to train. He uses certain noises to get me to do certain things--so I guess I'm pretty well-trained!

Adopted from: snowflake12298


Name: Rowena

Species: Golden Snitch Dragon

Personality: Rowena is quiet, but not because she's shy. She's more... arrogant. She's highly strategic and constantly creams everyone at chess. She considers humans to be beneath her, but will deign to consort with a few she has deemed worthy.

Backstory: I was glancing out the window of my tower when I first saw her fly past. I was instantly in love with the shimmering swirls of silver on her body, the feathers on her elbows, and her elegant, floating wings. I saw the golden ball she was carrying, carved with words in an elaborate script, but before I could make out the words, she was gone.

It took me weeks to find her again. She was perched on top of the tower, where she apparently made her home, and it was quite a challenge to get up there. She flew away whenever I tried to approach her with a broomstick; she seemed to consider it cheating. So I had to climb. When I reached her, she wouldn't let me approach. She simply rolled the ball towards me, and I saw that every inch was covered in riddles, ones much harder than the ones the common room door usually gave me. She seemed to have collected the best ones for a long time, decades, maybe centuries. I examined them all thoroughly, until I could recite them backwards in my sleep, but I had no idea. Defeated, I was forced to retreat.

I spent hours every day in the library, reading every book remotely related to any of the riddles. It was hard work, but I'm stubborn. After three weeks of hard studying, I was ready. I returned to the tower, and when she returned the ball to me, I answered her riddles. She consented to allow me to come close to her and to touch her. She refused to let me ride her, though.

After that, she came down to the common room sometimes. Sometimes she'd curl up in front of the fire or sit next to me and read over me shoulder as I did my homework--that drove me crazy, because she was constantly making disapproving noises when she felt I did something wrong and always made me second-guess myself, but I got great grades on those assignments! Most of the time, though, she played chess with anyone and everyone who was willing to play her. After the first three times she creamed them, most people weren't willing anymore. But like I said, I'm stubborn. I read books about chess technique, learned from my mistakes, watched her technique as I played her time and time again, and one fateful day, I beat her.

She allowed me to ride on her back for the first time.

I'll never forget that day. It was different entirely from broomstick, hippogriff, winged horse, or any other method of flying I've ever tried, and it was better than any of them. The next day, as I climbed up to her tower as usual, I expected another ride, but I was wrong. She would only grant me a ride after I had beaten her at chess, which was a rare occurence no matter what I did. But it was worth being beaten a thousand times over just for one flight.

Adopted from: IisRandom

Extra facts: This is a Harry Potter-universe dragon. Thus, she belongs to my HP OC Zenna instead of any of my HTTYD OCs. Also, Snitch Dragons are usually much smaller, but Rowena is several centuries old. Future Ravenclaws may well find her atop the tower, but beware. Her riddles only get harder as time goes on.


Name: Nimrodel

Species: Shimmering Seascale

Adopted from: CoolerthanDragons

Name: Ozymandias

Species: Galedron

Personality: Ozymandias likes to think he's feirce, and no doubt he was in his younger days. Now, though, he's just a teddy bear. An elderly teddy bear. He hoards shiny things, and he'll do all he can in protection of them, which usually just means sleeping on top of them... very soundly. One time a herd of somethering smokebreaths came through and stole his entire hoard out from under him, and he didn't even twitch.

Adopted from: Ashley40

Name: Romphaia

Species: Frilled Parrotbeak

Adopted from: Cerebellum

Name: Equinox
Species: Dewmist
Adopted from: Cerebellum

Name: Snarl

Species: Skull Screamer

Adopted from: Golden Scarlet

Snarl is not tamed. He actually really hates my OC, Allie.

(before metamorphosis)




(after metamorphosis)
Name: Lena
Species: Outrageous Windshrike
Adopted from: NightmareRebuff

Name: Azmavarim

Species: Cyclonewing

Adopted from: Snowflake12298

Name: Altus

Species: Triple Stryke

(Short) Backstory: Altus saw Excelsior flying around one day and saw that their coloring was very similar. For some reason, he seemed inclined to trust her, so he followed her home. He was slower to trust Allie, but eventually the pair bonded, though Altus still seemed to prefer Excelsior, and took directions from her more readily than those from Allie.

Adopted from: donnala

Name: Orthanc

Species: This creature actually has no official name, but I call it a Flitterwing.

