Ansim's Fishing Adventures

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Hey SoD People!


Ever since I first started playing (last year before the new locations of the farm and such), I had since been fishing on my small fishing spot in farm. It's private and you can fish out all kinds of fish in the farm (if you're lucky) but I had missed fishing outside of my small spot. So I had started a habit on finding new areas to fish and took screen shots to show it. Hope you Enjoy!


First is in the School Ground.



I remember when I first started, there were plenty of other new players too and this place was packed of first time fishers just like me! Now I hardly see anyone fish in this spot (though I hardly pass by here anymore, heh) and it's sad since it is a very picture-esque place to fish. The two waterfalls and the scenery overall feels like a perfect place to have a picnic (and just over by that tree there's a campfire near it).


A very peaceful place to go fishing (just ask that dragon over there!) :)


Second, in the Wilderness.



I confess, I did not know this place by this waterfall offerred a large percent of salmon if I had not seen it from a post in the forum.


It is not marked by the map but it isn't hard to figure out. I recommend an advanced rod to use in this place as salmon is one of the hardest fishes to catch (not so easy still with the advanced rod but better than the old rod). This place can help you complete for the salmon trophy in your achievement page. It offers 500 gold and fifteen UDT as the final offer (not a lot but its your dragon who'll get the most out of it). It's also one of my favorites since they incorporated the feel of salmon trying to jump over the waterfall. And if you fish on the rock next to the wall, you'll get a view of other people and their dragons sometimes flying pass.


And Thirldy is in the Training Ground.



This, I think, is a particularly hard spot to fish but the bridge themed fishing spot feels very nice.


The line looks to be a little longer than usual (or is it just me?) and the fish here is from ocean deep, meaning harder fish to catch than the ones in lake waters (or again, is it just me?). I do not recommend for first time players (practice first or you'll get your line snapped a large percent at a time) but I do recommend to the long time players.


It is next to the Thunder Racing building which means if you run out of food for your dragon, it isn't a far place to run to. Not to mention, the feel of fishing on a bridge makes it look very much like an professional fisherman, does it not? (Well, I certainly do so. Nothing says fisherman like a spot on a bridge :D)


And there is the three fishing spots that I've tried. Others may contain similar feels, but I've yet to fish on them! I'm certainly excited for that!


Never knew fishing could be so fun for me and for my dragon -- they get to eat different types each time.


I also had a blast fishing in Ice Storm Island when I got the new version. Want me to show it to you? well.. maybe next time.


Thank you for reading and hope that you'll also try to make a habit in fishing on new locations. It's scenic and you get to bond with your dragons more! (At least, I did. :D) Bye!


- Story of Ansim -


Just like Hiccup, Ansim was the weakest of his tribe.

He was a son of their clan's cheiftain and had two brothers before him. And as a son of a chieftain, they were required to contribute and help manage the people of their clan, including leading the fight to kill dragons whenever they 'attacked'. But for some reason, despite having blood relations to their most fearsome viking warriors of their clan, Ansim did not like killing dragons nor fighting in general and after having said so, he was often ignored by his clan and his family (though there are those times that his father and occasionally his brothers' talk).


Having been ignored, he used his free time (whenever he can skip warrior training class) to explore the wilderness outside his father's territory which became a favorite past time of his and eventually found a wounded Deadly Nadder hiding in a cave (which he figured was injured during the last 'attack').


Of course, at first he was startled and scared, but after hiding behind a rock and not moving for minutes (he thought as hours), he noticed that the wounded dragon had no intention of eating him nor acknowledge him at all as it was only focused on the injured wing. Ansim, being the caring sort for wounded animals and thus having experience, couldn't just leave the dragon alone, so for weeks, he used his free time to nurse the dragon until it's wing was in working order.


He started slow at first, bringing food to the dragon and just watching the dragon eat and sleep from up on a branch of a tree he'd climb on. He stood guard for the dragon, shooing away any possible threats that might come to harm the healing dragon; wether from other dragons (which ended up as him being scared sh*tless but thankful for surviving) and humans that might find the wounded dragon. Eventually after weeks, he came to find himself lying down next to the dragon as they both relaxed in the cave.


Though it seemed peaceful, in the end, the dragon he was so carefully hiding got found by his second older brother while he was in class (which he couldn't skip less his father ground him). He raced towards the cave using a shortcut and tried to get the dragon to fly away with his fully healed wing. But for some reason, the dragon was stubborn to leave him and was eventually caught by his father and clan's men. In a moment of shocked silence and adrenaline, he jumped on the dragon's back and together flew away from his homeland.


They traveled together, flying from land to land with Ansim never looking back but knowing that his guilty conscience of up and leaving without a word will forever be on his mind, and with that, Cross (the name he gave the dragon) landed on an island he never thought was possible. An island filled with dragons and humans RIDING on their backs. (He almost fainted that day).


On that island which he learned was named Berk, he was greeted by Hiccup and his team of dragon riders and also learned of the academy they had (they had a whole island for it!). He joined and learned a whole bunch from the dragon riders and their dragons. It was then that he also heard of Hiccup being a son of a cheiftain like him.


With the guilt still riding deep in his heart Ansim told hiccup of his story (a bit relunctantly) with a promise to never tell another soul but Hiccup being himself decided that Ansim needed to go back to his clan and thus told his father, chieftain of Berk. Of course Ansim was mad but hesitantly agreed with Stoik to go back to his island to explain the situation and maybe change their views of dragons with the help of the academy's students.


It wasn't easy at first, changing the view of vikings, but like how Ansim bonded with his dragon, the change went slow. Hiccup and the other students stayed on their island and helped drive back the dragons 'attacking' their village with their dragons and figured out the reason for this. It took a while but the people started coming around to their ways and Ansim, with the help of Stoik gained back his Father's and brother's love and respect for him.


Ansim's clan hasn't changed much, but with the help of Berk, the 'attacks' started to lessen and people weren't anymore hostile of Cross as they were before. Now Ansim goes back and forth (with a representative of Berk) to and from the academy to learn more about dragons and help maintain the peace as a job of a cheiftain's son would.