Are Stormcutters GREAT at TRR?

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     I was racing a stormcutter twice when I was beaten by about half a lap...both times...Was the rider just really experainced? Or was it because the track was Trench Dive (I was racing with my skrill). I say I'm fairly experianced...Or stormcutters good racers? Or was it the rider? Or was it the track?



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They are good if you know the

They are good if you know the track well, and don't crash into walls often. Though, I'm very disappointed in the stats.. Like, they are supposed to be good in turning and speed, due to having 4 wings, but, no.. But they"re still good to me.




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Stormcutters are horrible at racing. The rider must've been lucky


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If they were a half of a lap ahead of you on Trench Dive, then they were using a glitch shortcut. To answer your question, they are horrible because of their bad acceleration  (You can get to the first ring on the tracks before you are at top speed, which is horrible) and they crash into everything. Including thin air.


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Lolol "Including thin air" xD


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 Thanks! That answers my question...they bump into air?

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Pretty much. You could be no where near the wall, and still "bump into it."

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I've raced multiple times

I've raced multiple times with my stormcutters, and I have yet to loose. Undefeated so far. I dont know why people say that they "bump into thin air" because I have never had this problem. I have three stormcutters, and they are my favourite dragon to race with. Never had an issue, though the handler has a lot to do with it.




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You did not just go there! >:(

I'd like to say I'm quite good racer because every time I race I either get first or second (unless there are hackers or a REALLY good racer), I've even beaten Toothless on my Gronckle . Except on my Stormcutter, I only get second or third

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I have been racing for a long time and I have found out that stormcutters are ok racers if you know what you are long as you know the track well and keep going fast it should be ok, they do have problems with activating the shield, they stop mid air when the shield is activated. They also will randomly stop in some places but overall not a bad racing dragon






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I have one Stormcutter Clud and he is perfect! I had promlems with him before because i had clothes that add speed or things like that and he was totally under control! I take them down and after that i never loose again :) You just have to get expiriencies with him/her  in different race tracks :D ;) PS : NEVER use shield :D




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actually, I just got my first

actually, I just got my first stormcutter, and (used gems to level up) at lvl 9 - not full stats - I've won a few races and come in 2nd several times because of wanting to get sheep. Their turn and pitch rates are better than the mn/nf and even wd. Acceleration is terrible, but they completely make up for it in amazing turns and dives/climbs. The handling takes a bit to get used to since they're much faster than others I've raced, but it's worth the 1000 gems.


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