Backstory: I was walking in the woods when I found its egg. I took it back to Berk and raised it. It became very mischevious, and frightened me by turning into a cocoon for two weeks. I had never seen a species like it before. I suggested it be called a Flitterwing, but the Riders were doubtful.

Names: Nivelle and Solace

Species: Pollen Wing

Personality: Pollen wings are all about taking care of plants. This pair lives in an apple tree near the Great Hall and helps all the plants in Berk grow. Though they're siblings, these dragons are polar opposites. Nivelle loves winter, ice, and snow; Solace's favorite season is summer, the time of sun and warmth. 'Nivelle' means 'snow' in Latin; 'Solace' means 'sun'. Even so, the two work well together.

Name: Laurelindorenan

Species: Elemental Jabberjaw

Adopted From: The Ecliptic Eight

Extra: She's a kind of elemental drago. Her element is (obviously) earth.

Name: Umbra

Species: Jabberjaw

Personality: Umbra is a feisty little girl with a nose for trouble. She's also very curious and tries to learn more about everything. By destroying it. Which usually defeats the purpose.

Adopted from: The Ecliptic Eight

Name: Demeter

Species: Maned Stratofier

Personality: Demeter has a natural mothering instinct, but she doesn't have any children. Instead, her instinct is to protect and help everything that comes her way. She, like most of her species, has a deep-seated hatred for skrills.

Adopted from: mechfighter

Name: Lila

Species: Daggermaw Flamestalker

Adopted from: NightmareRebuff

Name: Alinari

Species: Crying Life Stealer

Adopted from: Golden Scarlet

Name: Fangorn

Species: Tree Eater

Adopted from: Murrish

Name: Valinor

Species: Bladed Sand Screecher

Personality: Valinor has a love of decoration.  She practically makes nests, but she does it using the most shiny and colorful things she can find.

Adopted from: Golden Scarlet

Name: Slash

Species: Saber-toothed horntail

Adopted from: Fury of the Night



This is Squee. She's a Pan Puffle, which is not a dragon- I'm not quite sure what it is. Squee is a real prankster. She likes even jumping out and scaring people, but she's adept at more elaborate pranks too. Being able to float around silently helps a lot with that. She can get carried away and hurt someone accidentally, but she would never do it on purpose... unless it was really, really funny. I adopted her from Sky and Ocean.

This is Tiger, a female teenage whale shark. She's a good friend of Mako's. She likes nosing around shipwrecks and looking at all the random stuff inside.

This is Jelly. Don't let her frighten you, she's really very friendly! She does have a bit of a temper, though, and sometimes when I look into her eyes, I seem to feel compelled to do what she wan- What's that, Jelly? You want me to tell them all how wonderful you are? And how amazing, and how... I don't know, that seems a bit excessive... oh, don't make that adorable face, you know I can't resist-

*monotone robot voice* Jelly is wonderful. She is amazing. I have never had a better pet. Jelly is my best friend.



Future dragons- planned to be in-game but I don't have them yet:


      Candela                      Frost                       Fiyera            Arathorn      Akari


                 Riptide                                 Sting (and his namesake)                    Crypt


                 Kara                       Woodsmoke                          Sunny                     Dash

Brought to you by Autumn5476, snowflake12298, mesaprncss, Yin to the Yang, Stiger23, Grumpy Cat lover, ToothlessNightfury, Basrolo, DuskDayBreak, and Dreamworks.


In-game dragons:


                Excelsior                            Anduril                                   Permafrost


                  Shine                                        Shadowfax                                   Gwihir


                 Alibi                                     Santa Claws                                 Jadis


              Sunrise                        Riddle and Enigma              Jewel                          Shadow

Also: Grass and Maud Pie (gronkles), Pinkie and Pie (zippleback), Cadence and Cosecant (deathsongs), Zoomy McZoom (mudraker), Tiger (armorwing), Firebolt (singetail), Rocky (eruptodon), and Incendio (devilish dervish). There might be pictures of these coming. You know, eventually. Once I get around to it.

MagicalPotato drew me this incredible picture of Shadowfax for Christmas:












































This is Clament, our mascot










In the Sisterhood, each of

us has a nickname and a

shell. My nickname is Pippin,

and my shell is that white spiral.

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Ginrei froze my subject...

Meeeeee!! XD


For starters, who was the blonde dude standing at the window with (I think) Wanda (Scarlet Witch)???

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Little Reindeer
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Meeee toooo!

