Another "Get off my Chest" thing: Ultimate CN Rant

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Another thing, I have things to say about this. If you don't have cable or TV you can still read this to know what's going on. Here we go.


As it can be appropriate due to the fact that HTTYD was aired before on Cartoon Network, however, I remember all the way back from where Dexter's Laboratory and Code name: Kids next door aired. Those were the earliest shows I remember. Though back then every show was played equally and and evenly advertised, or at least most.


If I were to look back from Cartoon Network than and look at it now, I would jump off a cliff. I mean REALLY??? Ok, after every TV show I watch since a little child I grew up with this Channel. This is my Childhood! No longer can I get those shows anymore, all because of one overplayed, advertised show. Teen Titans Go!
As the original series that first aired in 2006, I remember watching every episode and it was really good. It was complex and action-packed, that was the first comic series I've ever watched. It got me into DC and Marvel comic series and movies. Seeing this abomination, it doesn't deserve Cartoon Network! But there is a problem.
If you ever been to Cartoon Network for at least 2 Minutes, it is very likely that you've seen a Teen Titans Go commercial. Making a new episode about every event, EVEN daylight savings, and worse, they personify everything and has the most ridiculous lessons. There are plenty of reasons to hate this show if you are or are not a fan of the original series.
I did some research on the channel and counted that this channel airs 14 hours a day, in which Adult Swim fills in the gap (though it used to be Boomerang that took hold of the airing gap before it died on April Fools 2000, though some people hoped it wasn't true but it was no joke).
As this pie chart says below (Made as accurate as I could get, it might be slightly off)...
Teen Titans go plays more then any show/movie combined.
A typical weekday, Teen Titans Go plays 5.5 hours in the 14 hour period each day. But it increases in a replayed marathon. Every marathon consists 80% or 100% of the whole channel, but luckily it only lasts a day (Most of the time).
The Amazing World of Gumball is second place with 12.8 percent playing sometimes in the morning and at night followed by another hour of Teen Titans Go, then its We Bare Bears. Amazing World of Gumball is an awesome show, at least Cartoon Network has a little clarity. We Bare Bears isn't too bad, its not cringy but not the best show.
The saddest thing is, do you see the popular shows barely seen on the top? Do you see the purple Adventure Time bar? Like Steven Universe, Adventure time only plays one episode and never replays it (or rarely). I'm not even a fan of Adventure Time and even I'm calling for justice! What!? Didn't expect that did you?
Steven Universe would have to be my favorite show in Cartoon Network, narrowly passing Regular Show and Amazing World of Gumball. Did you know that a new episode plays at 7:00PM (EST) every Friday? If not, its because of Teen Titans Go that overplays their shows and taking over the schedule and advertisements. Literally the only advertisement that ever said that Steven Universe is having a new episode is a small icon in the top right corner a HALF an HOUR BEFORE the episode begins! I found the icon by watching Magiswords (My older sister likes that show because its weird. I mean, its better then some airing shows).
Next step in this rant, I said that I'm a good fan of Regular Show. Because of the amount of time I didn't have cable I missed about half the series. When I got cable back, I heard it was ending. My reaction: "WHAAAAAAAAAAATTT!!!???? :'<". Let me drift into the point. Usually, if the show is not canceled, when a series ends it plays a marathon to get you all hyped up for the finale. This could be a chance to catch up. But what happened, Teen Titans Go played most of the day and the finale of Regular Show only played ONCE after the constantly replayed TTG episodes stopped airing. Does Cartoon Network care about their viewers anymore?
I watched it on YouTube because I missed half of it (Sling was stupid). I read the comments and everybody was taking it out on Teen Titans Go. I kinda agree on them because they kinda overplayed and it takes over more then half the channel. Ever since that show started it completely changed the channel's airing. I would take it out on them if they stopped the Amazing World of Gumball. If they end Steven Universe, who's with me to form a rebellion? Not against the voice actors, I'll explain next paragraph.
Do you know, the voice actors of TTG doesn't like the show they're voicing in? Because they played in the Original series, as an actor you sign a contract for certain occasions and they get sued if they don't follow the contract. So basically the voice actors are being forced to voice the characters D:. Please, put them out of their misery! They hate the show as much as we do! SAVE THEY'RE CHILDREN!!!
There is going to be new shows. However, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs' concept kinda bothers me. For instance, didn't he meet the weather girl during the movie when he was hiding from society and she kicked him on the eyes and screaming in agony (*putting that the wrong way*), not in a high school auditioning for a science fair? I would watch it, just because I love the police guy. He's still amazing! But relatively inaccurate to the real story. I'm just gonna brainwash myself and say that it took place after the movie.
Also, a heads up. Infinity Train. Another show what MIGHT be featured on Cartoon Network. Lots of people expect a rock bottom for Cartoon Network at this time but a debate is rising if this could actually SAVE Cartoon Network. This is not like any other show on Cartoon Network I've seen, not even Steven Universe (Well, kinda). This could even make up of the time TTG plays and the death of Regular Show. As Infinity Train is already getting plenty of positive feedback as it was released an unadvertised preview once and now BOOMING on YouTube. It is expected to get the same treatment as Steven Universe and Adventure Time.
(Click this picture to view the preview of the show.)
I would not live if this show would not be aired.... :|
If you liked my rant, I do have a Nickelodeon and Netflix topic to share. I have some things to say about them too.
(If you clicked the link and saw the preview, tell me what you think. If you don't like it, its fine. Everybody has different opinions)

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In fact Before Cartoon Network bring good old show before they change it


but I don't like those new show from Cartoon Network it boring now ;-;






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I love childhood of Danny Phantom, Samuri Jack, Kid next door, Inspector gadget and more old show now they gone ;-;

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Did you know they're continuing Samuri Jack? Its going to be on Adult Swim because they're aiming to the same audiance. It's expected come out on the 11th.

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Yea I heard that it will be good but I still want know what Jack real name 

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Even though I live in Greece, I used to have a satellite and CN was one of the channels it included. Whatever happened over there, I have to say that no matter the popularity of a show, each bit of what's played on the channel should be on an equal basis. Yes, some of the shows in CN are not perfect but that doesn't mean the whole series should be cancelled, because the fan base could be larger than what it seems. Imo TTG should've been aired properly like the other shows. I still can't watch Powerpuff Girls and Gumball because of it. And when it's aired, it's only at a time when I'm asleep for school.


I also have rants for Nickelodeon, but far more than CN. Their schedule isn't really suitable in the Greek channel too. I mean, there are kids' series after midnight, wha??


That aside, Infinity Train should be green-light'ed. I love it!




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This is just so true, it just takes out everything enjoyable from CN and i dont even want to turn my TV on anymore.


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