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Viking Name: AriaNorthlands: This Viking was created 6-2019.

(I originally started playing in 6-2016 and then left the game in 9-2018. I returned nine months, later, in 6-2019, when I created this new Viking)

Favorite Senior/Titan Dragons: Whisper (Gronckle), IceStorm (Groncicle) and DarkHeart (Thunderdrum) were my major quest companions. I now have 94 Dragons, ranging from level 3 to Titans, and I love everyone of them.

Clan: Isle of Gazoo, I just recently joined this clan. I have now found my Home Clan, at last.

Hobbies/Interests in game/on forum: I play, fish and battle with my Dragons all the time, and I make friends and sign Farm Treasure Chests whenever i get the chance. I have 3 farms. Every Viking village needs defenders and farmers. I am both! In addition to my game life I read Forum threads and provide help, assiistance and support to Vikings having game problems.

If you look at my SOD Forum account signature slot, you will basicly discover it is blank and devoid of any reflections on who I am as a player and person. Mostly because I would rather just play, make friends and help where I can. In the past, I considered that safer territory because I've never before played games like SOD. And, neither did I understand that computer games can actual teach you new things, that I've never thought about learning or doing.

Okay, let me explain some of my personal game history: First, I was not born in the computer game/chat/text generation, so it has taken me alot of time figuring out how to actually play SOD. I was terrified the first time Astrid took me into TRR, even when I was on Toothless! (I actually recognized that Toothless won that first race for me and himself. However, I did not know how to let him do it again, so I never went back to TRR.) This was one reason I finally gave up the game in 2018. In addition, I left because I was making my dragons so unhappy . . . just read on. I did finally returned to the game.

I honestly, and finally, left the game because I could not make my dragons happy, and when I finally returned, I changed how I played in the Flight Club and I have never, ever, use the Glide Courses again. I swore when I left, I would never again force a young dragon onto a Glide course. Sending them out on Stable missions to learn from other dragons was more useful. Using the old method of short wing flying/gliding that I learned in the Wilderness was the only other way I could help them grow. And, if I believe in them, it has always worked. (It might be clumsy, but the clumsiness was always my fault). I'm good at believing in them. They also like Fireball Frenzy and occasion battle events. My biggest success was learning not to hold down the "break button" when flying my dragons anywhere. It took me an amazing amount of time, patience and hard practice to learn to let off the brake. Now that I've returned and learned, I've spent the last 18-20 months learing to race in TRR. With a lot of single mode practice, I've improved and can handle my fear of speed flying. Speed still hits me in the face sometimes, but I don't let it conquer me. Now I'm learning and trusting my dragons and myself. 

I don't think I'm the only player on the game, who has expeienced these problems. And, it can happen to anyone no matter their age. My age was part of my problem, as I said, I've never before played these types of games. And, never when I was a child; I grew up on Life, Scrabble, Clue and other types of board games. But, none of that has meant that I couldn't learn to play new games. I've given myself time to learn 'new things, and I have learned alot. I hope to continue improve on what I'm learning.

Good Luck to all of you, who are experiencing any similar problems. Just relax, give yourself time to accept where you are at in the game and more time to work on your gaming skills. 

And, just remember this: Our dragons always love us!



P.S. I will never tell my age, but I will say I am a Retired Senior citizen between 55 to 75 years of age. I enjoy my retirment and my continuing ability to learn new things.


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I'm back Mwahahahahahaha

Hey CoalBright,

Unfortunately, I do not believe that SoD is doing viking of the (any time period) anymore, BUT with that being said, I nominate you for (unofficial) Viking of the Week!



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Oh thank you, Kaizar . . . :)

LOL ...... 

Kaizar The Sneak, I thank you for the updated info and the unofficial endorsement.  I was wondering about the dates I found on these treads.  Just decided to post anyway! . . . 

hehehe!!!  CB

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Kaizar The Sneak
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I didn't eat my subject line

I wish you luck in getting on the viking of the week! It is very sad that there has not been one for years, but with Goony around making so many great changes, I am excited to see what he can drum up!!!


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The honorary Viking of the Week

I think your journey in SOD is very inspiring and love that you're very active and friendly player, I think you should be the next Viking of the week :) !

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Thank you, Bettle, for a second

Thank you, Bettle, for a second unofficial endorsement. Much appreciated!  :)

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Hey there!

Hey there!


I don't think we do viking of the week any more (that was before my time here), I'd have to ask Brynjolf about that and see if it's something we want to do again. If we do though, you have my vote! I actually showed your post to the team, and they were all really happy to hear you share your experience with the game. It's heartwarming to know we have such a devoted player! We're excited to share the upcoming updates with you so you can continue your journey in School of Dragons.


Thanks again for sharing!


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Hey GoonyBard

Hey GoonyBard, 

Thanks for asking, Brynjolf, about this forum thread. Would be nice to see it again, but not totally necessary. With so many other changes taking place on the game and forum, I know you'all are all very busy! :) 

In addition, thanks for your additional unoffical endorsement, GoonyBard. 

I appreciate the response from the team, so please thank them for me, and let them know, I hope to be around for a long time. lol This game is so much fun. . . who wouldn't be thrilled with flying dragons ! ! ! !  It looks wonderful and feels even better. 



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It would be nice to reinstall Viking of the week

I agree completely. Viking of the week sounds like a good opportunity to reinstall. That way people would be way more devoted to gathering points.

As for when I joined, I'll have to check with my Rumblehorn, Tumblehorn (aka my first dragon) on that. But im at one and a half platinum stars and not stopping till I get three platinum stars.


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Flying is the best!!!!!!!!!!

And definately the flying is AWESOME. I literally CANNOT go five minute without flying and I practice my flying for racing in the annex. Interestingly, I only do racing and I have 3522 trophies cause of my dedication to racing.

Thanks sod team for flying and racing! Wouldn't know what I'd do without it. :)