All The TRR Shortcuts I Know Of So Far :3

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Hey :D

I was talking TRR shortcuts with a friend a few days ago and I figured out I knew of about 7 shortcuts, and I thought "Why not make a collection thing of all the shortcuts I know?" I know there are two more but I haven't found them yet- feel free to add them here :3

There's a Twisted Rock one....

There's another Twisted Rock one...

Poison Valley...

Gronckle run...

Geyser Maze...

Fortune Falls....

Forbidding Ice....

I linked the track names just in case these don't show up. And I swear, I'm much better at racing than you can see here- the screen recording just slows down my computer and everything shudders and slows down D:

That's it for now- Goodbyeeeeee <3


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OOO these will probably help me lots, since I'm such a noob racer. Thanks!

But there is another one in Geyser Maze. I've seen it in a video, but haven't been able to get it yet.


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You're welcome :D

Well, if you ever hunt down the one in Geyser Maze, you can add it here :P

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My dramillion raced a baby human

Ah, interesting. Unfortunately, I'm not likely to use any of these, as I do NOT race, even though I have all 3 Night Lights.


I've never heard of poison valley. Either because it's new (highly unlikely), my dragons refuse to race there, because it's poison (unlikely), or because I don't race in general (most likely).


Which one of my dragons will have the 'honour' of racing with me to try these out? 

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How on earth is that even fair? XD

Why don't you race? It's great fun- you should try it out.

None of your dragons want to race with you? Here, you can borrow Daylight (aka Pouncer) *yeets Daylight at you*. But seriously- racing is probably my favourite mini-game, I'll make you try it out >:D

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My dramillion yeeted himself at you

The reason I don't race? I do on single player from time to time, especially when I was leveling up my Night Lights, but (almost) never on multi player. Why? Because of the amount of hackers on it and the people on Toothless' make it impossible for me to win. Since I'm on mobile as well, I keep crashing into walls. But, I guess I'll try it. Gets on Daylight.


A few moments later


I raced with Daylight, but it was on the track poison valley. Because of hackers, I flew into the water, and now, I think we need to find a ship...


I'm so sorry, I did everything, but a hacker made me fly into the poison.






Hahaha! Daylight is alright. A hacker just made us fly into walls. 


Personally, I'm more of a DT person. I find it less hacker-ridden and I find it more rewarding (I'd rather have tunics and stuff than trophies, but don't let that put you off joining the Defenders of New Berk!!)

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The yeet threw me into the poisonous valley and I died :P

Actually, there are a lot of hackers around but you have DUSK FURIES/ NIGHT LIGHTS. With enough skill, I'm sure you can beat a Toothless, I've done that sometimes.

AAGGHHHH, MY LITTLE DAYLIGHT! *shoves him into an ambulance*

Yeah, if I'm ever kicked out of The Dragon Racers, I'll probably join your clan XD

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Agreeing here, just keep scrolling..

I completely agree with u, doing DT is rlly fun plus more rewarding!

I dont value trophies like most players XD 

I prefer gems, weapons, and now even runes!

The thing thats rlly annoying abt runes is ur dragon needs to be level 20 to level them up..






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Was i supposed to write a subject... :P

i honestly hate the short cuts cause it gives an unfair advantage to the people who know them

and y'know people who play on like computers and pc have faster dragons and quicker turn rate dvashvdhjdk

Whyyyyyyyyy and im here losing every race with a tiny phone 




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Oof, yeah that's true. Just use a duskk fury and you'll do fine :). You already have like 1000 trophies, right?

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No creative subject rn.. feeling repetitive 0-0

These are cool but i literally never race.. the only trophies i have r probably Yrsa's doing..

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You have no idea what you're missing out on...

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Okay so I guess its my turn now for the tr shortcuts collection. Hope these will help future racers to get better in TR. :)


Twisted Rock:


Poisen Valley:


Forbidden Ice


Frozen Warriors:


Geyser Maze:


Fortune Falls:

And I think thats all so far I know.










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Thank youuuuuuu :D
I forgot to add these ones- amidst all the other shortcuts- these are kinda small XD

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I never took time to look for

I never took time to look for the shortcuts so thank you :D



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You're welcome :D

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Thanks for the thought this

Thanks for the thought

this would be helpful if I didn't already know all of them



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Well, ya never know, tHeRe MaY bE sOmE wHeRe YoU lEaSt ExPeCt It

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yeah yeah subject

Cool! Some of these I definitely didn't know; I'll have to try them out!


I kinda think of the shortcuts as just part of learning how to race. You already have to learn the tracks, why not learn the shortcuts, too. Using glitches and hacking is obviously cheating, but shortcuts are there for everyone.



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I am doing a YT channel, and may I use this as a prompt for one of my videos? Credits will be given to all of you.



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Yeah, sure you can.

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A few tips on your dragon's flight ;)

Believe it or not, I've used most of these (except Fortune Falls, cause that track shortcut is a bit ehhhhh iffy and besides, I'm already as good as I'm going to get on that track and its my favorite anyway). It's all about timing and angle and of course your dragon's flying condition! If your dragon's sad, probably not the best idea to race until you get that bad boy some food. Another thing that matters is your dragons flight angle. This one was hard for me to master with adult Pouncer since his flight angle for his turns is different from what i was used to from baby pouncer. But we finally got into the pattern and we're an unstoppable racing duo now! Another thing that i would recommend is flight training in the annex (or the hidden world under the school) with your racing dragon. Flight training in the annex bods well because 1) it gets you used to the sharp turns you have to make BEFORE you get on the racetrack 2) it also familiarizes you with the annex landscape and 3) this helps you make sudden turns (such as if your too close to a wall) to avoid crashing.


Hope those tips help! :) 


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