'All the Right Moves' Glitch

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Hi, I'm kind of new to School of Dragons and I really love it.

On the quest "all the right moves" I can't find the ninth sheep. I have followed the arrow but it points up and when I go up its not there. I have searched the internet and have found similar problems when giving the sheep to Stoick, but I can't find thte sheep no matter how much I follow the arrow. I am using a PC and google chrome. Please let me know what to do or how to fix this glitch. 

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Go near where the final sheep

Go near where the final sheep is and get off your dragon. Your dragon should run off and return the sheep to you.


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Get Dragon to Level Ten

  I've had this same problem. Is your dragon level ten yet? If not, get it to ten and evolve it in the hatchery. After this, go back to Berk and try again. The arrow should point towards some rock formations in the water. Fly towards there and it will lead you to sheep nine and ten.