App telling me I need to update but will not let me update

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This just started recently to when i get into the game i get to the curse of the hobgobbler page and a popup says "this game needs an update ,update now to get new features etc." and so when i try to go to the app store and update it there is no choice to update but uninstall and open the game again. I have tried restarting my devices i have gotten rid of apps for storage thinking that would help and also uninstalling and reinstalling the game and still i am not getting and update if someone can help that would be great thanks .

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     I still can't update my game. It. Sucks.



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Which platform do you use? Because I hear that Google Play is slow on the go for updates... Amazon should give you no problem, since I've already updated my game. 

For a problem like this, you need to 1) wait until your playing platform/appstore gets the update, or 2) get a new/newer device. Some updates exceed the limits of your device's software capabilities (which is what happened to me when SoD updated a couple years ago; I ended up getting a new device to play on, but I needed a new one anyway).


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Dang, Bo, you beat me to it XDDD Wait, are you saying you have the Amazon App Store? Isn't it supposed to be potentially hazardous? I'm considering whether or not I should download it... and I don't know whether I should XDDD


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Yes, I do. It's the default app store on my device, so I didn't need to download extras or anything. And yes, it's hazardous around here. Only the strong survive XD

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Alrighty; I'll certainly keep that in mind XD thank you! XDD

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Are you trying to load the game through Play Store, by any chance? Apparently, the update is taking a longer time than they expected to become available. I think it's Play Store's fault, not your device's. Unfortunately, I think the only thing we can do is wait. :(

Downloading the Amazon App Store miiiight work (I don't know if it does... I haven't tried it). SoD is available for free on there, I believe (correct me if I'm wrong)... but I would be careful because the only way (that I know of) to download it is to enable a setting on your device that could potentially be dangerous.

I really hope the Play Store works soon... and I hope I was helpful to you in some way :)

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Just as Bo said...

This happened to me last year. It said it needed to update but it wouldn't because my kindle was too old :-\ 

Btw, don t get a kindle, they're crxp XD


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Well, your typical kindles are crxp for any kind of high-storage games. But a kindle fire HD (preferably from the newer gens) works just as good as an iPad or PC, sometimes even better. 

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Well, I have a kindle fire from last year and it's crxp --_--

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thanks everyone for the help i really appreciate it i tried the kindle /amazon idea but it didn't work so i am just going to wait for google play.