To all who has issues with the game, glitches and the like

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I contacted the support team thru email to report various problems around, such as the glitching battleships and the like.
They told me to use a different computer. Didn't tell me why, what was wrong (I gave them my system information). I double checked the MINIMUM needs shown on the steam page and let's say, my computer is flying high compared to the minimum AND the recommended needs.
The support is useless, the developers do not care nor they want to show how much they can't or don't want to fix the issues the game has. All they want is the childrens' parents' money for membership and the like. If we want to get changes in this game, we need drastical measures, like not buying anything for real money in-game, but even that is laughably useless.
Do you want the game's problems to end? Let's discuss a way we can push the developers to fix them. Or at least to make them reach out to the players, we don't hear anything from them except the new quests and such smug ways they want more money.

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I heard the same thing from other people as well. Support just tells them that the problem is on the end user's side.


Sure, it's possible, but if many people are having the exact same issues regardless of the device they're using... Kinda makes ya thunk.


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