ALL of Pyrelyth's dragons!

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Let me show you my dragons!


Basically my sig was getting too long to hold EVERY SINGLE DRAGON, so I decided to create a thread with all of them in! Here, in the next posts, you will find my adopted, OC and in-game dragons.


First of all, the head of the pack is Aria, my Skyvern (bouncie by me).

She's the one who watches over all of my dragons.


Anyway, they're waiting for you! PDNR to any of the posts as they will be edited!



The Sky Guardians: Silvarax, Aria the Skyvern and Quavian the Fakemon.




Welcome to my








Skyvern Re-launch Here!


All my OC, adopted, and ingame dragons!


My Forum Name is -Pyrelyth-, the name of a dragon who will probably crop up in fan fics.


My Viking is Silvarax, who is also my Viking OC.


Friend Code: Won't tell, hackers in bound.


I love Minecraft, Pokemon, computer programming and of course HTTYD!

Scratch username: awesome985



Adoptable Threads:


Skyvern (new thread) Skyvern (old thread) Fusetailed Grasscreeper Flufflesworded Featherfight and evolutions Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus


Aria, my main dragon OC. She's a Skyvern (fan species).


Revamp by NightmareRebuff. Original image, concept and bouncie by me.


I love Pokemon! My faves atm are:



Zekrom (reminds me of Herobrine for some reason)


White and Black Kyurem:


"I'm moar awesome!"

"No, I am!"






Anyway, I want White 2 for Xmas :)


Latios and Latias





Ok, onto MC


Herobrine is awesome. Don't argue please cos he is. Personally I  imagine him as a hooded figure who can shoot lightning at people.











Credit to various random people for the GIFs


Image uploader I use


Program I use for drawing - SketchbookX (Mac)



And finally, I thank YOU for getting to the bottom

of my siggy. I advise you read it whenever you see

my posts. New stuff appears regularly.



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Adopted Dragons!

First of all, and maybe the most important group, my adopted dragons! Thanks to all of the wonderful people who created these! Once again, PDNR.



Darkflare and Lightflare, the Banded Featherlures by Amberleaf.









Darkflare is the polar opposite of Lightflare. He is selfish, evil and wild.


Lightflare is heroic, kind, selfless and loyal.







Amula, my Outrageous Windshrike. She is a Velocity Windshrike. Credit to NightmareRebuff










Take cover! A pack of Skrills and a huge storm are coming to Berk! How do I know? Nakija, my very rare Ominous Storm Rider, told me! Thanks, Golden Scarlet!






If you have a Night Fury, suggest you hide it! For Hypnoblaze, my Hypnotic Night Catcher, has sworn to hunt all Night Furies down to extinction! After a long decision, I decided that I could manage to hide mine and, after an age of slaving away at the keyboard, writing, I managed to adopt this guy! Thanks again, Scarlet!




Young Amula before she underwent her Metamorphosis.










Lucid Dream, my Dreamwhisper by snowflake12298. You should adopt one!















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OC Dragons!

These are my OCs I created myself. PDNR!



Dynamite, the Fusetailed Grasscreeper.












Angelight, the Flufflesworded Featherfight. Look how cute she is!









Embersteel, the Heroic Featherfight










Stormdusk, the Apocalyptic Featherfight












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In-game Dragons!

My current in-game dragons -


Main Dragons:

Northern Nemesis - Wooly Howl

Tempest Hawk - Stormcutter

Tornadowhirl - Typhoomerang (racing dragon)

Zekrom - Skrill


First dragons:

Lightning - Nadder (starter dragon)

Solaris - Fireworm (first dragon I bought from a Mystery Box)


From quests and expansions

Sirensong - Deathsong

Steelheart - Razorwhip

Razorheart - Razorwhip

Frostbite - Groncicle

Midnight Whisper - Whispering Death


From Mystery Boxes:

Rockslide - Gronckle

Solar and Lunar - Zippleback

Myste - Scauldron

Fireblitz - Typhoomerang (permababy)

Light Up The Skies - Typhoomerang

Tornadowhirl - Typhoomerang

Nightmist - Smokebreath

Titan Crash - Rumblehorn

Seismic Slam - Snafflefang




Tempest Hawk

Northern Nemesis