Anyone else watch Voltron: Legendary Defender?

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Like the title says, does anyone else watch Voltron: Legendary Defender? I seem to remeber seeing a few fans of it on the forum and was wondering if anyone would want to talk about it. I'm like three episodes away from finishing (started watching it a little over two weeks ago) and its gotten really good. 

So yeah! Favorite charecters, favorite episodes, ideas/theories for season seven? Be warned, I am still kind of confused with everything in general, there were a few episodes where it got kind of late and I had to fight to keep my eyes open. 


But anyways, my main thing (and the main reason I made this thread, tbh) is that I just recieved the ground breaking news that Prince Lotor is evil. Okay, fine I guess it wasn't groundbreaking and it was sort of really predictable, but still, you know, I really thought that he and Princess Allura had a thing going there. And as someone whose main joy in watching a new show is to seek out the new ships and well, ship them, I was really dissapointed. Now I know that a lot of people also probably prefer Lance and Allura, which I get. I really do. But like, for me I just figured that Lance's charecter development and growth/maturity would come from having to accept that Lotor and Allura were together, among other things of course, and to be happy for her even if he had a big crush on her. Obviously, if you've seen season six it shows that his feelings for her werent so ordinary, and he really has developed because of that, but still, I expected that to be one of the big catalysts behind his change. Also, the whole ship with a villian turned good/possible villian was really something that I thought was cool. 

But then when it was revealed that he was evil (and btw I fully back that, this isn't me trying to make what he was doing morally right or anything) and the ship fell apart, right after there first kiss may I add (well, after I guess). Anyways, I just needed to rant about that, and I suppose now that my ship has gone to peices that it clears the way for Lance and Allura, but I really hope that he has a turn around and that Lance can come to accept that and find his own happiness (hes one of my favorite charecters) because to be quite honest, Lotor and Allura helping to lead the galaxy would just be awesome. 

Also, did anyone else think that Zarkon and Honevra/haggar's romance was like one of the most tragic things ever?


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Oh yes, i am a huge fan of Voltron (huge Lance stan and multishipper), if you check through my track you could even see I made a whole Voltron pack in SoD because I love it so much. Season 7 is coming real soon and is going to kill me more than Season 6 oof, every new season feels like a different show tbh.

As for ships, through my experience in all the fandoms I have been in and seen fighting over ships, it really is best to wait till the end to celebrate with whatever ship is canon. But you're always free to ship whatever you want no matter what's canon (technically every ship is canon with the other realities ya know c;). As for the whole thing with Lotor and Allura, the show is a reboot from the 80s, and Legendary Defender does stick true to the original, while also putting their own thing. In the original, Lotor and Allura never got together because it was mostly one sided back then, but yeah, it's not surprising if you look back. Of course though like I said, you're always free to ship it outside of canon. As for Lance and Allura, we really gotta wait and see what happens.

And yes Haggar and Zarkon, oof, gets my heart. I honestly can never bring myself to hate Haggar/Honerva no matter the terrible things she has done, and I just call her Edge Queen lol.



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"There will always be a Hiccup and Astrid. Always."

I did see that post, but that was before I really watched a lot of the show/knew what the heck was going on. It was really cool; you must be a really dedictated fan and your dragon choices were spot on! I really got my timing right with this show- I only have to wait five days for the next season as opposed to like six plus months. How many episodes is it gonna be, do you know?

Oh I never thought about that with the realities. That's one aspect that I really like about this show. Super interesting. After watching the last three episodes, I'm really fine either way. Lotor, man he really got psycho towards the end there. But I also read that his love for her is genuine, so you're right, well just have to wait and see. 

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Thank youu! c: and you sure did lol. Season 7 will be a total of 13 episodes like Season 1 and 2 and same for Season 8, the last season. 


And I'll be honest, i paused the show to scream how I called it when Lotor went bad again. He was introduced to be manipulative and keep secrets, do what he thinks is best, and for him to suddenly turn good. Yeah, had my suspicions. Also, I love Romelle, and can't wait to see more of her (and krolia and the wolf aaa)

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Spoiler Warning.

I'm gonna comment here because there are not enough comments on this thread. I watch Voltron and gosh do I love it! Sorry RTTE but this is actually my faverite animated Netflix series, but you'll still be my #2 faverite.


And yes, about the Zarkon/Haggar thing, their relationship reminds me of of a retold Shakespear story. Bittersweet pretty much, but pretty tragic. However, what I have been paying attention to was her relationship with Lotor. I wonder how she feels now that he's in another dimention, power hungry, and probably dead. She seems to despise him but showed affection a few times.