Eeeek! You couldn't tell?! It was (SPOILER ALERT) VISION! In humanised form...


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Could the Maker of the stars hear the sound of my breakin heart?

And in the comics he and Wanda had twin boys together. I was wondering how that would be possible, because I thought that he was a robot, but now.... nd recently Marvel started searching for twin boys for Avengers 4.


I'm Avalon Azouf, but please call me Ava! My dragon, Sam, and I are just your everyday troublemakers who managed to get themselves kicked out of the School of Dragons for reasons darker then I'd prefer to say here. 

No biggie, right...? 
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No I couldn't tell! Excuse me for one sec *goes to look up close up photo of Paul Bettany for comparison* Holy crap! What the... how did... I am so confused...

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I'm not a huge fan of this form for him, but since he had the Stone on his forhead, I thought it was pretty clear who he was.

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Until I saw a breakdown video where the trailer was slowed down a bit, I completely missed the glowing stone in the forehead ^^;;; I felt dumb for missing that when I saw the slowed/stilled shots cuz I'm usually pretty good at spotting little details like that... I guess I was just too worked up to pay close enough attention ^^;

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Little Reindeer
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Aghr I know! I hope they don't bring in the House of M storyline, that would be... weird. ALSO CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE FACT THAT HAWKEYE WAS NOT IN THE TRAILER

Like what?


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Ginrei froze my subject...

I noticed that too. I mean Hawkeye may not be the strongest of the strong or whatever, but he's far from useless, especially since he sometimes acts as a sort of anchor for some of the other members. He's like everyone's protective, wise big brother the way he does what he can to look out for everyone. I'm guessing this time Hawkeye has permanently retired. My theory is that he's going to be laying low somewhere with his family and possibly being grandpa Clint to Wanda and Vision's twins. Marvel really makes him seem like a father figure for Wanda so it would make sense if that's what's going on.

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Here we go

Okay so here's my full analysis. So far. Mostly I looked at "this scene is the same as this scene."


In the scene where Thanos comes out of the portal, he already has the blue and purple stones, and thus probably used the blue stone (formerly the Tesseract) to create the portal. How do I know this? Later in the trailer, Thanos clenches a fist with the blue and purple stones on it. The background for this scene is the same as the background for the portal scene: a relatively open sky with debris floating upwards.

There are a lot of scenes that take place in Wakanda. Team Cap is obviously there, and fighting in some large battle. At some point Hulk and Rhodes also show up, possibly during the same battle, since they're in the clip of the group charging forward. Iron Man will also be there, and wearing the Hulkbuster armor, but that'll come later, since he's not in the charging clip. Also, the Hulkbuster suit will lose an arm, which we see in the background of an early clip of Banner and Natasha.

There's also a lot in New York, including a scene with Doctor Strange, Wong, Tony Stark, and Bruce Banner. We see Banner, who appears to have crashed through the roof of Doctor Strange's Sanctum. Then Tony shows up, and they're standing around inside the Sanctum. Later there's another clip of them all standing in New York, preparing for battle.

My final note is about that circular thing hovering over New York, and I'm a lot less sure about that. I think that bit with Spiderman doing a flip takes place in front of the same circle he got spidey-sense about, but it's very unclear. That bit with Thor pulling a lever might also be related to the circle--he's definitely in SOME kind of circle--but it doesn't look quite the same.

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Could the Maker of the stars hear the sound of my breakin heart?

Can we call the big evil circle thing the Giant, Floating, Donut of Doom? Please? GFDD?

Anybody else notice how scared Loki look when handing someone (probably Thanos) the Tesseract? He looked pretty freakin' scared. Could be that he's scared of Thanos power, but I also heard a theory that he was actually giving the Tesseract to save the unconscious Asgardians (so not dead if the theory is correct.

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GFDD it is.

Are those Asgardians? They looked more like the sorcerers from Doctor Strange to me.

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Could the Maker of the stars hear the sound of my breakin heart?


That's what I heard, but the only Asgardians I know are Thor and Loki. Never seen a Thor movie.

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From what I've heard...

