Avatar moving too fast! Game unplayable

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Hi! I've been having a problem for months now. My avatar and her dragons are moving too fast. I can't control it at all. Not just in the open world, but in the races as well. I haven't played the game for a while and I was hoping it's just a bug that has been resolved, but after installing the game today it turns out that nothing has changed.

I need help on this one, the game is unplayable like that.


Hey! You there!

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My name is Thornsdottir. I am a senior dragon trainer and

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  IX. History - Titan Woolly Howl

  X. Bahamut - Titan Boneknapper

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  XII. Yspheria - Adult Scuttleclaw

  XIII. Comet - Titan Terrible Terror

  XIV. Spirit - Adult Sand Wraith

  XV. Rhaegal - Adult Tide Glider

  XVI. Belle - Titan Gronckle

  XVII. Neo - Adult Changewing

  XVIII. Forest - Adult Whispering Death

  XIX. Sonic - Adult Thunderdrum

  XX. Artemis - Adult Silver Phantom

  XXI. Stilinski - Adult Typhoomerang

  XXII. Toothless - Adult Night Fury

  XXIII. Wendigo - Adult Smothering Smokebreath

  XXIV. Scotty - Adult Deadly Nadder

  XXV. Zeus - Adult Armorwing

  XXVI. Aldebaran - Titan Scauldron

  XXVII. Rykensnow - Adult Groncicle

  XXVIII. Todeslied - Adult Deathsong

  XXIX. Viserion - Adult Singetail

  censored. Thor - Adult Windwalker

  XXXI. Grimlock - Adult Flame Whipper

  XXXII. Valkyrie - Adult Triple Stryke

  XXXIII. Falcor - Titan Timberjack

  XXXIV. Sippah - Adult Raincutter

  XXXV. Omen - Adult Boneknapper

  XXXVI. Blue - Adult Dramillion

  XXXVII. Light Fury - (I think you can guess)

  XXXVIII. Schnee - Titan Snow Wraith

  XXXIX. Hera - Adult Moldruffle

  XL. Kastor - Adult Hobblegrunt

  XLI. Meliodas - Adult Sweet Death

  XLII. Telemachos - Adult Mudraker

  XLIII. Sith - Adult Hideous Zippleback

  XLIV. Brand - Adult Deathgripper

  XLV. Che - Titan Stormcutter

  XLVI. Tyche - Adult Prickleboggle

  XLVII. Emerald - Titan Skrill

  XLVIII. Proteus - Adult Fireworm Queen

  XLIX. Berry - Titan Shockjaw

  L. Ethereal - Adult Elder Sentinel

 censored that took long



About Thornsdottir





 Clan:   Heart and Soul of Dragons                                  


 Look: ~white braided hair

           ~hazel eyes

           ~red warpaint around right eye

           ~usually wearing my armour

 Skills: ~flying tight curves through trees and tall rocks  

           ~shooting contests

 Loves:~battles at training grounds 

          ~flying while listening to music

          ~taking pictures

          ~complaining about chat rules lmao


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*Grabs popcorns*

Ohh, yeah, i had that problem too. All you have to do is just change your PC settings to "English USA". And everything will be back to normal. I did the same thing and my avatar and dragon stopped running and flying too fast.


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PC settings?

First of all, thx for the answer! What do you mean with PC settings tho? Ingame? Or the PC language?

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*Grabs popcorns*

You'll sadly (sadly, if you're not a native english speaker like me) have to change the PC language, not the in-game language, and you'll have to keep that language, until this issue is fixed. It's the current only way to fix this glitch.

EDIT: Also, no problem! I like helping people anyway ^^

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PC settings?

First of all, thx for the answer! What do you mean with PC settings tho? Ingame? Or the PC language?

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Toothy has arrived. Party's over.

I have that speed glitch too but I kinda like it XD
Not racing with it tho since I'm better on mobile phone (there I don't have that glitch of course).
I can fix it by removing racing clothes I have on. Or I just put one flight suit on.



As you can see my name is ToothlessColdNight but please just call me Toothy for short. Me and most of my friends have food nicknames so you may see someone call me Milkshake/Milky. I've been playing the game since 2016 but sadly I lost my very first acc.

In game I usually race, play DT, talk with friends but if I'm extremely lazy I just stand in my stable waiting for dragons to finish stable quests. I've been diagnosed with StAbLe DePrEsSiOn xD

My favorite dragon is Sand Wraith. Especially the one I have named Beauty. 

She's also a great racing dragon but we haven't raced in a while. Pouncer took her job xD

So far I have 124k trophies and counting!

I also have over 300 dragons! I have all of them and all titans.


I'm a proud elder of Ethereal Aura!

Noice banner and pic yonnie xD

Just a pic I drew of me and sum clanmates xD


Some of my closest friends are: Yonnx, Luvirey, xAshxy, StormySavage, XxPizzaPuddingxX

Now for the end I wanna share some of my artworks :3 Hope you like them!







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Haha, I secretly love this bug. NYOOM. Wish it would affect mobile too!


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