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Hey there! I saw everybody is doing this ask censored, so I decided to make one too. So... ask me whatever you want :)


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Kuala Starkatheon


“They say there’s two ways to be fooled: one is to believe what isn’t true, the other is to refuse to believe what is. Maces and Talons. I began playing with my grandfather when I was just a boy. I always insisted upon being the honorable Viking chief. I could never understand how he bested me time and time again. For years I assumed his skill transcended mine. I believed what wasn’t true. But you see, in Maces and Talons, as in life, the line between good and evil is often unclear. Black and white can become gray so easily. What one soul considers evil another might consider righteous. The honorable chief who fails to see this is found to be the fool.” -Viggo Grimborn





We have... OUR DRAGONS!

Credits :9

Fearless bouncie by Arkeyla

Me and Fearless edit by Nessie

Shield by Nessie

Thank you guys for your AMAZING drawings, edits or other art stuff! :D