Apparently, the orange tinged planet we see at the beginning of the trailer is possibly the relm of the dwarves, the same people that crafted Mjolnir. Some are theorizing that Thor was found by the Guardians of the Galaxy after Thanos attacked the Asgardians looking for the Tessaract and Thor got knocked out into space during that battle somehow. I think this theory makes sense. Especially the bit about them going to the planet where the people who crafted Mjolnir dwell. Thor needs a new weapon, thanks to Hela destroying Mjolnir (which anyone who has seen any of the clips/previews that have been released on TV knows about so not a spoiler), so it makes sense for him to go to the same people that made his original one. Some think that the contraption that Thor is on in the scene in the middle of the trailer might be related to that. Honestly I'm not so sure about that one. After taking a closer look at the thing he's on, it looks to me like it might be some kind of portal device so maybe in that scene Thor is either trying to open one to get to where the fighting is (or to get to the Dwarves' relm, sorry don't know the name of it) or else is trying to keep one closed, possibly the other side of the one we see in NYC. On that note, I think the giant spinning wheel, or whatever you want to call it, is a "wormhole generator," in other words, a portal. Either that it's what is going to cause the destruction we see around Tony, Strange, Banner and Wong in the part when we see Tony taking his glasses off, or else it's a combination of both.

That said, we see what looks like it could be that planet in several scenes with Thanos, so maybe the Asgardians were on their way to that relm when they were attacked? There's also the fact that we see one scene with Thanos with only the power stone which means that he has already attacked Xandar. I'm guessing the Guardians recieved a distress call from Xandar about the attack and went to help but got there too late or else they recieved it after Thanos had already left and maybe while chasing after Thanos that's when they pick up Thor? (I'm too broke to afford a trip to see Thor Ragnarok in theaters so I don't know all the details of why the Asgardians are on the move but I'm guessing Asgard was left in ruins after the attack from Hela and forced to roam the cosmos in search of a place to live? Idk, as soon as Ragnarok is available on RedBox I'll be able to watch it then. I just hope it's out before May of next year...)

As for the Wakanda scenes, from what I can glean, the prevailing theory is that the last Infinity Stone, the Soul Stone, is in Wakanda, specifically in a tree refered to as the "Heart of Wakanda." Personally my theory is that through most of the movie we will be seeing two completely seperate battles. One between Stark, Dr. Strange and company against Thanos and another between Thanos's armies, lead by his "children" the Black Order (we see, albeit briefly, two of them in the trailer, one of whom all we see is his foot and spear), and Cap, Black Panther and their team. The latter of the two fights I'm guessing is the Avengers trying to keep the Mind Stone (which based on the trailer I'm guessing they will fail to do T-T) and Soul Stone out of the hands of Thanos's armies, meanwhile Stark and company are trying to keep Thanos busy (which based on the scene where we see Tony looking exhausted and beaten up, I'm guessing they won't do without casualties or at least sever injuries. We know Strange isn't going to d.ie since he still has more solo movies under contract and I think Spiderman might still have some movies too). We don't see Thanos with Strange's Time Stone, but that doesn't mean that they are able to keep it out of Thano's hands. As to whether or not we will see Tony and the others join Cap's group, it's hard to say as of right now since the only hint at it is seeing the Hulkbuster armor, which I've seen someone guess that that might be Banner or someone else piloting it.

One other thing I noticed is that we don't see Hawkeye anywhere. I'm guessing this time he has really retired for good and is laying low with his family and possibly with Wanda and Vision's twin children. Considering the "parent-child" type relationship between Hawkeye and Wanda, I think that that is a very real possibility. Wanda tends to put a lot of trust in the advice Clint gives her, kind of like a father figure (not to mention he named his new baby boy after Wanda's brother and all) so I wouldn't be surprised if she trusted him to take care of her own children while she and Vision go into battle. Sure, Clint is far from the strongest Avenger, but his is a former secret agent; he knows how to lay low and out of sight. Better to leave the kids with him than a relative stranger at a daycare or something.


To say the least, there's a lot the trailer hints at but doesn't show in full (which is the point obviously) but there are a lot more things left up in the air. He obviously doesn't have the Reality Stone (the Ether) yet so maybe Thanos is going after Earth before setting his sights on the Ether since Earth has three stones on it (Mind, Time, and presumably Soul) but first he needs the Space Stone from the Tesseract, hence the scene with Loki handing it over to either Thanos himself or else one of the other Dark Order members (since we only see two of them, that is a possibility). There are a lot of theories floating around at the moment and a lot of them make sense. Personally, I think coming up with theories and then watching the movie to see how much you got right is part of the fun. Since I haven't read any of the comics myself I will admit that I'm having to go off of what others have said, but I'm repeating the theories that make the most sense to me. I am kind of curious about bearded Cap (aka Nomad, a darker "alter-ego" to Captain America from what some hero nerd friends of mine have told me). I imagine a few of these questions, including "Is the Soul Stone in Wakanda?" will be answered in Black Panther, but not many yet I don't think.

