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I started drawing recently, doing some sketches..and i made this:



Yes, yes, i know it's bad. I tryed to make it ''better'' but my drawings only got worse.. and none of my local friends are into drawing. So, could i ask for some tips to improvise? for beginners, of course. I accept critics as well. Thank you.

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It's actually very good and I can find any faults wrong with your technique.  Her face (jawline, eye,s blushies) aren't  symmetrical though, and that could help.  Use something flat so they are at the same level, and start of with light marks so you can easy erase if you need to.  The shading is very good though.   You could also look at other peoples artworks who draw in the same style and see how they draw hair, what size eyes, etc. I'm not saying to copy, but studies are always good for practice and getting a "feel" for drawing in that style.   And practice whenever you can make time to. (Cliche I know ^^)


All in all it is a very good piece, and with more practice it will get easier.


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