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The update in the play store revealed it. Here is the golden dragon. It doesnt look so bad in my opinion but its still not my taste. So I can finally use the saved gems to buy some other dragons I dont have yet.

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And people thinking hybrids were bad lol

I tried to warn, but no one listened.... It doesn't fit the HTTYD style at all...there's a quest where we can see the dragon in full body and it's...simply unpalatable

it's not worth the effort of the event for this thing.

worst dragon ever

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We're doomed, dooooommed!

At first I thought it wasn't too bad... then I saw a full body. It looks plastic and harmless, like they put a toy figurine in the game. It's a healer, but not even the Tideglider looks that defenseless and vulnerable in the world of fire, ice, rock, lightning, lava, venom, boiling high pressure water, earsplitting sound, amber, paralyzing mist, and acid wielding dragons with giant horns, long claws, and massive fangs. Tidegliders can reasonably at least blow back or bruise an enemy with their forceful water blast, maybe even cut some softer skin at close range. This thing... makes its foes sparkly... with a load of glitter..... if it's lucky it might cause discomfort if it gets in the enemy's eyes; but that's about it. Also, I know a few dragons have tiny legs, but this is just... uncanny valley for dragons. It's like the itty bitty legs were the cherry on the "sticks out like a blackened, gangrenous thumb" cake.


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according to SoD, its golden fluid can either burn the skin or contain healing properties...that part of the description and introduction to the mechanics of the canon was very well executed by SoD, I admit... but this appearance is TERRIBLE in alarming amounts.

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Makkapitew sniped my subject!

Well, at least they made it somewhat dangerous, but like you said, I still can't get by the face and... everything else. They couldn't have given it some fangs, longer claws, or made it a hybrid with a better dragon? Imagine a Fireworm Queen with twisted horns and glimmering scales, that can spit molten gold. While gentle to its allies, its protective nature leads it to be ruthless towards enemies, burning greedy threats with the very gold they sought out (like many ancient cultures did to enemies by literally pouring it down the throats of those who hurt them for monetary gain, or had unreasonable demands).

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It looks like a baby XD. I

It looks like a baby XD. I think it may be acceptable if you just never age it up. It looks like they elongated the face slightly, as it doesnt look as flat as it did in the show. I just returned to SOD after 3 years, so I've never participated in an event before, may try to win it just for the experience. I guess this also means we will be getting more RR-styled dragons at some point... This definetly seems like a ploy to get more kids into SOD.



Art By Others (Putting this First Because They Deserve It)



Triple Stryke x Death Song Hybrid by Just_Visiting


Their name is Cethosia Cyane


Goldhelm by Chameishida

In Search of the Golden Dragon

Ravenstrike sought out the legendary Golden dragon, who laid a golden egg every 100 years. They had been tipped off by a shady stranger who allegedly spotted a Gold dragon soaring through the sky by a nearby island. Following this lead, they arrived at the location on their trusty Windwalker, Skyripper. The island was basaltic, with a large extinct volcano on it. As part of an island arc, the geological structures revealed a history of previous volcanism. Ravenstrike walked along the rocky shore towards what seemed to be an opening between two rocks. It was too small for Skyripper to fit through, but Ravenstrike proceeded nonetheless. Through the opening was a moderately sized cave with only cracks in the ceiling to illuminate it. In the centre, slept a dragon with glimmering gold scales which sparkled even more as the beams of light hit them. Could this be the Golden dragon? Ravenstrike crept slowly towards the behemoth and inspected it closely. It did not look like a golden dragon, but it was certainly covered in gold. Suddenly,  the ground started to tremble, as dust and small rocks from the ceiling started to fall down. An earthquake? Ravenstrike thought. They knew that volcanic areas were also prone to seismic activity, but this was bad timing. Ravenstrike bolted towards the exit, as Skyripper let out a worried whimper. As the shaking intensified, Ravenstrike turned their head to look at the dragon. It was still asleep, unfazed by the trembling ground and the debris. If the ceiling collapses the dragon will be in trouble. Ravenstrike thought. But if an earthquake couldn’t wake the dragon up, what would? As raven strike was thinking, a large boulder fell in front of the exit. Now they were in trouble. They could command Skyripper to shoot the rocks, but that had the chance of making the cave collapse faster. When all seemed hopeless, a deep bellow echoed throughout the cave. It appeared that the dragon had gotten enough beauty rest and had finally woken up. Noticing the current situation, the dragon bolted towards Ravenstrike and picked them up with its many legs. It then launched itself upwards like a torpedo and smashed through the cave's ceiling and into the air. Not much after, what remained of the cave collapsed, and the shaking eventually ceased. The dragon carried Ravenstrike down where a worried, panicked and slightly confused Skyripper was waiting. Ravenstrike could see the dragon in all it’s glory now. Large lava-like horns and a golden shell, with a dark underbelly. It was not a golden dragon, but one they did not recognize. With it’s home destroyed, the dragon decided to follow Ravenstrike home, where it gorged itself on any precious metals it could find. Having a taste for gold, Ravenstrike identified it as a Goldhelm using Chameishida’s book of dragons. Following this encounter, Kulve has become a precious member of Ravenstrike’s dragon clan. If your gold valuables are ever missing Kulve may be to blame! 


