Are their any doctor who fans here?

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As the subject said are their any doctor who fans on here, I have been watching it since I was 4 and have watched every single episode more then once, I even know them all by name. Kinda sad right. I'm not such a big fan of nine or thirteen but maybe you can persuade me to like them more. My favourite is twelve, eleven and ten

I would love to talk about it with some other fans of the show, and maybe get some people interested in it!!






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Quote off XD

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My doctor is 11th but I LOVE

My doctor is 11th but I LOVE 13th! She is such a dorky feral sweetheart.


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Ikr! She's great! She's also the one who got me into the fandom.

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Matt Smith will always be my favourite fezz baby-man but I absolutely love how wild the current Doctor is



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I love 11th! and 9th... I

I love 11th! and 9th... I know unpopular opinion. I just, I don't know, I like watching him. in fact I think in order of favorite to least is: 11th,9th,10th,12th,13th... I havn't seen all the other seasons. Only the ones with those five... Oh wait! I did see eight! I couldn't deside what I thought of him.


Favorite companion, Clara, Martha, and Donna. In that order. What about you guys?


I didn't really like 13. I think because she had some ideas I disagreed with, I watched up to the spider one with her then gave up. I did like the companions though. I enjoyed watching how she acted, Every now and then she reminded me of myself, just WAAAAAAYYYY more out there. :)


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Donna, Martha, Rose, Jack, Clara. They're all great!


The spider episode wasn't too far in, was it? Spyfall is brilliant o.o

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Yesss guys 

Hmm I don't really like 13 I find the companions annoying and she's doesn't feel like the doctor to me.

John hurts war doctor was great, he would've made a good doctor

12 is so me, and he's my favourite although it's unpopular

11 is great he's so energetic and crazy but also has a serious side to him.

10 was my favourite for a long time with his timey whimy and the machine that goes ding.

9 hmm ok had a few good episodes but I think he's better As malakeith in TDW 

Clara is my favourite companion even though many didn't like her

Donner was feisty and good kinda annoying at times 

Rose was good to begin with

Bill was great I loved her

Marther was really good although her crush on the doctor was talked about too often

Amy and rory , oh they where great

Ryan, yaz and grayam hmm no I just don't like em at all, can't wait for them to go


The master- the best was John Simms master although I loved missy too. Sachas master is good too.

IDK I've been a fan since Christopher eccleston so I'm a classic gal

And remember "never eat pears" 


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Bowties are cool

I reallly didn't like Bill. One of my least favorite people in Dr.who. Rose was good just got a little boring. Amy was good. Rory was great and deserved better then Amy. Ryan, Yaz, Grahm were okay.


I'm not sure why so many people didn't like Clara, she was fun to watch, crazy but smart and mature. Oh well. I heard because she was OP but I don't think so.


Now one of the best charactars is K9. Oh! And the dr's daughter! I loved her she was great!


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What's everyone's favourite monster? Mine is the Weeping Angels.

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One of them was a zygon... Big red rubbery thing.

Yeah weeping angels are good, I mean c,mon they let you love till death

My favourite are probably the daleks or the master