annoyance with feeding/watering

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so when i get a new animal or plant placed into pen/pot i click on it and nothing happens jost keeps shading yellow.


the anoying thing is i have to keep leaving my farm and returning just to feed or water my new animal/crop.


am i the only one having this problem



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No you aren't. I have the same problem on my PC, too.... I wonder how this can be fixed.....?


Just a tip though, when you buy seeds, buy some extras, but don't plant them yet. Leave farm like you always do. When you return to the farm with those "extra" seeds that you may want to plant, plant it and it should work fine without you needing to leave farm for it again this time.

Just have every one of each kind of seeds in your planting-inventory everytime and it should be fine.


(Sorry if this is a bit confusing.......)