JellyLight by Toothless 

Her name is Etherea


Baby Nightlight by Mosschevious

Her name is Blizzard, this is the egg she came from. 

This is Laxy the Laxing Blizzardon by Chameishida

Here is Whiteout the night fury, with a bewilderbeast skin by Chameishida

Finally, here are a bunch of pixel dragons also by Chameishida :D




I'll name them all later...


Dragon list: (in progress)

Darkstorm the deadly nadder (The starter)

  • My very first dragon, I love her :D

Lunarmoon the deadly nadder (The glitched and exiled)

  • Always leaves the stables 
  • Never in the stables 
  • Gave up on putting her back in the stables. She is now exiled forever...

Midnight the typhoomerang (The "Second")

Whispy the whispering death (The "rock")

  • Gave him this dumb name and he's never forgiven me since

Chompy the whispering death (The derpy duplicate)

Blubby the scauldron (The battle event master)

Darkwing the titan screaming death ( The proud one)

Lump the snafflefang (The lump)

Nightgale the titan razorwhip (The black knight in white armor)

Spiritomb the deathsong (The dark/ghost type)

Shadow the deathsong (The mystery)

Makoto Hanamiya the deathsong (The the evil and deceiving one)

Kyurem the shivertooth (The new racing recruit)

Ununoctium the woolyhowl (The radioactive racing disappointment that is still loved)

Tanuki the sandwraith (The smart and over energetic one)

Glaceon the snowwraith (The king)

Palladium the devilish dervish (The "rare and lustrous one")

Dynastinae the rumblehorn (The Rhinoceros bettle)

Echo the Raptor the speedstinger (The little one)

Clay the Mudwing the mudraker (The dragonet of destiny)

Noctiluca the titan flightmare (The sea sparkle)

Ryuk the sweetdeath (The Shinigami)

Silver Eel the titan skrill (The Conductor)

Witch Gorgon A.K.A Medusa (The snake witch) 

Noivern the thunderdrum (The one who knows boomburst) 

Igneel the monstrous nightmare (The Fire dragon king)

Fjord the groncicle (The long narrow deep inlet of the sea between high cliffs)

Acnologia the timberjack (The black dragon of the Apocalypse)

Sting and Rogue the hideous zippleback (The light and dark twins)

Mega Charizard Y the singetail (The shiny one with the flaming tail)

Golem the eruptodon (The animated being)

Coronae Borealis the fireworm queen (The crown constellation)

Soulstone the tideglider (The timid one)

Noko the hobblegrunt (The lucky one)

BAKA the gronckle (The lovable fool)

Chiro ptera the night terror (Chiro for short) (The Bat)

Katzumi the titan stormcutter (The Angel Regalia)

Kimimaro the boneknapper (The Rogue)

Fuyuhiko the sand wraith (The Yakuza) 

Karasu the titan terrible terror (The Raven)

Zirconis the razorwhip (The Jade dragon)

Holiday Kettle the scauldron (The Candy cane)

Angel del Cielo, the shovelhem (Ciel for short) (the Sky)

Skyripper the windwalker (The rookie) 

Arachne the prickleboggle

Shadowbolt the smothering smokebreath 

Lunalaa the silver phantom 

Gekkota the flame whipper

Sasori the triple stryke

Garchi the triple stryke 

Nekosuna the moldruffle 

Kiibo the armorwing 

  • About 50% sure he's not in fact, a robot

Grell the grim nasher 

Viktor the chimeragon (Frankenstein's Monster)

  • Game wouldn't let me name it Rose or Nina, so this was my last resort...

