Alright- devs if you can help with this person please do

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this seems to be where people are discussing problems with in game chat so, here we go. 



people with religion triggers may not want to read this


I'm not sure if you devs can or will actually do anything since you don't seem to have done anything with past posts of wrong behavior but ima ask anyways. I am unable to send tickets currently so I'm hoping someone will look into my post, or at the very least warn other players of this. 


I don't need advice on what to do when I see this person, I know to ignore. This is just a warning post / dev attention post.
Im not sure how many other people actually care but to me this should fall just below all the things that are

.. unwanted romantically mature things..


I’m not the best at explaining, or writing in general but pls hear me out, even if it’s not written perfectly. I would have liked to take tons of time to perfect this post but I feel like this needs said without me taking forever to perfect the words. 

I don't remember the exact times of a couple times. Yesterday, one instance happened around 12:00-1:00pm central time, at the training grounds. I was not there for the whole of these times but I know he was there before and after me from others. 
This has happened to me alone several times (3 distinct times) and people around me have said they’ve seen him doing the same at other times so I assume what I’ve seen is not the only times



Ok, I can deal with once, ok. Twice, UGH but ok. but at a third time just for a single person experiencing it, it's getting past just annoying. Someone named Harklingtonl has been all over the game doing what he calls ‘preaching’ in which he spams messages such as ‘repent’ ‘hypocrite’(the irony of spamming this though bruh) ‘my god loves/forgives/never leaves me’ ‘you’ll thank me for telling you about Jesus’ along with many other spams that are empty such as ‘hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha’ over and over again. 

He’s been ‘praying’ in the chat as well. 

No one slam me for being a religion hater, I have no problem with anyone talking about religion to people who want to hear on this game. I am in fact the same general religion as this person claims to be. But I’m not talking about it to people who don’t want to listen. 

Is it possible he is someone actually trying to lead ppl into his religion, or just a child repeating things ppl say in reel loife, and not an attention seeker? Yes. but I highly doubt this. if he were, he probably would have listened to people saying it was not ok to say such things on a game, or listened to ppl say it was driving ppl away from his religion bc they were annoyed by it. 

I know it’s best to ignore, but I will sometimes reply to him, but rather than giving him attention, i reply with things from the religion he claims to be, trying to show him that what he’s doing is not good, according to the religion as well as in general, in case he’s truly a young person who thinks he’s trying to lead someone into his religion. 


One time he told someone he was doing this so more people wouldn’t go to H E L L. So in essence he’s telling people they’re going to that place. Yay what a great thing to say to children

He’s offended other religions, and told them they’re following the ‘wrong god’ and again said they’re going to H E L L. ofc we can all have opinions but you can’t just say that to people, let alone children. 
It's really hard for me to explain but he's like, forcing people to be his religion. Idk. It's very uncomfortable for people. 


At one point he was saying things like... uh he wanted to make himself not alive.. but then would continue on to say something along the lines of 'but my god loves me so he stops me when I try' people tried telling him to go get help in reel loife at this point but he just went back to spamming his 'prayers'. 


I and others have told him to stop or get reported and he replies to this with

‘I don’t care if you report me’ , ‘go ahead I’m willing to sacrifice my account for my god’ , ‘I want to be banned’ , ‘ban me please’ and other such things


He’s had two people tell him they were (not sure if I can say this without a censor) satanists. I’m not sure if they really were or if they were joking, but.. yeah. Enough said about that. He got an opposite of a low from people saying they were that. 


(My opinion-

Religion is not something to be meddled with online, especially in a childrens game. This is far worse than most of the drama children have to see played out and that’s bad enough.



Some people probably view religion matters like it doesn’t matter, but no matter your view, wether you are an atheist or which god you follow, you probably don’t want your children (or yourself) being forced into a religion online, getting wrong information of religion online, or thinking someone else’s religion is better than your own. 

childrens minds are moldable, don’t let them be molded by such (pardon the language) religious sheet. 

Because of Harklingtonl I don’t want to visit any main islands (Berk, the school, training grounds) or I’m afraid I’ll see this dude attention seeking and destroying religion


Again talking about religion is ok, imo, but do it Privately, only if it’s wanted, and treat other religions Respectfully, even if you don’t share their views. 



Please devs look into this and create a safer place for kids. (And everyone)




I believe someone named Quack was going to post some screenshots of one such confrontation since I can't do screenshots.

anyone else that knows this person please speak out, share screenshots of you can. Get the man banned. 

I don’t need advice on what to do when I see this person, ik to ignore. This is just a warning post/ dev attention post.


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And it copied a sentence from the middle of the post to the end- ignore that extra end sentance I can't edit it. 
Also just to be clear, when I said "I'm not sure how many people actually care but to me this should fall just below things that are .. unwanted romantically mature things.." I didn't mean this person did such things I meant this topic of religion was just below that topic in importance to me

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I have not seen this person

I have not seen this person yet but if I do I'll report them I don't use chat much anymore because of reasons like this but thank you for the warning


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*blinks* wow...

Ok first of all, that's messed up. Second of all, SOD isn't a church so he or she should REALLY stop. He doesn't know who's going where when they, he isn't God. Soooooo somebody get this kid some help PLEASE.


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I haven't seen him doing any religious stuff(although what you described reminds me of another player by the name of Sap(shortened form of his name)that had several accounts banned a while back), however, I did see him at the TG yesterday encouraging people to hack the game. He even got someone really interested in hacking, to the point of them repeatedly asking in the chat how to hack the game. I tried telling him that hacking was wrong and that it will get you banned but he insisted that it wasn't wrong and you won't get banned and repeated that in the chat over and over. The player he got interested in hacking wouldn't listen to me either. They chose to believe him over me. Sad, but that's what happened. He definitely needs to be banned.


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Just stopping by...

Heyo Eclipse (and others)!

I have no stake in this conversation. However, I will say that sometimes people without a religion will go to great lengths to claim they do have one and then proceed to misbehave to place shade on those with a religion.

I have no idea if this is the case here, but we must be careful and realize that this person could very well not have any religion.

We should realize that regardless if a misbehaving person has a religion or not - their actions should not affect our opinion of their supposed religion or lack thereof. It's simply a reflection of the person's character.




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Ah yes, him again

I know of this person. He and I have had many interactions in the past. Harklingtonl is a well known troll who enjoys spreading rumors and preaching in order to stir the pot. He has many accounts; the ones I know for certain are him are called Davidthelistener, godistheonlytruegod, and HyperThunder34, but I have no doubt that he has more. I've had past screenshots of some conversations where I found out that he was searching for me and someone else specifically and wanting to "preach to us especially". He also inquires about my younger sister a lot but I ignore him whenever I see him now. Definitely make a ticket and add screenshots if you can. I have some from a couple months ago if you need those as well






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