Asvald's Guide to Trophy Making

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(I moved this to Player Tips from General announcements because i think it was in the wrong place. Ha)



Having been kept under the wraps for a long time for personal benefit, i feel now it's time to show everyone how to gain trophies the way I do it!


Things you will need: 

  • Serious determination (The kind of dertermination where you play the game for 5+hours haha) 
  • Persistance
  • Patience

Optional things: 

  • Really good compter hardware
  • Tons of first person shooter game experience
  • Lot's of time to burn 


Before i start explaining my methods i'd like to do some background. 


I myself am an avid player of first person shooter games. When i'm not in the School of Dragons, i'm either animating or playing a Fps such as Counter Strike, Planetside 2, Team fortress2 etc.


My computer screen is 1920x1080, it's one of those jumbo widescreen ones, i base most of my success on the resolution on my screen as having a bigger screen (in my opinion) let's you see things more easier hence able to "shoot" them easier. 


I also use one of those gaming mouses which has numpads all over it and blue lights.


Before i started using my method, i used to only to Thunderrun racing, i held about 2 first place records which were later broken as i decided to quit Thunderrun racing. 


One reason i stopped Thunderruning was because of how fast it burns off fish. With a level 20 dragon, i am only able to do 2 full races which is equivalent to 20 trophies, assuming i win and then i need to feed at least 2-4 fish (depending on the type) to be able to race again. 


Because of this i have stopped Thunderunning and only play fireball frenzy which is something i think i'm really good at (hence my avid fps background). 


My method:


I start off my overloading my friendslist, i spend roughly about 10 minutes everyday adding everyone in sight, and i do this enough to the point where i will crash if i decide to open up my friends list to "Offline". 


I then catch at least 30-50 salmon. Salmon is the only fish i feed to my Dragon, it offers to most energy and only 1 is required to be able to play Fireball Frenzy.


never sit waiting in fireball frenzy, whenever i play, i always invite all the vikings on my list and hope at least one will come which usually does happen, the game then starts and we play. 


There are 6 stages in Fireball Frenzy, each one different to eachother offering all sorts of twists and turns. Been able to remember the structure of these levels are vital to gaining a high score. This is the part where my 1920x1080 screen comes in handy, playing at fullscreen makes the targets easier to see and easier to shoot.  This is also a stage where my gaming mouse comes in handy, some targets can be really far away and having a high sensitivity can cause you to miss, whenever i'm playing fireball frenzy, i am always constantly pressing the "sensitivity" button on my mouse to adjust from low, mid and high, i refer to the lowest sensitivity as "Sniper". (Figure out why)


With the new recent update, whenever the opponent leaves, the other wins by default and gains 15 trophies. This has made things significantly easier as before, whenever someone left due to a bug or "cowardice", no trophies were given. 


Another thing about fireball frenzy is that it consumes 95% less fish than it does to play Thunderrun. A single salmon can last you for as many games as you wish to play as long as you don't leave in which you will need to feed again before you can, and this is especially helpful when you can play for as long as i do. 


One thing that is paramount to Fireball Frenzy is accuracy. I never hold mouse down. Believe it or not having a 100% accuracy rating increases your score by 4x! So for example if i score 20000 points in fireball frenzy with a accuracy rating of 100%, the score will become 80000!


One really important thing that you will need to learn is to prioritise targets, only shoot the the juicy targets, if there are none, then shoot the sheep. At some points in certain maps in fireball frenzy, you will be able to see a a 200 or 500 point target accross the map, try and shoot those so when you arrive at that point, they have already been shot.





Here is a graph i made that should give everyone an idea on how much work is required for "X" amount of trophies. 



This graph however does not take into account the possible variables such as lag, bugs, glitches and crashing.


I hope this guide helps all Vikings who are looking for tips on how to gain trophies, 


I may be editting this a bit more in the future assuming i need to make any changes, Thor speed!








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Great thread!  Too bad I'm a

Great thread!  Too bad I'm a horrible aimer, and trigger happy to boot!  Haha, maybe I'll try to improve in the future.  Thanks for the advice, I'm sure many others (including me) will find it useful!


-ps:  I just noticed that the toothless banner in your sig is animated, how cute!  You make some really nice stuff.  (:


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(like what I said last

(like what I said last time)

Thanks Asvald!

And how come my friends list is full? XD









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Great guide, especially the time/trophies computation. Some of the tricks were already known but a very few people bear in mind the concept "you don't need to fish for hours when you play FF": maybe 'cause a race in FF takes more time and usually TR is more appreciated. I earned trophies in both way and I'm lead to think that without glitches and with the penalty of 15 trophies for folders, FF is the fastest way to earn trophies.

Thanks Asvald!

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but what do you do if you

but what do you do if you suck at fireball frenzy? because im not risking 15 trophies. im a big fan of thunder run and im pretty good for a level 16 dragon. i beat a level twenty with the saddle of champions, thanks to my little tricks. i have one word that is my biggest secret in thunder run: UP. you figure out what i mean.



Playing FNAF...

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It's only a matter of

It's only a matter of training, as it is in Thunder Run. In the "player tips" section you'll find some good advices that will help you improve your skills.
And as in Thunder Run, train yourself first in single mode: only after a certain amount of races you should test your abilities against other players.
Good luck!