That's it! (For now)


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Mmmm Mmm MmmWell they did

Mmmm Mmm Mmm

Well they did meet my requirement at the bare minimum by removing the eyelashes. That's one aspect I said is belonged to the style and not the design and the rest of the dragon design should work. That said I kinda wish they done someting a little bit more, maybe have the smaller eyes (then again, a lot of the dragon in the franchise do have big eyes; Night fury, chimeragon, shockjaw, Gronckle etc.) or more porportionate head body ratio. Got to say I wasn't expect them to look this sturdy. Even in the show I thought they look more slender and longer and wavier. These guys in SOD looks a little thick in the middle. Kinda surprisingly chubby.

One very disappointing aspect and this is mostly on SOD is their animation. Having minimal animation like that done this dragon a lot worse with their design like that and now they look like they just spacing out into the distance constantly.(bring up the show again, even in the show they move animalisticly, and energeticly, moving head side to side in high alert, growling and snarling) the texture could have been better too. (curious about other animation)

As for the species itself I think they're suppose to be harmless, their snout already look like herbivore dinosaur beak and even the one in the show are shown to be unable to fence off young prtagonist dragons and got made fun off by them.

Since there's this thread anyway (and hopefully no one make more) I'm just gonna use this space as a showcase

(really wish you're longer or lose that lower chunk)

I find their introduction in the quest hilarious, like they're introduced flying into island like invasive species and now they're just kinda camping out there XD staring at each other face.

"You good?"


Overall, Mid tier dragon, kinda lukeworm and slightly disappointing but not  too outright offensive. It's probably the one not too desirable to the fan amoung the  SOD rooster just like some of the dragons that's already there, some gotta be people least favoutire. I probably still get it if I can though not gonna fight too hard because that maze is tedious (long and hard i mean, not the look and the creativity) as for future RR I think I feel less enthusiastic and more cautious toward certain species (mostly the main ones) now that I know how they'd approach them but I do still think that for some species like Foreverhorn, Slinkwing and Diverwing do still work. Songwing gonna need a LOT of TLC to work which seem lacking in Golden dragon but heck at this point I kinda want to see it for the heck of it now, work or not.


Now I'm curious if Rise of Berk is going to do the thing too, they just bring in Flamewhipper, Elder sentinel and Teen Night light following SOD so...


Edit: edit for funsies. Would have love it more if it's more like this :/


I've been login in the game more usaul lately so, Hi! If you see a Clanless Viking named 'Tahno' with obscured face like Snow Fury head or Whispering death head or Skull masks and maybe riding a Black and White Thunderdrum. Come say Hi!

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I have to admit it's generous in putting it as Mid Tier
In my perception, it doesn't even come close to the minimum I consider to buy the dragon:
1- Design: Do I need to talk? Exaggeratedly large head, exaggeratedly chubby and short legs. It doesn't fit the style of the game, or the franchise itself...I see people justifying the size of certain parts of the body with the Chieragon but....Chimeragon has a head proportional to its body, making only the "crown" make it look addition, the fact that the eye is smaller it conveys clarity from something more adept to reality which is the main focus of the franchise, unlike the details of the Golden Dragon face that still seem humanized. No design adjustments = no credibility.
2- Customization: It is not allowed to create exotic looks in this dragon in the creative aspect. We can't change the golden parts so it's not possible to create patterns from other gemstones like crystals, rubies, silver, etc... In a way, it's understandable for the species, but it costs points in Design for not allowing the dragon to be something else than a kind of Gold, as it could improve the description of itself with patterns in several gems than focusing on a single one.
3- Dragon Tactics: Healer with less healing abilities than a Prickleboogle, and a tank with less attack than Fireworm Queen....It doesn't stand out for any unique ability.
4- Racing: It doesn't do sharp turns at all, horrible acceleration, terrible top speed.
5- Flight Club: No major highlights.