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Nice analysis! That was very detailed.

This is a really great analysis, but I'm not sure about this part:

ShamiraStrider wrote:

Personally my theory is that through most of the movie we will be seeing two completely seperate battles.

The problem is that Banner/Hulk is in both groups. This makes it impossible for them both to be happening at the same time.


I didn't actually notice that Hawkeye wasn't a part of it, but Ant-Man was missing too. It's weird since, as members of Team Cap, they're technically criminals. They can't just go back home to their normal lives--they're basically on the run now!


Oh, and I'm not sure Cap is Nomad now just because he has a beard. I mean, him being Nomad would be pretty darn cool, but it's not guaranteed.

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Could the Maker of the stars hear the sound of my breakin heart?

Steve could also be "The Captain" a different identity of Steve Rogers.

Here's what the Marvel Universe Wiki says about him.

"Following an attack on Avengers Mansion by Helmut Zemo and his new Masters of Evil, and a conflict with Florida drug-lord the Slug, Cap became an ally of wrestler-turned-adventurer Demolition-Man (or D-Man). The Commission on Superhuman Activities (CSA), manipulated by the still hidden Red Skull, unfairly demanded Cap return to active government duty. Cap, in an echo of his earlier retirement following the Secret Empire debacle, surrendered his Captain America identity and shield rather than risk compromising his integrity via potential government misdeeds. The CSA appointed John Walker as a replacement Captain America, with his sidekick Battlestar (Lemar Hoskins). Rogers formed a mobile crimefighting team with Falcon, Nomad and D-Man and assumed a new costumed identity as the Captain. He adopted a new Adamantium shield provided by Iron Man, but Iron Man’s vigilante crusade to incapacitate armor wearers using his technology set him against the government’s Mandroids and Guardsmen, soldiers defending the nation Rogers still cherished. The Captain returned the shield during an attempt to apprehend Iron Man, the first serious break in their years of friendship.
With a Vibranium shield from the Black Panther, Rogers continued his adventures with his fellow travelers. Alongside the Avengers; while battling the Egyptian death god Seth’s forces, he briefly wielded Thor’s hammer, proving his worthiness among only a few privileged to lift the enchanted weapon. When the eastern Avengers roster disbanded soon afterward, Cap led a team of one-time members in halting the High Evolutionary’s worldwide experimentation, then joined D-Man and Battlestar in an assault on ULTIMATUM. D-Man seemingly perished at the organization’s Arctic base, but Cap had little time to grieve as demons overran New York during what was called the “Inferno Crisis”. Cap was allied with various heroes during the fray as a new team of Avengers, while the mutant X-Men ended the unholy invasion. After the Inferno Crisis ended, he and a maddened John Walker were manipulated into battle by the Red Skull, his survival finally revealed. With the Skull’s involvement exposed, the CSA offered Steve the return of his former identity; though Rogers initially declined. He was encouraged to accept by Walker, who subsequently wore a version of the Captain uniform as the USAgent and joined the West Coast Avengers, wielding Cap’s Vibranium shield."

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A wild post appeared!!!

I feel like they are gonna kill off Loki, for good this time.



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I'm gonna need an O2 tank

And possibly a defibrilator cuz I might end up holding my breath until I almost pass out while watching this movie. I hope it come out in late May so I can ask for tickets to go see it for my birthday ^^. I almost had a heart attack when I saw the thing going after Vision's Mind Stone TT-TT.

Favorite quote though: T'Challa (aka Black Panther) - "And get this man a shield." XD

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Could the Maker of the stars hear the sound of my breakin heart?

Infinity War comes out May 4th. Sorry.

The thing? Thanos? Because the Thing is another Marvel character

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Ginrei froze my subject...

Well balls... I'm sure I won't go see it until at least a week after it comes out, let the hype cool down some so me and my nerd pals can get good seats and watch in peace, anyway. I can still ask for the ticket as an early birthday present though so no worries ^^.

I said "the thing" because I couldn't tell what was trying to pry the stone from his forehead, not as in I couldn't tell who was trying to get the stone. I know Thanos is after the stones and I know The Thing is a Marvel character. I have the old Fantastic Four movie on DVD (the one where Chris Evans played J. Storm).