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"There will always be a Hiccup and Astrid. Always."

Oh my gosh I know! With Haggar/Honevra, it was cool how she almost kind of went back to normal but then when Lotor refused to accept her that was heartbreaking. I mean, I get where he's coming from, I probably wouldn't accept her either (at least not at first) but still... poor Haggar/Honevra. Like, I can't even imagine being rejected by a son you didn't even know you had after your husband died when he forgot you were married?? Definatley like Shakespeare.

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I really love Voltron:

I really love Voltron: Legendary Defenders! I've never seen the original series on which its based, but I do like the storytelling in it. It's probably my second favorite animated series on Netflix currently (my favorite being Trollhunters).


When it comes to shipping, I'm a go-with-the-flow kind of person. I don't really "ship" so much as just like stories and want characters to be happy should something start to develop within the story. With that said, my reaction to the rollercoaster that was Allura/Lotor was pretty much "What a twist!"


My favorite character for the moment, I think, is Lance. Ironically, he was originally my least favorite character. I just found him so annoying in the first few episodes and found myself grumbling about how kids' shows seem to constantly think kids need a character that's annoyingly arrogant and a bit censored to be relatable. (Seriously, not a trend I like.) But they developed him so well. Lance had the most character growth of anyone so far. We've come to see through the series that his apparent arrogance comes from insecurity and a desire to prove himself. He puts the team's needs above his own, and while he's a good follower to leaders he believes him, he will immediately take a leadership role when the role is vacant. And as I've come to understand more where he's coming from, I've come to find his humor actually amusing rather than annoying. He's so well-rounded, and I find myself cheering him on more and more with every season. Realizing he has "greatness within him," as Allura put it, was so gradually and subtly done that I didn't see it coming, but now it's clear as day that Lance is a heroic character who, even though flawed, always gives it his all.


That said, I really love just the writing of this show in general and all the characters in it. Everyone here is a 3-dimensional character with a rich history that unfolds at a gradual pace that allows the audience to keep up. Allura could have just been the generic "princess" character, but she's actually very nuanced, a character trying to hold everything together and find something to believe in even in the wake of the loss of her family, people, and culture and has to overcome understandable prejudice. Shiro is a seasoned explorer and soldier who has been used and abused and carries trauma but still keeps fighting for what he thinks is right. Keith is his surrogate little brother who has struggled with identity and family from the start but still has faith in those who have stood by him, namely Shiro. From the start, Pidge has her own motivation, a desire to rescue her own family that has driven her from the start of this crazy journey but finds a higher purpose on the way. Hunk, while not carrying a lot of the baggage of the others, has the closest connection to the people they are trying to save and believes in helping others regardless of the risk but he's still constantly having to get over the fact that doing that makes him rather nervous.


There's also so many things that just make the world more believable. The show acknowledges that defeating the Big Bad Emperor is not the end of the story. An empire is driven to conquer due to a need for resources, and that need doesn't go away just because you remove a dictator. It also acknowledges that creating a power vacuum in leadership and shaking an empire's unity has consequences that need to be addressed. We also look at the situations of the worlds that were conquered and how people may react to that, good or bad. Everyone's motivations are connected to the greater political and economic situations of their worlds. This adds a layer of realism to the situations that Voltron faces. It's something that is missing in a lot of shows, whether for adults or children, and I really appreciate any work that addresses this.


Also, having this heavy layer of realism and relatability in the characters and situations makes the many, many instances of faulty space physics easier to swallow. They're still fun to nitpick, though. XD


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"There will always be a Hiccup and Astrid. Always."

I agree with what you said about charecter development and Lance. I just finsihed watching the last three episodes of season 6 (wow, I did not think that I would be that sad after they had to sacrafice the castle, I told myself that I wouldn't get emotional with this show but I think its catching up to me), and I am really excited for Season 7. Lance's development really shined in these episodes, and yeah, all of the charecters are multi-dimensional and well written, unlike a lot of shows today. And even after Zarkon was defeated, I agree that it showed that not everything is solved by that, and also that it was realistic with how politics would really work. 

Lance and Allura are probably some of my favorite charecters, btw. But also, Coran, and Lotor, and Honevra(but not Haggar if that makes any sense) and I forget their names but two of Lotor's generals, the one that knew what was going on the whole time and the red one (gosh I sound so undereducated right now).


