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I'm looking for some more art of my httydsona/main SOD character Savana.
Though I'd like to have her with her other dragons, other than Rosethorn.
That's her Toyhouse account, it has her main photos. Including different outfits she can be in! It also has links to pictures of all her dragons.

Poses and such can be determined by you, or I can give suggestions if that's easier. Most dragons at least have a bit of information and more screenshots can be provided.


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Savana's Toyhouse

Savana's Dragons


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I think I did one of her for christmas before, although I did it traditionally XD If you want I can probably try her with Bonfire, although keep in mind, I'd be using this more as practice, mostly as I just got sketchbook and I want some things to work with XD 


What are Bonfire's colors?  And which version of Savana's clothes do you want? (Or do you just not really care?) ( do you want colors?) And if you could suggest a few poses that would be helpful :3 Thanks! :D


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And with that, You have reached the end! Great Job! :D




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Lookout found my subject

Go head and give it a shot!
I uploaded a screenshot to his gallery to help with colors but I don't mind of its colorless. For closes I'd like the series of screenshots I adder but if you don't want to drawn them it's okay.

Savana does have a burn on her right shoulder that would be nice if you added it.