Any My Little Pony fans out there?

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I started watching the show in 2013, and I'm glad about it, otherwise none of their amazing songs would be in my Spotify playlist, and I would not have the DVDs, either!


Anyway, this thread is mostly for people here to come and discuss ponies! I'm looking forward to S6, E7 on Saturday! Plus, you can check out my Dailymotion video channel if you want!


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Title: The Phantom Skrill Rider


Name: Azyru

Species: Skrill

Gender: Female

Color: Gray with Purple Highlights

Titan Wing Color: Black, white spines, and turquoise blue highlights

Eye Color: Violet

Viking Companion/Sister: Firesome



Bio (Firesome):

Firesome is a young girl who had been a slavegirl to Grimmel for ten years since she was stolen away from her family by him when Grimmel raided her home island, killing her parents. She finds her freedom after meeting a fierce young female Skrill who she sets free and calls Azyru after the two form a secret bond. They escape together outwitting Grimmel's Deathgrippers and going as far as they can away from their tormenter. While resting on a small island, Firesome receives a vision from her real birth father, the Mighty Thor, and he tells her to journey to an island of Dragon Riders.

After months of traveling and bonding, Firesome and her new bond sister dragon Azyru happen on the island of Berk, meeting Chief Hiccup who takes an interest in Firesome's strong connection, almost as strong as him and Toothless, and offers her to train dragons and ride alongside other students in their School of Dragons.



Bio (Azyru):

Azyru is a Skrill who once lived fierce and free, ruling the skies until Grimmel shot her down, the Deathgripper sedative knocking her out, and wakes in a cage. She befriends a strange young slavegirl that Azyru grows very attatched to after a time, and when Firesome breaks her free, she vows to protect her like a big sister. The two would fly together for a long time.



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3. Icebane - (Male Skrill - Thirdborn son, the Lone Wolf icestorm Skrill)


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6. Stryka - (Female Titan Sand Fury)

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*suddenly gets the urge to draw ponies*

I'm not completly obsessed with it like I used to be, but I do still watch it. Maybe not right when they come out... but eventually. :P


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I didn't realise s6 came out!

I didn't realise s6 came out! :O



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I am here!

I am a BIG mlp fan. I started watching it in the start of 2011. I am waiting for a new episode this Suturday! 






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Yes and no

I love My Little Ponies. I have since I was very little. As for the new ones they have out now, they are grotesque clones of the beauty that My Little Ponies once were. I wish they would bring back the originals and stop trying to compete with other uglified toys. Not saying anything badd about you. Please don't take it personal. That's just my honest opinion. The orignals were beautiful! The new ones are Not!


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Yes and no! 


I loved G1 until G3, but G4 is a bit off-putting mainly because of its fanbase. I used to make and sell custom dolls. I was getting tired of people hating on my craft and once G4 happened EVERYONE started doing it because of "muh pony OC" Horribly and cheaply, and people generally don't care about quality, apparently, so I wasn't able to sell them for a decent price anymore.


The animation is cute and definitely teaches kids good lessons. If only the animation quality was on-par I'd probably like it more. Still, it's not really my cup of tea. Maybe it's my age, maybe it's just my personal preferences.


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I am! I love making OC's and

I am! I love making OC's and I've even been thinking about trying to start up a roleplay..


Art by thedeadlydragon


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Unicorns ran into my title.

Season 6 isn't as good as the other seasons, but I still watch it ^^ I have a big wooden chest full of G3, G2 and G1 ponies from when my mum was little too, as well as a bunch of vintage annuals from like 1987.


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Luv it!...^^

Haven't seen the newest season yet, but I'm sure I'll like it; I just prefer until I have alot I can binge watch at once. I'm not obsessive about making OC after OC, but I do have my lovely Arkaina Shimmer, and before anyone sais anything HUSH about Sunset Shimmer, they're NOT related. I came up with the name Arkaina Shimmer waaaay before they introduced her or I even heard about her, the fact that they just HAD to take that originality away from me annoyes the censored out of me. If I can I'll post the drawing I did of her later; she's beauuuutifuul!.. c:
On another note I still also have plans to cosplay Rarity too, but only after Boa Hancock, Rize Kamishiro, Rory Mercury, and Weiss Schnee..X3


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The beauties you see below are just a few of my shining gems from my Flight Rising account; Meet Gryph, Dante, Naiko, Inori, Accord, Daemon, Slade, And Weiss:

The answer to your question is "Yes." ~ The pics below are indeed the girl behind ManahArkaina! X3

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My little sister had the G1

My little sister had the G1 movie back when we were younger, so I watched it on occasion.  It wasn't great, but I did at least enjoy it.  The franchise fell off my radar though until G4 came out, and even then it was halfway to season 2 before I said "What is the big deal about this anyways?"


5 seasons later and I'm still enjoying it.  This was the series that made me start organizing and writing down OCs instead of just throwing myself into a story without proper context.  Also the one to temper my involvement with canon events if at all possible, so hopefully they're at least reasonable to an outside observer.


Unlike the common perception of G4 fans however, I respect (with varying levels) the previous generations and don't just rag on them...with the exception of Newborn Cuties. -shudder-  Everything else has at least a little merit.

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Would anyone be interested in

Would anyone be interested in like a Next Gen RP? You wouldn't have to be specifically from the Mane 6 but if you wanted to you could. Like I would be ok with pairings as long as they don't conflict with each other. (Like Soarin can't be paired with Applejack if someone already calls RD x Soarin)

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A fan since

I have been a fan since 2014 and the first episode I watched was A Canterlot Wedding Part 2,and when I finished watching it I had to watch the rest.

































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