Anyone plays "Sky: Children of the Light"?

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I haven't been on for a while, both forums and in-game. I got too frustrated with the server time-outs and log outs, though I did drop by recently because whoohoo Nightlight alpha skin and new NL saddles, and I wanted to get my Ruffy one of those because Ruffy deserves the best.


Anyway! Where I've disappeared of to, I went to this game called "Sky: Children of the Light" by thatgamecompany (and it was recently their game's third anniversary!)


I've been there for... 4-5 months and it's been quite an enjoyable experience, really helped with the cabin fever and connecting to people from all parts of the world. I was a huge fan of thatgamecompany since 2012 and I managed to finally get to their latest game. It's a rather beautiful game indeed.

Ooh wonder if you guys could guess which one of these was my sky child. If you managed to, you deserve a cookie!


If any of you play, feel free to send me a friend request! I'm active daily and would appreciate lighting each other's candles!

For those who doesn't know what Sky CotL is but would like to learn more about it, I'd like to list out some of the pros and cons of this game.



-Friendly community for all ages (Their official discord is mostly community-driven, and most of the time people are very eager to help out)

-If you're new in the game, be prepared for people to be attracted to you because they love helping out new players

-Visuals. I'll let you guys see for yourselves.

-Flying! Yes you have the ability to fly almost everywhere! And there was an update where you can dive.

-Lots of fun emotes to express yourself and special friendship emotes to unlock with your friends

-Cosmetiiiiiiiiiiiiiiics, fun props and musical instruments you can play your own music with.

-No gacha system, and not a pay-to-win game

-Cross servers between switch and mobile platforms



-Limited only to mobile app and switch. There's no pc version yet and it's unknown when they'll release one.

-Can be a little grind-y, you have to collect in-game currency to unlock cosmetics, props or emotes.

-Chat system is locked unless you're friends with each other via invite or is sitting in special chat tables scattered in different realms (though could be a good thing if you're shy)

-Some cosmetics/props/instruments are either seasonal-exclusive or for in-app purchases.  They can be stupidly expensive ($20 for an umbrella??? I can buy a real one with that!)

-The only existing gacha system in this game is changing your sky child's height, and if you're like me who tries to achieve the tallest height, get ready for some frustration.

-Quests/gameplay can be confusing if you're new and have no idea what the heck's going on

-Some areas can be very dark/ easy to get lost in, unless you buy a prop light or have a veteran friend who knows the place like the back of their hand

-I question the ending of this game, or if this is really made for kids sometimes. Not gonna spoil what happened, but I had to lie down for a couple of hours.

-Unfriendly creatures will bully you, so be fast on your feet or say goodbye to your ankles/life force.

-It's a pretty friend-driven game, so it feels lonely when you have no friends.


         For the love of Odin, read the server rules thoroughly I'm begging you                    Or Ruffy will rough you up



Because of a bug, I'm now "VicZarskykatsu" in-game. Thanks SoD.


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Wooooo mememe! I'm been into

Wooooo mememe! I'm been into this game so bad! I started about in April? I'm also huge on TGC beforehand to due to Journey(still #1 fav game)  but somehow has a hard time getting into sky but the Switch port significantly change that!


To help sell out the game; The game is completlely free on both switch and mobile. At the price of FREE not only you get all of the base game (is like 2-3 hour worth of story driven in hidegame) but you also get all of the expansion world and stories that come with it. Everytime there's a seasonal/ new content update. All the freebies would still get them without having to pay to access it. (But Like VicZarSky said tho, this resault in most of the cosmetic being IAP and pretty costy. But don't worry! every two week there will be a cosmetic release that don't require in app purchase)

Without giving it too much away: The game is about you a skykid travel through the ancient land and discover the story behind it (that's it)

- Really good flying game. You may not have a pet animal to fly on, and fly by yourself but the feeling of the control is super great, It's always one of TGC strongest suit in their game. This is me pulling a toothless test drive on almost every day just for fun


- Really gorgeous graphic, another one of TGC strong suit in their game. Every frame a painting one'd say.

(the little prince made me cry)


- Cute avatar character! This is one look of my character. All the items i am wearing are freebies and not require real money (but require a lot of grinding)

- The game whole ideal is all about invoking kindness between stranger and somehow the game is able to pull that off and bring out the best in people.


