Attention TDR Members: Contest for Head Elder

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The contest officially starts Monday.


But for starters, I would like those who would be interested in participating to please reply to this thread so I can keep track of you.


A big part of this contest will be trophy based, and so that starts Monday and lasts for 2 weeks.  I list when I start taking trophy counts when I post I start taking trophy counts, but it should be around midnight my time.


For today, I would like to see what are your

Fastest Lap and Full Race Times


You can post them here when you get them.


Also, I will have more details by tonight on what exactly will be judged on for the contest; so details to follow.


One thing to keep in mind, though, is:
What would make you a good Head Elder for TDR?

Can you be the leader while I'm away?

What will you do to help the clan?


Things like that.


I hope you guys enjoy this contest and I wanted to ge this posted before I forgot.  >.<


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look forward to the chase!

these contests always gets my motor running. racing just to race is sometimes a little boring. i do like a good competition. as an elder, i too, am on the lookout for those interested in joining in. i know that not everyone has the time to successfully compete in the racing part so that is why im glad there will be other areas in which the Head Elder will be judged to give everyone the same opportunity to compete. 


just because youre fast and have the time to race doesnt mean that you will make a good Head Elder. there is more to leading than that. i will be the first to admit im afraid i dont have the skills to take over leadership while Drums is gone and would be grateful if we had a team of elders to be responsible for the clan. Drums has big shoes to fill because since i have joined TDR, i have learned a lot about people and also myself. i find that i lack in several areas and i need to improve before feeling capable of taking on the job of Head Elder.


i said all that to say this. if i do win the contest and am vote in and chosen to become the Head Elder, i will do the best i can to be an example like Drums has been for me. thank you!


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Razorwhip! get down!

I know i may be a little too new in the clan and too inexperienced to be the head elder, but i still want to try it out and do my best. I really really love the life in TDR. Our clan is really active compared to other clans, we meet in the game and talk on the forum. I hope i can serve the clan like out leader. So i'd like to join this clan tournament for the place of head elder.


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With the subjects wise this one is. Heed them do you not have to

Remember what I said about the contest ending on monday?  Well that part is fine, but I planned the contest to be a two week contest.  So if the contest ended this monday, that would only be a week contest.  So disregard what I said about the contest ending this Monday.


The contest will official end on Tuesday the 9th at 2am EST.  (Because I didn't start counting trophies until Monday this week at 2am, so I'll give you guys an extra day to earn trophies.)

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Drums R Round, Pi's R Squared

Since this is the last day of the contest, those who are interested in becoming the Head Elder, I would like to hear from you how you would make a good Head Elder.


Even if you don't think you'll be picked, if you want to be Head Elder, please post and tell why I should pick you.


How would you lead?

How would you help the clan?

Would you be willing to set up clan meet ups?

Would you be willing to set up contests and such?


Just a few questions to think of.  You don't have to answer these questions.  I thought I would get them as a basis on what to write about so I could get your thoughts going.

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I have made my decision on

I have made my decision on who to pick.


Going into this, the trophy contest was just really an extra thing just to check on activity in the clan because of recent invites to the clan.  It would or would not go into my decision on picking a Head Elder.


But picking the one that read the things that I had in the OP.


glorybringer (Shadow)

will be the Head Elder.

They pm'ed me why they would be a good Head Elder.


But so they won't feel alone in the decisions I will appoint First and Second Elders to help them out.


First Elder will be:
Dusty Torhild


Second Elder will be:

Selene Stardust


Each one of you do have a different title, however, you can use as if you are a concil where each has a say in the matter.  Elders are able to invite players to the clan, so I don't have to be invovled initially, but I trust Dusty's and Selene's judgement; so Shadow if you ever need any help you can always coe to me but you can also ask Dusty and/or Selene.


I'll be off on the weekends/weekstarts during college, so it won't be like I'll go MIA, although I will be busy most of the time so I'll only have a certain amount of time to get on.  But I will be keeping tabs.


Congrats to all of you.


I will get the trophy numbers up.

Dusty, if you want to, you can post your results from your trophy count for the two weeks of the contest.  Then I'll post mine.

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CONGRATULATIONS! Shadow! i know you will do a good job! we are all counting on you to represent Drums in his absence. i will be more than willing to help as First Elder!  i have been playing for only about 1 1/2 years so i haven't been a player as long as Drums has but i will help in any way i can!  as for the final trophy count during the competition, it consist of everyone that earned trophies during those two weeks.  they are listed below:





ps:  there are members that have left so disregard their trophy count.


pss:  i am so excited to announce that we are in first place on the clan battle board!! we are currently in the lead by twenty points and pulling away with each battle.  THANK YOU to all who are helping to widen the gap between us and the second place clan. ROCK ON!!

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I am so proud to represent drums in his absence. He had lead our clan

to glory, and now we are one of the top clans in SoD. It is an honour to

be in his clan. I am still young in TDR (and in real life)and I will constantly

consult the First and Second Elders and members in the clan  



P.S. please PM me if you are a TDR member, I'm trying to firgure out

who is in our clan in the forums XD

(please give me some time to think of the 'I am honoured' spech ~i am

not a politican (( and oviously not president of the USA)) )

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All that you said you would

All that you said you would do for TDR and our members is exactly what I wanted in a Head Elder.


Btw, the in-game chat doesn't like "Head" so you can say "High" Elder.  Really means the same thing.


You are welcome, Shadow.


You'll learn fast and quick, but at the same time take your time and patience.


That is the one of advice of being a leader I can give:  Have patience.  With the game, with the forums, with the members of TDR, non-members, and even yourself.  If you think you'll need x amount of patience, then get a little more patience so you have some in the bank just in case something comes up.


I'll still be around if every any of you need me.  I'll have breaks and vactions and such so there will be times where I can be on.  But I will only be on in small spurts spread out over the semester.


One thing that if it comes to it, if new recruits come and you we are at 99, then for some reason it would let me add the 100th and final member.  So only the leader can add or remove members.


I believe Elders can appoint other Elders, but I'm not sure.  Just in case an Elder must be in the clan for a couple months (1-3) and have 1,000 trophies.  If they already have the trophy amount then, then they still have to wait.

I will say, for future reference that I usually like to save appointing elders for a main prize for a contest/tournament, but I usually do at least one a month or every other month, from those who have been in for a couple months and have met the minimum requirements for trophies.


If you have any other questions, you can ask me, Dusty, or Selene.

Btw, besides me, Dusty is our most active forum user.  Selene is one the most active in-game users.  Reason why I picked them for First and Second Elder.  Dusty has more experience in the clan than Selene which is why she got First Elder and Selene got Second Elder.