All New Skins! (With a Bonus Skin)

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I've wasted all of my money on Hero Skins because I'm collecting them all. I did however wasted 150 gems on a particular skin. Hopefully they add the other Hero Skins too! I'd love to have the Woolly Howl and Skrill's Titan Hero Skins!

What I'm going to do is simple, I'll show every single Hero Skins that were added today (I may have a few dragons I'm missing but that's because I don't have their normal form.) Be warned: Titan Dragons have a different coloration for their Hero Skin than their regular form. And thus, let's begin!




Screaming Death


Screamind Death (Titan)






Tide Glider


Death Song


Death Song (Titan)


Flame Whipper

Unfortunately, this dragon has both of its eyes glitched into its very own model.









Unfortunately, this dragon and its own Titan form do not glow in the dark. The colors of the Hero Skin are also extremely similar to the default Flightmare colors.


Flightmare (Titan)

Unfortunately, this dragon and its own regular form do not glow in the dark.






Speed Stinger


Speed Stinger (Titan)




Whispering Death

This is basically Groundsplitter's skin, but in a Hero Skin I had to buy again instead in order to get the Titan's colors.


Whispering Death (Titan)





Just like Groundsplitter's skin, the Thunderdrum Hero Skin was added in the store once again but with the Titan Thunderdrum Hero Skin added.


Thunderdrum (Titan)



Unfortunately, this dragon has black eyes instead of it's standard blue neon eyes.





Snow Wraith


Snow Wraith (Titan)



Yes, this is the Hero Skin, but it is sadly showing the Racing Stripe skin instead of the actual skin...


Grapple Grounder


Terrible Terror (Titan)

I do not have the standard version of this dragon.



The skin's icon is not showing up in the inventory nor in the shop.


Boneknapper (Titan)

Some red eyes! Now THAT is a scary dragon!




Scuttleclaw (Titan)

For some reason this Hero Skin on the Titan seems to have a little neon appearance.


Devilish Dervish

This Hero Skin has the eyes glitched. My poor Spectra, she can't see.




Timberjack (Titan)




Silver Phantom


Night Terror



Sadly this dragon's Hero Skin has no colors, only pure, white body and ghosty eyes.



This dragon seems to have the same skin for both Titan and normal forms.


Rumblehorn (Titan)






Smothering Smokebreath


Catastrophic Quaken

Guys! You won't believe it! The Hero Skin provides the Quaken nostrils! Finally! (The Quaken didn't had nostrils since it's release.


Triple Stryke


Triple Stryke (Titan)


Sentinel (Titan)

I sadly do not have the normal form of this dragon.




Dramillion (Titan)


Smitten Hobgobbler

That's one shiny skin!


Hobgobbler (Titan)

I sadly do not have a normal form of this dragon.





Just like the Flightmare, it doesn't glow in the dark.















Bonus Skin!

Deathgripper's Racing Stripes

The Deathgripper's Racing Stripes didn't seemed to have been released correctly since it gave that beautiful look to Jeffrey. (Now renamed IceJewel.) If you look closely, the skin is representing a Flightmare. The mouth, eyes and head tiny-spikes are what made me realise it. Plus it seems to have the small "sparkles" all over its body, which is also a hint! The mouth is also blue in the inside, and some blue color is appeared at the tip of the tusks.




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I just love the Titan Timberjack when it's in the Hero Skin; it looks just like Axe Wing the Second! And that blue Deathgripper skin. . .I wonder if that skin was planned for this Dreadfall or scrapped from last year's event? Either way, it's awesome and I hope they don't remove it (granted, I'd love for the Deathgripper to have the racing stripes). Now if the awful blue tint thrown onto the Flightmare (and in thrn the Dreadstrider) looked cool like this, it wouldn't be as bad (limiting it in general stinks but at least it'd look nice). Also in regards to the Deathgripper, it has paint on its tusks with these new paints/skins. xD


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Love the Boneknapper skin!!

Love the Boneknapper skin!!

Also the Deathgripper Racing Stripes skin is sooo pretty. I hope that when they fix it, they will release that skin as a separate skin. And I would love it for other dragons too.


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*steps on a lego*

These are all so pretty, thanks for spending the time to put this together ^^





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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

There seems to be verying quality between some of the skins. In my opinion skins like that should always give you something you can't just get by messing with your dragons colors whether that be more detail or a color gradient or something crazy, ect. A lot of them do that, including the grapple grounder interestingly enough, but a lot of them don't too. The nice ones I think make the more subpar ones worth existing though. When the nice ones are nice they're really nice. I really like the use of dark greys in the devilish dervish and the night terror since grey is h.ard to get in our color options. I love the use of gradients on a lot of the other skins too.



The flightmare one bugs me greatly on a deeper level then it probubly should though. I don't understand why the SOD team is so hesitant to give the flightmare some actually glowing content. The fireworm queen got a glowing skin. The flightmare USE to have a glowing skin back when the racing/war paints automatically had a sort of hero skin under them. Like, glowing is this dragon's entire thing. And this dragon has been changed several times. Just give us an option to make the thing glow already. Or better yet, make it glow by default. That might make some of the people still mad about the color change a little less so.




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Well this isn't what I meant

Well this isn't what I meant by "we don't want more dragons"..... leave it to the devs to not listen...


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It's different but the blue

It's different but the blue deathgripper skin reminded me of Sappheral, the four star titan deathgripper character from the game titan uprising

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Okay, thank you for this post! I never would have checked these out myself...  

A lot of these are surprisingly cool. 







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