Are the crops decaying/wilting or no?

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Hey there everyone!

I've just been growing some lavender with the intent of leaving it so that it would wilt and I could see what the black slab of rock does on the farm (as I've no idea what it DOES, only that it showed up after the "wilting" feature was added - hence, I'm assuming it has something tro do with the plants.) I waited a week, but nothing happened when I harvested it. Was it not wilted enough? I'm rather curious as to what exactly I can use my wilted plants for and I've got the coin to sacrafice some plants. However, since nothing happened last time, I've started again. Any tips anyone? Or at least to tell me what the rock does?? Has ANYONE here had a plant wilt to the fact that it becomes unsellable? The only difference I noticed was that the lavender turned a slightly pink hue in some places. Was that wilting?



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Not yet?

I don't think the wilting feature has actually been added yet.


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Withering Crops

Hey werewolf6780. The withering feature has not been implemented into the game yet. Once it's in-game we'll let you know!