Anyone know how much UDT sheep give?

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Hello all,


So I have been playing the game for probably 8 years now and I must shamefully admit that I never managed to max out on UDT. It has never been important to me so I never really tried. But I have been bored and with nothing really better to do, I have decided that I will begin to at least make a consious effort. 


So, yeah. I know that sheep is the best way to get UDT fast, anyone know how much per sheep you get? 



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Sheep give 10 UDT points. So if you feed 4 sheep at a time, you'll get 40 UDT. Personally, I used 4 arctic foxes to farm points since they would give around 200 UDT.

I've also been playing for years and never hit max UDT until I decided to kick my butt and stop being lazy. Finally got there and you will too :)



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