To all new players whose starter dragon is a rumblehorn

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Do not use the rumblehorn for racing because it is so slow that the high health and ability to stun won't save it from being useless statistic wise.


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Truth be told, I see people racing with rumblehorns because:


  • They're doing it to complete the TRR quest (instead of just doing a single player run of it)
  • Is testing out their dragon because their 2nd dragon is still probably a baby/teen
  • Doesn't realize that there's faster dragon species out there ;w;


Probs better to use the 2ndary dragons you'd get to choose. But otherwise, Rumblehorns are okay for Dragon tactics, not really good for ship battles, and if you love scarab beetle-inspired dragons or wish to be like Stoick, fly away with your tracker dragon :D


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Starter Dragons

If you got a Rumblehorn (in my opinion), you kind of had bad luck with the random dragon that you rescue from the cage. If you got a Shockjaw, Flightmare, or Sand Wraith, these are all some of the best racing dragons that you could get right off the bat, and have really cool Titan versions. If you aren't a fan of what you got, you could always just restart and go for a different dragon that you want.

If you got a Rumblehorn, it's probably best to start over so you can get either of the three mentioned above if you want to become a good racer and grind for trophies. It's just an alternative. If you want to be like Stoick, have a decent Dragon Tactics dragon, or just save up for a new dragon, you do you. Not everyone is an avid racer, some just like playing the game and doing quests. If you still want to race but like the Rumblehorn, get a Skrill (if you have membership), Monstrous Nightmare, or Deadly Nadder. But it's all up to whomever, you do you.

(I hope I didn't offend any Rumblehorn fans out there, I'm just not that fond of hem)

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As someone who’s starter was a Rumblehorn

I think having a Rumblehorn gives you some really cool dragons to look forward to rather than get them right away. Of course some players don't know how it all works, and probably don't know how to restart. (Take me for example) Besides it's probably best to give new players a slower dragon so that they get the hang of the controls rather than speed around and run into walls. When I first started I didn't know how to land. Its also sad that new players will probably lose their Flightmares when Dreadfall comes. Plus it won't take to long to get a Sand Wriath, Shockjaw, or Flightmare since they're all 250 gems, and you can get these gems by literally playing Flight Club. Plus Rumblehorns are super good with Stable missions, I send mine on Titan missions all the time. 

I feel like this whole this went in 15 different directions. Sorry.


Also Skrills, Whispering Deaths, and Thunderdrums are no longer member starters. Or starters at all.






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Some Questions

I have some questions; I'm not really a consistent SoD player.


1) What does it mean that players can lose their flightmares? Is it like a glitch or something of the sort?

2) How do you get gems from Flight Club? Do you just complete the levels and then you get gems?

3) Did they remove the member starter dragons as well, so you're basically stuck with the basic dragons?

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1) During Dreadfall all

1) During Dreadfall all Flightmares get a stupid blue overlay that ruins the dragon. And now it's permanent. New players don't get it for some reason and will likely be shocked when they see their dragon.


2) There are new achievements that give 200 and 50 gems. 200 gems: 45 A+ on Flight Club levels, 50 gems: Completing 45 Flight Club levels. I discovered them at the beginning of the event. 

3) All member starters are gone. You're stuck with the Nadder, Nightmare, Gronckle, and Zippleback.

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Flight Club

Do you like need to be a member to have 45 A+s, since you can get all the different dragon courses? Or can you just play through all the levels on your dragon until you get 45?

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Since you start with 2

Since you start with 2 dragons the adult levels are your best bet. Leveling up your baby isn't that hard, when you're new. 2 adult dragons give 15 levels each. PLUS the free Hookfang levels which is 18. You get 48. Of course this is you getting A+ on all of them.

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HAVE A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! So I have a rumblehorn as my main dragon in my secondary viking and seriously needed some trophies but was too cheap with my gems I didnt buy a good dragon and long story short I WON IN FIRST PLACE WITH A RUMBLEHORN!!!!! 

Heres the evidence: 

Granted the race was with a novice flightmare and sand wraith....but still! Rumbehorns aren't completely useless in TRR!!!








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