Anyone else actually like Dagur?

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Okay, I'm just wondering, am I the only one who actually likes Dagur? Is that just me...or? I'm pretty sure there are other people, but I just haven't seen them around. Now (SPOILER ALERT) at the end of the 2nd season of Rtte, Dagur almost seems like he'll be a good guy. I'm hoping he is, or actually allies with the riders for a short period of time. I'd also really like to see Dagur and the Skrill as another dragon and rider pair. What do you guys think? Am I the only that actually does like Dagur, or are there other people rooting for the bad guy?

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Yeah Dagur is actually my

Yeah Dagur is actually my second favorite character in the Franchise, mainly because of well obvious reasons (the Dragon he likes). Yeah it did seem that he was a little good, If so I hope we do see Dagur and a Skrill dragon rider pair.


Also by the looks of you siggy it seems you to have become a Skrill fan XD welcome aboard.

Edit: And lol the gif in your siggy of the Skrill going supersonic was made by me XD. No need for credit though, just sayin.





















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Oh, sorry. I just found a

Oh, sorry. I just found a bunch of random Skrill gifs on Google.

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Spoiler Alert.

[Dagur will actually team up with the riders in the later season.] Select between the [ ] to reveal the spoiler.


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Don't worry, you're not alone. I rather the bad guys more than the good guys, strangely enough. I hope Dagur trains the Skrill in a future RTTE episode; that would be epic! And I hope he stays a bad guy because I can't see him as a good one.

Btw, welcome aboard fellow Skrill fan.


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Of course! I am all for the villians, antagonists, dark sides, yadda yadda. Love Dagur, the archenemy of Hiccup. Teehee. I don't know why I like the dark sides, but WHOOPDIDOO, I do. Haha.



Ps. Not a devil worshipper. Nor am I goth or emo, scene, etc. Just, good isn't for me.


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I'm glad there are actually

I'm glad there are actually other people in the Dagur/Berserker/Skrill/Antogonist fan club. My other favorite character is Viggo, lol. I'm also completely for the evil guys, it's a semi-normal trait. I was honestly kind of expecting some person to come shouting about how Hiccup is so much better than Dagur and that Dagur's evil and he shouldn't get a dragon.

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"God, I wish you didn't have to forget."



Bring it on, protagonist-lovers. ;)

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Well, of course Hiccup is the

Well, of course Hiccup is the better person than Dagur, but having a bad guy that can really match him is half the fun!


Dagur is evil, but that's why he's fun. He shouldn't get a dragon, but that's because he would treat the dragon horribly. We should relate to hero characters for more than villains, but villains - especially difficult and complex villains - make it so much easier to root for the good guy and present a world of conflict and challenge. Without villains, there's so little interest or investment in most stories. They're often more interesting than the heroes because something made them into terrible people. We shouldn't necessarily admire them, but we love them in our stories! Great villains for the win! ^_^


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I do actually like Dagur, and it'd be pretty cool to see him with the Skrill. But, I still am for the protagonists (sorry!) and probably always will be. But I do enjoy deep and interesting antagonists, so Dagur is one of my favorites. 


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Yes, I do

I do like Dagur, I even liked him as a villain, crazy but hilarious! But yes I would love to see him with Heather or working with dragon riders!



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Depends on the point of view. From an author's perspective, yes. He's very unique and he displays an interesting set of traits that bind him together to make a unique character.


From a personal viewpoint, I don't. I like Viggo because i'm more for the deep characters with subtle, weird sides. The sides you have to really notice before you can properly analyze them.



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Apart from the whole... Murdering his family thing and death to all dragons and such... Yeah I guess he's a pretty good character! But if I were living in the HTTYD universe, I'd be very... VERY disturbed.


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Yes, I tend to have soft spots for bad guys. But Dagur is a bit far on the scale. I think the only reason is because he kinda creeps me out with his eyes. Other than that, I'm hoping Dagur will come around. 


Also, anybody else see him going through rehab and befriending Bucket because Bucket is in the same thing because of his traumatic brain loss thing and then he doesn't pick up on Dagur's anger and then they just become the bestest friends?!


Ahem... Yea. 


Bucket and Dagur friendship. My brain is weird. 



I like other villains too though. 


Pitch Black, Evil Bewilder Beast, Mordu, Mangle, Foxy, etc. 



And there's like a whole fandom based on Loki right? 



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Dagur and Bucket, best friends! This needs to happen!

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I am so going to write a one-shot about this later. XD

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Is this a spoon of surrender?

Do I like him as a person? No. He's murdered entire islands. I'm concerned if anyone likes him as a person.


But as a character? He is freakin' AWESOME! Just so much fun! He's one of those bad guys you just love to hate!


Honestly, I'm torn on whether I want him to redeem himself. Part of the fun for me is him being totally and utterly insane, and the fact that he cares about his sister just makes his villainy all the more enjoyable. Villains with a light side are always more interesting than those that are pure evil.


I'm surprised Skrill fans like him so much, though. I figured you guys would hate him for how he's treated the Skrill.


Also..."spoon of surrender."


That is all. XD

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Yeah... I like Dagur...


I remember from RTTE episode 12 after the attack on the Dragon Hunters (This was in the beggining of the episode) then Dagur started talking about Viggo Grimborn, he just said his name in such a funny tone! At that moment i was just like:


Okay, Dagur is now officially my favourite character XD


I dont know, is it because he can make himself sound funny or what?


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That was funny

'...Now let's go and meet this Viggo Grimborn' (Dagur laughs, very weirdly)

that scene and when Dagur says Viggo's name was very funny but I still prefer another quote!

'Spoons! They are dropping spoons! Why are they dropping spoons?! What does this mean?! Does this mean the Spoon of surrender?!' 

that is my favourite quote and funniest Dagur moment!!

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Spoon of Surrender FOR THE WIN!!!!

I completely agree! XD