I'm a little disappointed that they couldn't get the scheduling to work out so that Captain Marvel could be in it cuz I'm given to understand she played a huge roll in the war in the comics. Still stoked for her movie due to come out in the near future though.

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Omg the trailer just stressed me out. XD I am not ready. I've seen all the Marvel movies except the Spiderman movies so far, and suprise, I might not actually watch either of the movies, despite my complete obsession with Marvel. It's just... 


I'll be honest, in my not-so-humble opinion, the original Avengers and beginning characters that we've known since the very first movies are just so much more fun and thoughtful than most of these new characters. I mean, let's just take a look at what we have:


We've got Tony Stark, incredibly intelligent and quippy rich guy who is haunted by his past and the mistakes he makes, and was also the only member of the Avengers who needed a suit to help him fight. Not that he can't throw some punches in person, but the Iron Man is his main defense (and offense).

Then we've got Steve Rogers, super righteous and fair super soldier of the past who is extremely agile and strong thanks to a combination of a hero serum and his own values.

Bruce Banner, a brilliant scientist with apparent anger issues that turn him into an enormous green rage monster ever since an accident during an experiment. He hates fighting because he knows that, because of the Hulk's strength and blind rage, almost any person who angers him could end up being killed.

Thor, the Norse god of thunder and lightning who's adorably uneducated on Earth's issues and newest lingo, and who has some serious family issues.

We've got Natasha Romanoff, an ex-assassin turned good who is also haunted by her bloody past and who happens to be the only female Avenger, because Marvel has problems with female characters lolol.

Finally there's Clint Barton, extremely good with a bow-and-arrow and also Natasha's best friend.


Each character is so unique and different, and only one of them needs a suit to most of their fighting. Not that you can't defend yourself with your own fists and human smarts, but against an alien army or yet another "impossible-to-defeat" villain... well, you know what I mean.


Now? Now things are starting to get repetative. Most of the new superheroes, despite how much Marvel is trying to show that they are more than "just a suit", really do need their suits to be as important as they are. 

See: War Machine, Falcon, Spiderman, Ant Man, Black Panther, etc.

And don't get me wrong, I really do like most of them. I don't at all mean to start an argument, but let's be honest here.


And now Marvel is trying to replace most of our "original" Avengers with these new superheroes who really just don't measure up to their past counterparts. Yes, actors' contracts don't last forever, and yes, these movies are based off of the comics, but... I don't know. I'm just not such a fan anymore, Marvel is kind of getting me down now. I used to think that Age of Ultron was bad. XD


But hey! That's just my opinion. Personally, I'll be waiting for a Rotten Tomatoes rating and several reviews before I even consider watching any part of Infinity War. Losing most of my favorite characters - if you've seen those Who Might hidein Infinity War speculation videos - is just not a thought that's up my alley, so I'll pass, aha thanks. Chances are I'll be sticking with my original Avengers children, not acknowledging anything new that Marvel comes out with, and crying mself to sleep lol. Apparently there is speculation that Gamora might hidein this movie and I am just absolutely not okay with losing one out of the four or so female characters Marvel gives us. :/


But yo, I'm gonna go watch Avengers: Age of Ultron for the third time this week. Peace.


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I agree but...

You can't totally blame Marvel. A lot of the actors' contracts are about to expire and will be extremely difficult to replace for the foreseeable future. I mean, be honest, could you picture any one else playing Stark/Iron Man other than Robert Downey Jr? Or anyone other than Chris Evans as Rogers/Capt. America? How about Thor? These actors are so perfect for their rolls that Marvel has a better chance of survivng if they bring in new characters rather than trying to replace the actors for the current ones. The image of the original actors is so fixed in our minds that if Marvel tries to replace them right now, fans will most likely comapre them constantly to the original ones.

Just look at DC's Batman and Superman. There is a constant debate over "Who was the best/worst actor to ever play Batman." This is part of the reason why DC is struggling in comparison to Marvel. They aren't willing to take the risk of trying to make their B and C list (lesser-known) characters more popular which is literally exactly what Marvel has done with all of the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy characters. Instead, DC just keeps trying to reinvent the wheel with their characters meanwhile Marvel is staying more true to theirs.

