anyone else having a problem with the store?

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80% of the time I can't seem to access the store on PC, it gets stuck loading and then gives me a server call time out error. It always works on mobile so I don't think it's my internet, and sometimes it works just fine but it's never consistent.


Very annoying having to switch between versions just to look at store items :P



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I think it may be a problem with the PC platform. I'm also on mobile and the store works fine as in for right now.
I hope this problem resolved for you soon and can get fixed though. :)


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Here's my mini-story, hope you enjoy! Big thanks to Magma8417 for helping me with this!

~The Ancient Encounter~

There was once a Viking named Sky, and one day she was flying around. Until she came across this strange island, and decided to land there to explore. She came around to find an underground... Ruin? It looked as if it was a cenote. So she entered this weird place, with curiousity.Then, she found a bridge. So Sky decided to cross this bridge, looking around seeing how beautiful this place was, as it's unlike anything she's seen before.She crossed the bridge to where she saw a giant statue. Before entering, she had chosen to look at this wall, but instead got into a cage! There and then, Sky saw an Ancient-looking wearing gold armor... and had wings! This Ancient person was standing on a pedestal, almost like a statue. Sky stared at this person in worry. She was thinking going to this place was a mistake. The Ancient person walked up to the cage and stared at Sky. As the Ancient Person said "I'll let you go under ONE condition." Sky just started, with nothing to say. The Ancient person yet again spoke, saying "Don't touch anything and never return!" Sky nodded in shock. The Ancient let Sky free. Sky gave the Ancient an Intense stare for a few seconds, leaving. Never to return again.

The End! Thank you for taking your time to read this, I very much  appreciate it! Headmaster.. let's say I'm getting Revenge.

Well, lets just say I was cbed when I did this. 

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