Attack on titan and The Last of us fans ? Anyone,anyone?

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So are there any Attack on titan and the Last of Us fans here (these two mustn't be watched by children,strong language and blood and core - 16+) ?

I saw 2-3 people,but I want to know are there more ?


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Huge fan of The Last of Us here! I cannot say the same for Attack of Titan because I have stopped watching anime a LONG time ago, but I still read the manga (which I say: Manga > Anime).


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I love Attack on Titan!  I

I love Attack on Titan!  I haven't gotten my hands on the manga yet, but maybe one day.


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I am a HUGE fan of The Last of Us <3 i am also the Beyond:Two Souls fan and Infamous:Second Son.:3 i like other games as well XD