Of course, this is just a technical opinion within the game...

Now, spend THE ENTIRE EVENT to get this dragon?
ugh I'll pass....and maybe I'd rather buy another Fire Terror than him too.

It's disappointing, because we see other past Events this year with really valuable prizes....Golden Dragon is a clear downfall.

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MMm well  I don't have a low

MMm well  I don't have a low tier dragon yet(no wait actually 3 RR did made it there), mostly save for most outragious design, and Golden dragon is mostly just boring but over all a standard four legged horn dragon, so mid tier.

(franchise speaking not SOD speaking)


This is not the first time SOD rendition disappointed me , we have Wooly howl and sand wraith over there(and sweet death, shockjaw and other rob to some extend). and I think i'm going to approach GD simialary in that the actual dragon species is different from the model quality  in SOD. Waking up and look at my own edit again and my disappointment increase by lot. It's such a small fix that didn't even change the base design much.(but I made conect to where it should be) I swear in the show, their body looks long.

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Makkapitew sniped my subject!

Thing is though, herbivore or not, it's gotta look intimidating in some regard (or at least be able to significantly defend itself). This dragons lays eggs with golden shells and spits gold (or something that looks like it). Such a dragon would go extinct (at least in the wild) if not aggressive and capable to cope with so many vikings hunting it and destroying the eggs.
Even many, many herbivores in our world are incredibly aggressive and pose a bigger threat than carnivores. Carnivores will hunt you for food, but many will give up if you're more of a threat than a benefit. Herbivores are ruthless and unceasing, they'll chase you down until you'll never move again because in their mind, they're defneding themselves from a ruthless predator. Moose and hippos for example. The latter of which is the deadliest animal in Africa despite being a chunky herbivore with tiny legs. Regarding dinosaurs, the ankylosaurs' clubbed tails, stegosaurs' tail spikes, and ceratopsians' massive horns weren't just for show. Those guys would've been incredibly aggressive towards potential threats.


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That's explained why they're

That's explained why they're rare and legendary, they're near extinct XD


To be fair though, GD is still large, has massive horn and tail that would done damage with a whip. and wing that can knock or can fly away. Most dragon has more but for animal standard that need to defend themselves, GD is not as defenseless. As for firepower, look at Sandwraith. I'm not gonna debate that Sand wraith is less dangerous because they're fast ambush  predator that likely would end GD in a swift but in term of firepower, dudes just shoot sands at enermy too. that's not much different from heat gold. It's for irritation and distraction more than anything.

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Where's the Beef?!


Haven't been on the forums in a while, but here I go...


I get this game is geared towards kids from K-12, but... this dragon just doesn't FIT the PERSPECTIVE (or even the animation style) of the movie franchise we all know and love. 

I would've been fine with another hybrid, or the devs could've at least make a follow-up quest event related to last year's Snoggletog event about the Chimeragon--

-- and this baby is a BEAST of a dragon (in a good way of course).


This year's dragon, the Golden Dragon... I'm sorry but to quote Hiccup's Stoick impersonation on this one:

"Excuse me, barmaid! I'm afraid you've brought me the wrong offspring! I ordered an extra-large boy with beefy arms! Extra guts and glory on the side! This here, this is a talking fish-bone!" 

Joking aside, but no offense to those who are already grinding their time for this event. Personally, this is not worth it; and to everyone else who are getting this dragon I will just say a very Good Luck to you in this achievement and hope it's what you desire.



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Bring me some pie!!!

Has to be the most lamest introduction of any dragon on SoD ever. I learned very little of this dragon unlike the hybrids. Last year dragon had a good intro and we learned more about it.
I'm not planning on getting goldie. Ever. So, gonna save enough gems and get the Chimergon whatever its called.



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And one more detail:
As I predicted, we can't change the golden color parts in the customization.
So, about improving the look using color combinations....I wouldn't be too confident about that lol
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I looked at it in the store because they already have the saddle for it in the store so I clicked on the saddle to get a look at the dragon. It does look a bit more cartoony(?)(I think that's the word I'm looking for XD)than the other dragons in the game(I think it's the face that makes it look that way), but, in my opinion, that's not a bad thing. I think it's cute. I'm not participating in the event but I'll definitely buy it when they add it to the store in a few months.


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