Also, unrelated kind of, but Trollhunters?? OH my gosh yes! I just started watcing it kind of (again, sister watched it first and then I thought it looked good) and the part when SPOILER Jim becomes a troll??? Like what?? Heck I've only seen like parts of three episodes but Jim and Claire is already so cute!! It makes me sad that they can't like have a family or live in the human world or anything, but I mean at least they're together?.?. What the heck. I can discuss this in full detail later when I actually watch it...

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UM YES??  








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Season 7

Okay, I know that I already posted like a ton on this thread, but does anyone have any theories that they would like to share about Season 7? My sister mentioned one about Lotor working for someone else and how that somehow connects with that part in the Monstors and Mana episode?? I dont know, thats just an example honestly. Just trying to pass the time between now and Friday, only five more days!!!


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I don't really have any theories considering most I find are just ship ones, but I do suggest watching someone called Fictional Crystals and her videos on Voltron. I really like listening to them while I'm doing things time to time.

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A sub-what? Sub-sandwich? Sub-Way? I'm hungry :)

I think the Earth might be Galra controlled. How I theorize this is that notice in the first episode, the Galra scout ship was just damaged by the Blue Lion, but not destroyed. It managed to leave Earth with the ship drifting toward it. It'll be more like the original series more sinse the Galra invasion in the original series took place on Earth. (Legendary Defender tends to reference of the original series several times)

Another thing, in the game Halo, Earth is a rich planet. It would not be a surprise that the Galra would want to get their hands on it since they want to gt their hands on an independant rich planet. I brought Halo in this because most of V:LD's technological design and cultures were heavily Halo inspired. I would expect they make Earth the rich planet in resources that the Galra would find this good for growng their empire... and the Earth's lack of defenses against an invasion.


They're coming back to Earth, there is another season, we haven't seen the Earth all series, I think there will be something going on there. That's the only theory I have.

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Okay, I'm gonna be up the whole night to finish it (I need to know what will become of Lotor and the ship) so if anyone wants to talk about it with my delirious sleep deprived self, I will be up for it!


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Yes i have been watching

Yes i have been watching Voltron since season one was put on Netflix and after i watched the first season i was like O.O that is rlly good. Im currenly in season eight but still an amazing series. turns out Shiro dies but comes bck alive and Lotor dies but i think he might come some how he was killed inside the quintessence feild. The castle of Lions i think it was shrunk to such a small size that the lions cant be charged to full power and they cant turn into Voltron again until the Lions are recharged. At the  beggining of season eight is when Shiro comes alive again and when they to head to Earth to hopefully recharge the lions and restore the castles full size. On there way to Earth they run into some of Lotor's old generals and they are locked up and it is up to Koran to save them along with the Mice and the teleporting Wolf. So far that is as far as i have gotten in season eight but still one heck of an amazing recreations of the original Voltron wich was made in the 1980s, the best recreation IMO.

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I just finished the show a

I just finished the show a couple of weeks ago so I came here to search for some fans I could talk to and I found this thread. So umm, hello. VLD is amazing!!! Well written, fun and entertaining, the characters are very well written, gotta love that character development they gave Lance and Keith. I kinda miss how Season 1 and 2 were, I don’t know, I kinda liked Lance with Blue and Keith with Red. I mean things are better now and Keith is more of a leader and it would be going a rank down if he went back to Red but I do miss Lance and Blue. Another thing about S1 and S2 is that they were a bit more funny and lighthearted, then the other seasons were just like “Is this even a kids show anymore?! People are dying! This is sad!”. I do wish they add more fun episodes rather then episodes of them constantly fighting the Galra. But hey I can’t change anything so I shouldn’t be mad. As someone else mentioned before me about not being very into shipping and I’ll have to agree. This fandom is very shippy (is that even a word?), I mean they ship quite a bit, Klance being the most popular. I personally don’t ship a lot of the characters and I just enjoy the show for what it is, I can clearly see that Allurance might become canon and I don’t really like that, I don’t know I just feel like they wouldn’t really make a good couple. Kinda like the rest of the crew, like Plance, Punk, Shieth, (I could go on forever). I just see them as friends and family ya know? Like space dad with his space children. I mean Klance is adorable but I just don’t see it when I watch the show. I also heard about the drama of (s7 spoilers) Shadam(Shiro and Adam). Fans were attacking the voice actors and the directors, it’s just a show, I understand some people thought that Killing Adam was a thing against the LGBT community, it wasn’t, it really wasn’t. 

Besides that it’s a great show(and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t really watch anime).

(also did I hear Trollhunters?! I love that show!).



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