Granted, I too wish that Marvel would try to work out more contracts with the actors that are about to leave, but at the same time I understand that the actors themselves may not want to continue playing the same roles forever. Both fans and actors would get board doing that which is why Marvel is bringing in new characters and is even gearing up to create an Inhumans franchise movie which is, again, a huge risk for Marvel. Their willingness to take such risks and investing the time and talent to make them work is why Marvel has surpassed DC and I think that they will continue to do that as long as they don't "s.crew the pooch" as some would say.


Bottom line, I do agree with you; I like the original group the most too, but I understand why Marvel is doing what they are and that's why I'm not going to abandon Marvel just because my favorite characters are most likely leaving. I'll reserve judgement and decide for myself if the phase 4 Avengers are worthless or not. If they're going to continue making movies they are going to have to move on from the original Avengers because they have a better chance of staying in business with new characters than they would if they tried to re-cast the current ones right now. We should be getting a new kick-a female character in Captain Marvel, who they actually wanted to bring in on Age of Ultron I think, but they weren't able to work out casting and production in time and didn't want her entrance to the franchise to look too forced/out of place. I wish they could have brought her in cuz I think she was supposed to have a huge role in the fight against Thanos, but things can't always go the way we'd like sadly.

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‘Tis the season to be jolly, falalalala, lalalala~

Oh of course not. With actors like RDJ - especially RDJ, actually - it’s really only a matter of time. He was one of the very first actors to take up a role in the MCU, and you’re right, they can’t stay forever. Especially when they’re in such high demand. (I mean, for real, that man is talented.) In that, I can’t disagree. And Marvel has done a fantastic job of expanding their universe. 


I didn’t know they were going to be trying to start up some Inhumans movies actually, huh. The more you know.


I guess so. I think my case is a bit more to the side of the shelf, just because after following these characters (bless their hearts (◡‿◡✿) ) the thought of having them hideout is just asdfghjkl. I happened to apparently get attached to most of the characters who have at least vague chances of their actor’s contracts having expired/expiring and pretty much none of the new ones. XD Kinda glad you took the time to respond, that put me back in perspective, eep.

We’ll have to find out though! Who knows, a couple spoilers here and there and some movie critic ratings might change my mind.

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Ginrei froze my subject...

Sorry if I came off a touch harsh, though. I wasn't trying to be if I seemed that way ^^;.


I've seen a breakdown of Phase 3 for the MCU and it had an Inhumans movie in it. At least I think it was a movie; it could have been a TV series I suppose but I'm pretty sure it's a movie. If not, it's the only thing on the list that isn't a movie.


Marvel really helped RDJ recover his career, too. I don't think he had been in anything well known shortly before taking the roll of Iron Man. He had had some serious run-ins with the law and was battling drug addiction and because of that dark spot of his past a lot of productions were hesitant to hire him (did you know he's banned, like literally banned from Japan?! Seriously, he's not allowed to enter the country ever and it's because of the stuff he used to do - the partying and the drugs and such, they basically see him as a very bad influence. That bugs me if I'm to be honest cuz he's married with kids and sober now so he's left that party hardy life behind him.) because of the stigma of that reputation. He's starting to get over that now thanks to Marvel picking him up and producers seeing that he wasn't "that guy" anymore so you gotta love Marvel for helping him reopen that door. Plus, if it weren't for him we wouldn't have gotten Chris Evans as Cap cuz Marvel persistently kept asking him to do it but Chris kept saying no. RDJ, who happens to be a close friend of Chris, was the one who talked him into accepting the job and I think we all want to give RDJ a big hug and a kiss for that one XD.

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‘Tis the season to be jolly, falalalala, lalalala~

Oh nah nah, it’s cool. You weren’t. XD


I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a series. Marvel is actually booming now. With Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Wait... is that still going on? >,> oops. I haven’t checked in ages.) and now Iron Fist, they’re spreading out a heck of a lot. And apparently diversifying.

The new Mutants movie is a horror film? The preview certainly took me and my sleeping habits by surprise. :’) That was a new shift for Marvel that I definitely wasn’t expecting. Not that I frown though. It’s new - only time will tell.


His past I new, the ban from Japan? Yowch. That I did not. A ban from an entire country is harsh, especially if he’s left that behind him now. I suppose, if you think about it, that there’s always that chance that he could go back to it. But that hardly seems reason enough to prevent him from traveling there at all, any time anywhere. 

Yes, fo’ su’! XD What would we do without our big, fluffy, human Labrador to portray Steve Rogers? the horror D: