Anyone have any idea when the new expansion is coming out ? Admins ?

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It's been quite a long time and the expansion is still not out im starting to wonder when it will come out :/ So many rumors went on in SoD people were saying the triple strike will come Tuesday which was yesterday, and some said the expansion will come last Thursday and Tuesday, none of that has happened though so I guess I should no longer believe these rumors and get my hopes up. It's kinda sad really. Usually the Devs at least give a release date it's always like that in any other game I have played but SoD never says anything they just let us wait and wait and wait and hope and then all of a sudden surprise us, I'm not saying surprises are bad but common don't torture us like that ;3 at least give us a release date it's been a long time now and I heard the triple strike was actually promised months ago but it never came. Anyone know anything or maybe any admin ? Common don't leave us hanging like that have mercy :P




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They're done, but...

They're done, but they aren't really out of the woods yet.


SoD is a multi-platform game, and thus is distributed to may app stores, such as Steam, Google Play, Itunes, Windows, and of course, the website. Not only does SoD have to explort the game onto these platforms, they have to upload and have the update reviewed in order for the game to be patched. They cannot just update through the in-game updater because of how large the expansion pack is, and of course the fact that there may be major bug fixes, as well as an engine update.


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I suppose your right and well

I suppose your right and well I know that, but look how long it's been, kinda starts to make you wonder, all that time ? Such a long time ? Oh well.

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This time is spent working on the Expansion Pack. Believe it or not, it does take a long time to code, write, model, design, test, export, and so on. Not to mention the small updates we've been getting, as well as the bug fixes and such.

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It will probably air next

It will probably air next week, or the one after that.

That way it will air together with the new season of race to the edge.




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Well no update yesterday and

Well no update yesterday and the next RTTE next season is coming next week, Expanison packs releases around the time new RTTE season comes out on the 25th likely to be next week or the week after RTTE new season has been released, also keep an eye out when new Expansions is releasing, sometimes there'll be no update a week before it comes out and Each Expansion is released is 6 months apart which is when new RTTE season comes out so RTTE and Expansion is released almost together 


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Guess il wait for the RTTE

Guess il wait for the RTTE season then maybe u guys are right.