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I have a question about the ending time on races?


This happened recently to me:


I was in my second lap and suddenly full racing results were displayed on the Racing Board that popped up on my screen. The reason I ask, is because I never saw a screen warning message telling me I had only so many seconds left to complete the race. I am aware that you will receive such messages, when you are nearing the ending time for race, and you are behind in that race,


But in this race, I had no such waring message, so I am wondering why the race ended so suddenedly. 


I have received warning message before, but none appeared during this specfic race. Sorry, I also have no picture or video to verify what did or did not happened. 


But, I am curious enough to ask if other players might have experience similar events where a race ends suddenly with no time warning message prior to the race's end.


Just curious!

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If you don’t mind me asking

Did you lose trophies?


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Strange. But it is possible you may be so focused on the race that you didn't notice the completion timer and it popped up unexpectedly. Something like that happened to me before.


If that was surely not the case, then I have no clue. I've stopped playing this game months ago to experience it myself. My apologies.


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Hello there,


it sounds like all the other people in that race left. When in a race and everyone but you leaves, it immediately ends the game popping up the board and showing you win. Unless- if you lost trophies that race, then maybe someone had a timer glitch and left the race. If they were the only other one there, then perhaps thats why u didn't get a warning note. That would only be if you lost trophies though. If u gained trophies, then most likely what I described first happened. 

hope this helps,



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Hmm, I probably did loose trophies . . .

Hmm, I probably did loose trophies . . . but that would be normal since I came in 4th, 5th or 6th place (don't remember where I placed, but there were 6 places listed.). So no problem with lost trophies. I know I was in the back of the race.


True I might have missed any messages displayed! 


I guess the lead racers finished the race and everything just ended, showing all the players in order of their time at the end ot the race.


Thanks for info, everyone!!!