- it isn't really a con for me but it is to note that this game isn't really an action game in the way that there's enermy to fight. So if your type of game is all about that this game might not be for you. This game is mostly chill and meditative. Pretty peaceful game 

- It is solo-able but might not be the best solo friendly. The game really encourage you to make friend or need friend to go through something.

-  I have heard it might not be friendliest to people with photosensitivity.

- Pricey Items

Other note:

Like most game modeling nowdays, this game due have limited time event where you need to grind to get stuff in time, just like SOD




I'm totally on board adding you if you don't mind (at the very least we'd have more people candle to lit up) I got in game almost everyday to do quest and candle run! The switch friend adding method might be a bit of a pa,in though so we can do so privately?

(is your skykid the penguin one?)


I've been login in the game more usaul lately so, Hi! My Viking's name is 'Tahno'. I'm in Zesty's Humbanger Studio clan now. Come say Hi! Friend Request is A okay but need to notify me outside of game first otherwise I will ignore.

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Gasp, a fellow Journey traveler, and oh my goodness I'm so glad to hear you being a child of light as well QwQ


Aw we're almost season-mates! I'm only a few days or weeks older than you. Ahaha well I'm indeed wearing a penguin mask, but I'm not that one, but very close! Still I gives you cookie :D


Geyser event??? :D

I agree on your statement. Sky wasn't meant to have any sort of competition, though there is racing but there's no trophies involved. You do have the privelage to stand first in the podium though.


Yeah I think the photosensitivity issue is true. I find my eyes watering whenever home suddenly shifts from night to day, or when sunset suddenly turns to daytime. Also this game eats through your batteries whew!



I'll send you an invite through DM later if you'd have me ;w;

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Hello, fellow Child of the Light!

I started playing Sky: Children of the Light about a year ago (though I was inactive for some time), and I must say that it's unlike any game I have played before... in a good way.

I love the way it looks, and I find the gameplay relaxing. I like that the various stories found in the game, from the "main story" that leads to the end to the little glimpses of the spirits' lives one gets to see as they chase their lights, rely on the concept of "show, don't tell", leaving a lot open to a player's own inferences regarding why certain things happen and possibly different interpretations of what they could mean (also, I definitely agree with you when it comes to the ending... it hit me in a way that I wasn't expecting, and I also had to lie down for a bit... though I'm not sure if I would personally consider that a "con"). Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the only instance of explicit storytelling can be found at the very beginning, when one first starts playing.

The game's focus on forming friendships to bring light where there is none and help others when they need it is unexpectedly heartwarming, and this is part of what makes Sky: Children of the Light great overall. I like the small features that don't really affect gameplay but can help form connections, such as the musical instruments, and the premise of the game as a whole makes for an interesting world to explore.

As you wrote in your post, it can get confusing when you don't know what you're supposed to be doing. I know I got lost a few times, but thinking back on that now, I realize that this can be quite refreshing, especially when compared to games that have a lot of hand-holding (...yes, children of the light have literal hand-holding, but that's beside the point ;-) ). In a way, I've missed being able to get lost in a game.

I'd like it if we became friends! Is your child... the third from the right?


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Best game mechanic, hand-holding. ;w;

And it's really fun to see a V-formation of sky children holding hands.


I had to revisit a few memories because I missed so much when I was a new player. When I did to certain spirits, I went "HOLD ON A DARN SECOND, THIS WAS A TRAGEDY". Looking at you tearful miner.


I'll send you a DM invite ^^
Just need to make one first ahaha.

Ooh very close but nope that's not me, though have a chocolate-covered biscuit sandwich~

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Sorry for inserting myself

Sorry for inserting myself into your conversation but me and my friends just have an out-of-no-where in depth conversation about the spirits memories recently. Like one of us just goes "Hang on the statue are suppose to be their d.ead body right?" and discussed how they di,ed. It made me realized a lot of them are quite  tragics, especially those ones in the wasteland. And the tearful miner one is indeed dark.


But my fav got to be the crab walk guy. The definition of "Mess around and find out" XD

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I used to play this game and I must admit, it's a unique one. Met my best buddy there. I loved how easy it was to express yourself even without chat unlocked, and playing melodies was one of my favorite activities. Unfortunately the social thing in it made me leave after a year of playing - it was too annoying for me that I needed other players' help to do the daily tasks and simply explore the world or do candle runs. Also, at some point it became boring for me because it lacks a gripping plot - I still don't know what this game was about, besides making friends and exploring. Altho I must admit, it's the most charming game I've ever played.


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