Am I the only one with this problem!!

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Right in the middle of a game of fireball frenzy (head to head) it will take me back to the main room where you wait for another player with the backround showing that I'm still in the game, if that makes any sense lol bare with me. When it does that I usually have to exit fireball frenzy completely and it screws the entire game up and I have to reset it. It is so frustrating can someone tell me if I'm doing something wrong or if anyone else has that problem!!










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 yeah! this happens to me a


yeah! this happens to me a LOT.  and then now with the new update you lose trophies because of a glitch. DX


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I suffer this problem

I suffer this problem too. 


It's very random


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Thanks for reporting this!

Thanks for reporting this! Were you able to take a screenshot of this by any chance? We'd be more than happy to look further into it since it doesn't seem to occur every time the game is played. Any other details that you can provide, the easier it will be for us to try and work this out with our team. We will in the meantime, be bringing this to their attention for further review!

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I've managed to get a screenshot, hope this helps :)

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I have observed the cause of

I have observed the cause of it.

What happens is we have two vikings playing a match aginst each other and then a third player comes into the lobby and clicks 'Start Match'. For some reason this interupts the current match in progress and often pulls one of the players out of the current match and into the new one keeping their current score.

So I might come into the lobby and click 'Start Match' causing a player to be dragged into my match and find that wow they already have 10,000 points which effectively ends my chances of winning straight away.

Hence I have no choice but to quit these games because I know that I am going to lose trophies anyway.


When I am playing in the busy times when players are coming and going all the time I cant play a single match without it getting interrupted.


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I think this happened to me a

I think this happened to me a while back. Very, very annoying... :/

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Yep it always happens to me.

Yep it always happens to me. The little 30-60 trophies I earn gets halved because of this error. :(


This is why I prefer thunder racing sometimes.